Princess Benedikte's Fashion and Style Part 2: January 2020 -

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Benedikte at the opening of the exhibition "FREDERIK 10. - King of Tomorrow" at the Amalienborg Museum today, March 21:
Princess Benedikte was wearing a lovely stylish cape and very practical too.
Yes very elegant as always and nice colours too!
A colourful look for Princess Benedikte at the celebration of the Saint Annæ Girls Choir's 50th anniversary in Copenhagen yesterday:

** Upper part ** Gallery **
A very colourful appearance by the Princess,the pearls are really beautiful.
Today, April 24, Benedikte was less colourful ;)but very elegant at the opening of the exhibition “Princess Dresses”:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Princess Benedikte knows how to to glam up her less colourful outfits with jewellery ,and could teach one or two current royals on how to do so!
I love her! My favorite senior royal. Always dressed perfectly with a big smile. Today is also her 80th birthday!
Benedikte at her grandson Konstantin's confirmation in Bad Berleburg yesterday, April 27:
Princess Benedikte looking as elegant as always for the Confirmation Service!
Princess Benedikte hosted a reception for her patronages at Rosenborg Castle today, May 2:

** Full view **
Another really lovely appearance by Princess Benedikte!
A always very elegant and a lovely colour combination too!
Princess Benedikte attended the "Princess Benedikte Honorary Race" at Klampenborg race course today, May 18, wearing the colourful coat again she last wore in April:

** Pic **
Minus the very colourful coat its a nice look on Princess Benedikte!
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