Princess Beatrix Picture Thread, Part 1

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stylish during her engagement period...

a photosession after the engagement is made public in the gardens of Soestdijk Palace. I have seen it on film, and it is so nice to see a young & radiant Beatrix runnig over the lawn with flowers in her hands & so much in love! Prince Claus was quite handsome IMO

a charicature. Many, many, many jokes are made about the queens hat, even a song I believe... but I like them anyhow. It suits her.

the queen & the pig...
the queen visiting a farm where mentally handicapped children are working...

the queen taking the oath during her inhauguration in 1980

the queen having fun at the civil wedding of Constantijn and Laurentien.

from netty's site

princess beatrix and prince Claus waving to the public from the Palace on the Dam, on their weddingday.

also from Netty's site,
the queen visibly proud of her son and rejoycing his happines after she announced his engagement to Maxima Zorreguietta on national television.

the queen during Koninginnedag in Meppel where she received enormous support from the public because it was the first one after Prince Claus died and the Margarita scandal was exploding. Behind her her lovely sister Margriet, another treasure to the monarchy.

welcoming her good friend Nelson Mandela

the queen listening... (she is always asking quistions & wants to know everything)

receiving the Karlpreis

1955, Beatrix, her sisters and Queen Wilhelmina waiting on the airport for Juliana and Benrhard to arrive home from a state visit...

queensday, old style...

mother and daughter visiting the 'elfstedentocht', a famous iceskating tour through 11 cities in Friesland.

Beatrix and Claus during the wedding of their eldest son... notice how she is supporting him!

the queen and her dogs, no corgies luckily...

I think the pictures of the Queen at Enschende and Volendam show what a truly human and caring person she is. One could never imagine Queen Elizabeth putting her arm around a greiving person or even showing human emotion of any kind.
I agree with you, Queen beatrix is a very warm person & not to afraid to show it at some occassions. When she is herself, not behind the royal shield of hair/hat etc.. but just Beatrix, as she was in Enschede, Volendam, Curacao ( I have no picture of this, but the queen visited the island during heavy storms & her hair got all wet by a wave & she talked to the local community..which went wild and started screaming, Regina, regina etc.) she is loved the most by the dutch & everyone is proud to have her as a queen.
I think she is the most underestimated queen (with Queen Paola), due to her discretion, lack of love for pomp & ceremony & she does not like it to be the center of attention. It is out of this modesty that she does not want to celebrate her jubilee to grand in 2005. I will not comment who are the most overestimated queens of the world, but I have never liked the fashiondoll-sort queens in some countries..

PS I hope others will post here as well.
Royals in Royal Box
Original caption: 8/1/1952-Helsinki, Finland- Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands (right) leaps into the air with excitement during Wednesday's Holland-Hungary water polo game at Helsinki's Olympic pool. Others in the Royal Box are, left to right: The Duke of Edinburgh, Mrs. William Berge Phillips, of Australia, a member of the International Swimming Committee, and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.
© Bettmann/CORBIS

Dutch Royal Family Portrait, 1948
An official portrait of the Dutch Royal Family showing the newly inaugurated Queen Juliana, Prince Bernhard and their four daughters, 1948. Juliana became queen in 1948 on the abdication of her mother; she herself abdicated in favour of her daughter Beatrix, in 1980.
© Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS

Queen Beatrix Attending Formal Dinner
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands wears a blue evening gown to a formal dinner at the Guildhall.
© Tim Graham/CORBIS

the queen in guidhall, wearing fabulous jewels!

That is a beautiful picture of a beautiful Queen. :D I'm wondering which tiara she is wearing????
The Watcher said:
That is a beautiful picture of a beautiful Queen. :D I'm wondering which tiara she is wearing????
It is the Grand Diamond &
Sapphire Parure of Queen Emma of the Netherlands, it is a whole parure, but the queen barely wears whole parures. This tiara has two parts. Mabel Wisse Smit wore the part with the diamonds at her wedding. A very intresting tiara.
Some pics:
1.Queen Beatrix greets Prince Charles on her 60th birthday
2+3: Queen Beatrix dance with Prince Claus and Crown Prince Willem-Alexander on her 60th birthday.
4: Queen Beatrix and King Carl Gustav,Queen Silvia,Queen Sofia attend Wedding of Prince Philippe.


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Some more photos:

1.Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus attend Wedding of Prince Maurits.
2.Wedding of Prince Constantijn.
3.Queen Beatrix on state Visit to Belgium.
4.Queen Beatrix attend Queen margrethe's 60th birthday.


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1.Queen Beatrix attended the 50th Anniversary of DDay

2.Queen Beatrix attended 60th birthday of Queen Margrethe
3.Queen Beatrix in Vienna
4.Queen Beatrix and J.Chirac.


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Somo more pics:
1+2: Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus on their State Visit to Jordan.
3.Queen Beatrix and Prince Charles of Wales.
4.Queen Beatrix and Queen Noor.
5.Queen Beatrix attended Prince Henrik's 60th birthday.


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Some more pics:
1.Princess Juliana,Prince Bernhard and their newborn daughter Beatrix.
2.Princess Beatrix and her newborn sister Irene.
3.Princess Beatrix.
4.Wedding of Princess Beatrix.
5.Queen Juliana announce her abdication.
6.Queen Beatrix and Crown Prince Willem-Alexander.
7.Queen Beatrix and Russian President Putin in 2001.


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