Princess Astrid on Economic Missions: 2013 -

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I wonder if Astrid will pay a visit the Emperor and Empress whilst in Japan?
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On December 10th, Princess Astrid met Crown Prince Akishino, Crown Princess Kiko, Princess Kako, and Prince Hisahito at the newly renovated Akishino residence in Akasaka Estate in Tokyo. She arrived around 11am.

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What a nice and warm greetings.
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In preparation of the upcoming Belgian Economic Mission to Senegal Princess Astrid paid a working visit to Ecosteryl's headquarters in Mons on May 8. Ecosteryl "develops innovative environmental solutions for (bio)medical waste processing":

** monarchie: Werkbezoek aan het hoofdkantoor van Ecosteryl **

And today, May 9, Astrid attended the kick-off briefing for the mission at the Egmont Palace :

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Today, May 20, Princess Astrid and the delegation have arrived in Dakar, Senegal for their economic mission in Senegal from May 21 to May 25.

Princess Astrid was welcomed by Senegal Minister of Economy Oulimata Sarr at the airport in Dakar:

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400 persons are with her . Next to her her our Minister of Foreign Affairs .
Yesterday, October 4, Princess Astrid attended a briefing regarding the Belgian economic mission to Australia in Brussels:

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On today's programme, October 23, were among other events a visit to Barangaroo metro station in Sydney and a meeting with Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia David John Hurley:

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Princess Astrid and the delegation were in Melbourne today, October 26, they attended a seminar about safer, connected and resilient smart cities in the Town Hall of Melbourne, visited the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and attended a cricket and AFL display at Marvel Stadium:

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Norway seems popular this year. They've had two state visits in a row and and recently the princess royal (of the UK) also visited.
An official event with Martha Louise and Durek...oh Norway :oops:

Belgium's Princess Astrid, Princess Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett during their visit to Stall Gullik on Monday morning.

I guess we can start including Durek in the mens fashion
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