Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia: April 2011 - June 2014

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There is too much going in Princess Ameerah's dress. Lalla Meryem looked fantastic. Mrs. Alieva is a well-groomed woman. I wish she had less tan. Mml. Trierweiler's ensemble is sloppy. She could have found something better in her wardrobe.

Alieva overshadows all of them, she is about 50 years old and she has amazing legs for her age, also the dress is super elegant

March 29, 2011 - Princess Ameerah in the UK in a velvely & lace top with a bow to the side & hair up. Quite an exaggerated look & quite different from a few royal dresses IMO.

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That's more close to elegant, she has better avoid so big pearls in rings
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She can do better than that. She used to be more glamorous or is it my idea?
She looks fine to me nice casual portrait. Maybe since she is no longer married she is dressing more casual and comfortable.
^ No longer married?! Since when?! I love the casual outfit though. Jeans & a grey sweater are always a safe bet.
I was fascinated about her when i saw her at the britisch royal wedding. Her suit from zuhair Murad was so faboulos. I read in the last post that she is divorced:( it is true? I hope the bestst for her!

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