Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia: April 2011 - June 2014

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She is beautiful.I am impressed by her ring.The pearl is so big and it's color is rare
Oh wow she finally has her own fashion thread. For me, she's definitely one of the most beautiful royal women. Don't like the dress she's wearing on march 29 but her jewellry is amazing. A few month ago she wore a dress by victoria beckham which was absolutely stuning, that was the day I made her to one of my favourite royals just because of her amazing sense about fashion :)
thanks for the pic dazzling.
nice to see Princess Ameera at the wedding she looks beautiful as always,not sure if I like this hat though.
and thanks for the thread too.:flowers:
That womans hair is simply stunning.
i didn't now she attended,she looks stunning in the wedding her outfit is elegant and her hat is beautiful.
It was rather pleasant that she was allowed to wear rather european outfit.She was gorgeous!
It was rather pleasant that she was allowed to wear rather european outfit.She was gorgeous!

She seems to wear european clothes on a regular basis most of the pictures I have seen of her she is in clothes like this.
She is definitely one of the most beautiful women in the world, royal or not royal. And Kate's hair has nothing on Ameerah's.
She is very beautiful
but i can't decide do i like her style or not
oh ..must have missed something...wonderfull girl...not seen often and google just finds soo little...thanx for sharing to ALL posters
I liked the 1st one more and mostly her earrings and the necklace in the 2nd one is amazing !
First picture - Looks very working/very professional outfit but looks a size or two too bigger.

Second picture - Quite an old looking outfit for someone young like her. The colors do nothing for her nor does the top.

she doesn't need clothes *doing somthg for her* - she would be beautyfull even stark naked and without makeup

(that can't be said about many people... most look infinitely better with clothes :D)
the jackt in the first photo looks a bit bigger but the overall look is good i think,Princess Ameera is very pretty lady.
not sur if i like the second one i think something traditional could look better Imo.
I'm so glad there is a thread for her! I think she's stunning and her hair literally looks like black silk. I actually LOVE the second photo. I like the different fabrics ( sheer blouse/ wool looking skirt ) but I do think the blouse has too much going on around the shoulders for her.
Totally agree, PrincessApple! But P. Amira is one of those women who can wear almost anything and look good in it,she´s a natural beauty ;-) She´s probably trying to look professional and proper so sometimes she´s dressing older than she really is but it seems to me she/her stylist put a lot of thought into her dress choices because she always wears something special that make her stand out of the crowd.I like women who are not afraid to take risks in fashion and wear it different,it´s boring to see the same looks,colours and silhouettes repeated over and over again!Also we have to bear in mind that strict muslims constantly try to find a flaw on her-just like on every other public Arab princess or Queen is constantly watched and also critisised for every little thing they do or don´t...
:previous: It would be very hard for a poor outfit to subtract from her natural beauty! I personally think - overall - she has a lovely flair for style; this time I was not wowed...tis all. :flowers:
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The jacket she wore in NY wasn't for her, it made her look huge. But Ameerah's got to have the most beautiful hair out there, I'm stunned once again! :wub:
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She's very pretty. I love her coat.
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