Princess Alexia, Carlos Morales and Family - Part 1: Jan 2003 - June 2011

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Mrs. Morales

When I compared photos of Mrs. Morales sen. attending f.i. Ana-Maria´s baptism with the photo of that Lady pushing the buggy in the lastest photos of Alexia further up there I came to the decision that it could be in fact Mrs. Morales sen. The hair-colour and the age might fit.
So if it´s true - then all´s well that ends well....
Stefanie, if you think that Carlos married Alexia for interest, I do not believe that I am like that. Alexia always has been a very simple girl, for many years she does not live with her family in London. She lived many years with the Infanta Cristina in Barcelona until this one marry; Alexia was devoting herself to her work with children with Down's Syndrome, and was not a person of going to parties,social events or doing interviews. She could have taken advantage of her niece's condition of the Kings but she never did it. I believe that the only times that she was in the habit of appearing in the press I was when she was taking part in the ditches with the Infanta.
It is true that lately there are enough photos of them, but it is easy to explain. They did a few photos to them in Lanzarote when they announced that they were waiting a son. Then the photos those who appear entering to the clinic, I imagine that some journalist already was hoping that she was giving to light, they knew that the baby was by the beginning of August and that would be born in this clinic, the thing was not difficult. Then the photos to the exit of the clinic, at least in Spain, are very habitual. Many famous people (journalists, singers ...), they pose with their babies on having gone out of the clinic.
Finally, the photos in Lanzarote have an easy explanation. In Lanzarote the Prime minister spends his vacations, for what I imagine that there is many press, so not dbee to be difficult to obtain Alexia's photos.
Alexia´s job at the Down-Syndrome-institution

Some years ago it was told that she got that job just through connections of Queen Sofia.
Alexia always applied not to be very intelligent. And this is why I´m afraid Carlos found out about that little plump wallflower and took his chance....
Constantine was aware that she, in contrast to his smart looking sons, never would manage to marry into nobility nor in wealth.
This private greek school (founded by her parents!) was as far as I know the only institution she ever attended. We are not supposed to think that if you don´t have a university degree you are generally not intelligent. But Alexia was known for years as some plump spinster hanging around with Cristina supported by her royal aunt Queen Sofia.
Carlos belonged to some sailing-guys having managed to become friends with Infanta Cristina and there he came to know Alexia around 1996. Some of the first pics showing them together appeared strange to me because he acted quite rude pushing her foreward with his hand in her back.
On their wedding day they published some film material of the ceremony in the church on Sky News and when Alexia entered the altar she looked at him as if she wanted to say: " Hey, you scallywag, either you behave or...."
Maybe they have decided "You´ll scratch my back and I´ll scratch yours"... but I´m also quite sure if ever Carlos won´t "behave", Constantine will be there....
Some years ago it was told that she got that job just through connections of Queen Sofia

The truth is that many people are employed because they knew someone. I know that I got my first major job interview through a friend who knew of an opening and helped me get an interview. I did the rest myself. But, my friend certainly opened the door for me. Actually, most of the people that I know are employed because of friends. Someone gave them a hand.

Alexia always applied not to be very intelligent. And this is why I´m afraid Carlos found out about that little plump wallflower and took his chance....

I don't know where this comes from. If Alexia were not intelligent, then she wouldn't still be allowed to do the work that she does with disabled children. What is wrong with being a wallflower or plump? I suppose that by wallflower you mean a person who is quiet and keeps to themself? There is nothing wrong with being shy.

What makes Carlos such a prize? How can you say that he took his chances because Alexia appeared slow? That's awful. I hardly think that you can equate shyness with stupidity.

Constantine was aware that she, in contrast to his smart looking sons, never would manage to marry into nobility nor in wealth.

That may be true, however only one of his elder sons has married into wealth. The other is nearing forty and still hasn't married. Nothing wrong with that, but it as it is.

This private greek school (founded by her parents!) was as far as I know the only institution she ever attended. We are not supposed to think that if you don´t have a university degree you are generally not intelligent. But Alexia was known for years as some plump spinster hanging around with Cristina supported by her royal aunt Queen Sofia.

Princess Alexia also studied History and Education at the Froebel College (Roehmapton Institute) in London. She obtained a B.A. and also has a postgrad. certificate in Education. She also worked as a primary school teacher in London and did volunteer work at a hospital there. In 1993, Alexia obtained a Master's degree in Early Childhood Development in Barcelona.

So much for her being unintelligent and having no formal education besides that of the Hellenic school.

Doesn't seem like Alexia was hanging around, but obtaining an education and making a life for herself.

I would suggest that before you start the namecalling and labeling, Stefanie, that you do your homework.
Arietta was born February 24th,2002.Ana-Maria was born May 15th,2003 and this year on July 30th they welcomed Carlos.
I think both Alexia and Carlos seem to have a very strong, loving marriage with three adorable children. She is to be commended on the exemplary way she has led her life and the discretion that goes with it.

Someone mentioned on here earlier about calling her plump and a wallflower. Who cares if she is not the thinnest princess or the smartest? From everything I have read about her, she is very dedicated to her profession and does not look for intentional publicity.

They seem to be very stable and loving and that is wonderful to see.

I do not blame his parents for not seeking the spotlight just because their son married a princess.
Couldn't agree with you more! I admire the way that she has kept herself and her family out of the spotlight. Her marriage seems solid and her children happy, kudos to her and Carlos! And as far as her being plump, well we can't all be thin. I think that she has a beautiful face and a nice fashion sense that if not too much or too little for her body type, not to mention, she's had three children who are fairly close in age, give the girl a break.
Even a princess's body needs time to recover after having three children basically in a row!

fotos of Alexia and Carlos whith the daugthers (from imagine scandinavia)



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Pics from newscom


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Absolutely beautiful family! Thank you very much for the pictures. This family always looks like it came out of a Nautica, Polo, or Gap commercial. :)
more pics:) :)
from newscom


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their daughters will be real beauties,take care guys:)
From Hola

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They look so happy and relaxed. Thank you all for the lovely photos.
What great pics. Is it just me or does Princess Alexia just glow with happiness!
Little Carlos´s baptism...

seems to be celebrated on November 26th in Puerto Calero (Lanzarote), where Alexia lives with her family. And the baptism seems to be celebrated in roman catholic ritus as far as I could understand because Carlos sen. wants it this way as the "Opiniones sobre la Realeza"-Message board announced. Please can somebody who is able to understand spanish translate the whole text and post it here.
As far as I understand a little bit they seem to expect Elena and Jaime and Cristina and Inaki to attend. I can´t imagine Elena and Jaime to come because Alexia never had a close relationship to Cristina´s sister.
Why is Alexia still referred to as Princess? Is she still a Princess even though there is no monarchy in Greece? Also, the family looks great! The children are very cute...her husband is also very handsome!!
She's considered to still be a princess, just like the deposed Italian, French, German, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Yugoslavian royals still call females in their families princesses.
The baptism of the third son of Alexia and Carlos will be in 26th of November in the Remedios Church in Canarias.
Princessa Alexia presents the "Trofeo el Corte Ingles" at the Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria
from wireimage


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Thanks for the pictures! She has a great haircut. She also looks like she lost some of the baby weight, too.

By the way: HOLA-magazine is quite clever! They put the baptism-photos in one issue (I bought that one already and am quite disappointed, because HOLA didn´t choose the best photos in my opinion, LECTURAS is concerning that sometimes much better...)and the life&style (I think it must be the life&style ones) in the following issue. So you have to buy two issues after another.
To me it looks as if HOLA wants to excuse for forgetting to public the little-Carlos-leaving-hospital-presenting-photos. In my opinion they in fact forgot to public those photos. Even in German cheap yellow press issues they had the photos in three or four of them.
Life&style photos in HOLA-magazine

At first sight the photos look wonderful. But they start to smooth Alexia´s face artificial ("retuschieren"), I don´t know the exact word in English. Her face looks smaller, the wrinkles around her eyes and at her neck are wiped away. She looks even younger than Carlos although he´s almost six years her junior (It doesn´t disturb me her having a younger husband but it´s simply not true in reality that she looks younger than him!)
Lecturas did the same when they had Alexia on their cover after leaving hospital with little Carlos.
My god, she ´s only fourty! I really prefer her looking natural. (Like on the baptism-photos)
What I noticed in the last weeks is that Ana Maria is, in contrast to Arrietta, very animated and seems to become a little whirlwind. As I mentioned earlier (when they announced Alexia´s third pregnancy) I wasn´t too enthusiastic her having a third baby (from who I was quite sure it would become a boy..)And my fears seem to come true by now: Carlos sen. to me seems very very proud having now an heir (there is one photo in HOLA showing only him, Alexia and the baby!)
So Ana Maria now is the middle child. Even on photos she seems to be already a little bit on the periphery. She has to prevail against her beautiful looking elder sister (o.k., Ana Maria is nice looking too but Arrietta is simply a beauty) and against her little "prince-brother". And that is one reason why I already have foreseen that Alexia should have left it at that with having her two girls...
I don't think that this is a very fair assessment of the family's dynamics. To look at pictures in a magazine and determine that Carlos favours his son (who is not a prince, but is the only boy of the three children) over his daughters is not fair.

Because it was Carlos' baptism, many photographers wanted pictures of just Alexia, Carlos and the baby -- which magazines then published. There were also many pictures of Alexia and Carlos, the baby, and both of their daughters that photographers took and were also published. One picture of Alexia and Carlos with their baby son only does not mean that they both or one of them favours him over their daughters.

Ana Maria may simply just have an exuberant personality. Not because she is trying to fight for attention between her "beautiful" sister and her "baby-prince" brother. There are plenty of examples of royal children who have a stronger personality than their siblings but that doesn't mean that they are striving for attention. Nobody thought that Amalia of the Netherlands was lacking in attention from her parents when she waved to the photographers at her baby sister Alexia's baptism.

Arrietta may simply be more shy, like her mom, while Ana Maria may just be more outgoing.

Only Carlos and Alexia can know and decide what size of a family is right for them. I hardly think they would bring a third child into the family if they didn't think they could provide for it financially and emotionally.

To decide from a few pictures published in Hola or any other magazine is unfair to these two adults who have never given the impression that they are otherwise lacking in good sense or judgement.
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"Official portrait-photos"

As far as I can remember no "official photos" like in life&style have ever been published so far from the Morales´ family. We have seen the usual baptism-photos but on occasion of Arrietta´s and Ana Maria´s baptsim f.i. no portrait photos have ever been published. (I mean, no official baptism photo has ever been made, and so it was the same with little Carlos.)And I´ m sure, Life&style didn´t make such photos just to "honor" Arrietta or Ana Maria.
Alexia, Carlos and the girls were often photographed in the street f.i. during a walk, just snapshots or during the sailing season at the harbour or so.
The magazines wrote, that Carlos did the preparations for little Carlos´s baptism almost all by himself and that he strictly made it a condition to have it done like he wanted it to be done. Beside: Both Carlos and Alexia expected the third child to be another girl and it was a big surprise that it turned out into a boy......
Sure it might be a coincidence (Constantine might have had the wish to do some nice family photos and so he took the opportunity to order some photographer´s on the occasion of little Carlos´baptism) but to me it makes the impression that Carlos wanted to "honour" his little heir in a special way and if it had become a third girl Alexia would have to continue becoming pregnant (as long as her health allows it) to try to get a boy.
Well, it´s nothing bad, but I for myself have to grin a little bit how little Carlos (IN MY OPINION) is given a preferential treatment....
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