Princess Alexandra of Berleberg's Fashion and Style: September 2007 - October 2021

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:flowers:The title of this thread is wrong if it is indeed about Alexandra von Berleburg - her last name is Berleburg (Berle-Castle) and not Berleberg (Berle-hill).:flowers:
She's very elegant her evening gown choices are a bit off on occasion but I really like her sharp day. looks

Princess Alexandra at the birthday celebration of Prince Joachim this evening:

** Full view **

Princess Alexandra attended a church service at Graasten Castle Church today, July 21:

** Full view **
Alexandra looks lovely. Not sure if the jacket totally goes with her dress, but she looks great nevertheless.
Perfectly fine and appropriate for a Sunday morning Church service.
Princess Alexandra at the opening of „Europe's first Camping Outdoor Museum“ at Egeskov Castle on May 1:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic **
Princess Alexandra at the pre-wedding party of Prince Philippos and Princess Nina this evening:

** Full view **
A nice flower print dress for Princess Alexandra at the wedding of Prince Philippos and Princess Nina today, October 23:

** Full view ** Close up **
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Really lovely look on Princess Alexandra and I've just noticed the stunning brooch now.
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