Princess Alexandra, Current Events 1: November 2002 - May 2005

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Originally posted by Josefine@Jul 25th, 2003 - 4:24 am
does she look thinn yo you?
Maybe it just the light
yes, she does
I don't think that it is just the light
Yeah, but don't you thnk he looks as skinny as she does? What happened to them...also, they're so tanned, they both look crisped?
Polfoto 25-07-2003 Prinsesse Alexandra ankommer til Robbie Williams koncert i Parken. Her er hun sammen med veninden Charlotte Sparre og direktør Flemming Østergaard.

Polfoto 25-07-2003 Prinsesse Alexandra ankommer til Robbie Williams koncert i Parken. Her er hun sammen med veninden Charlotte Sparre og direktør Flemming Østergaard.


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;) I think they enjoyed really the hot sun in France. Ther really looked crisped.. ;) She maybe had just slimmed down a little.
Princess Alexandra always looks hip, I mean in the picture you can't really tell she is a mother of two. I like her bag! Look at the strap slippers she has its stylish! Great outfit for a concert..
I agree, paulette, that the sun must have been hot in France, and :idea: it coud be that the cuisine wasn't very excellent. I just don't know, but I certainly wasn't criticising them because actually I think they are both very cute. I was just wondering why they look so different on those pictures :).
Maybe they looked different on pictures beacuse there are some factors to consider like when they were in France there is too luch light on the picture but no less she is still glowing.

One thing I would like Princess Alex to improve are her gowns. The colors are great but it has less styles so it doesn't look that stylish! She should not stick to gowns that have the same designs it only differs in colors like the sleeveless gowns she has. She should also open and follow some of the latest trends that would look good on her. :)
Somehow I got the idea that Queen Margrethe would not approve of Princess Alexandra wearing too modern styled evening gowns at the official functions.

There is a clear difference in style on the evening dresses Princess Alexnadra wears in private - they look modern.

I really don't mind - but I have noticed this -> is important to some nationalities : Princess Alexandra did show her nipples while wearing no bra underneath her white tank top at the Robbies Williams concert
- photo in Billed-Bladet #31 online : Alexandra vild med Robbie - 31.07.03
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Hi .

Great that you all found more photos from the concert.
I like the other photos too.

Is Princess Alexandra very busy? I can see in the pictures of the family that she is not there.. I mean she is attending maybe a lot of royal functions...
IMO, that last picture, the tank top doesn't seem like something Alexandra would wear. She appears so uncomfortable as well. I hope she does not drastically change her dress style in the future because I like her sense of style as it is.
Princess Alexandra's father is ill - in fact to ill to go to Northern-Irland to attend the recent baptism of his 7. grandchild - Benjamin Baird - Nicola's son.

Princess Alexandra tells the doctors don't have a diagnose for him (really?)

IMO he looked very frail in the circus photos this summer - compared to the baptism photos in Denmark in october.

Dybt bekymret Alexandra: Min far er syg - 07.08.03


Princess Alexandra in tank tops with no bra - the concert photos are not a one off - I have seen photos of her in France like that too - mind you this is absolutely OK in Scandinavia - not a sign of lausy moral or whatever some nationalities interpret into this kind of clothing :lol:
That's horrible news about her father. I hope that she and the boys get to visit him .
How often does Alexandra, Joachim and the two boys get to visit her relatives?
Hello Anna,
That is terrible news about Alexandra's father. I hope she is able to visit with him.

As for the tank top with no bra, I was not moralizing... I was surprised... I thought that royals had a more vigorous dress code than commoners but, I guess I was wrong. :huh:
Well there's nothing wrong I think on what Princess Alex wore what matters is that she looks great on it. In the past I even thought that royals have to always follow this "royal thing" in order to escape criticisms but they are just the same with commoners they only vary by position and title..
1 to 4) Polfoto 08-08-2003


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What event is Princess Alex attending? She is so gorgeous on her outfit.
The style is simple and it fits her. Look at how her hair is being kept it is stylish.
That is terrible news about Alexandra's father. I hope she is able to visit with him.
Princess Alexandra's parents have been living in a building on the Schackenborg palace's estate for some years :)

The two other daughters in that family do visit their parents and Princess Alexandra :)

When his health was better - he and his wife went to visit them too.

What event is Princess Alex attending?

In the evening of friday 8.august Princess Alexandra opened the cultural festival "Images of Asia" in Copenhagen - which explaines her choice of hairdo and dress - imo
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I love that picture of her and Felix. so cute!

Felix og Nikolai på bytur i barnevognen- 21.08.03

Der var dømt familieidyl i stor stil, da prinsesse Alexandra og prins Joachim med deres to sønner i weekenden deltog i Ecco Walkathon i København.

Når mor og far drøner rundt i gaderne, er det skønt at kunne sidde blødt og godt i en barnevogn og kigge ud. Sådan tænkte prins Felix, et år, ganske givet, da han i weekenden »gik« seks kilometer sammen med storebror, prins Nikolai, tre år, mor og far i anledning af Ecco Walkathon 2003.

Den kongelige familie havde som så mange andre danskere valgt at bruge søndag eftermiddag på at samle penge ind til Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, UNICEF, Hjerteforeningen og SOS-Børnebyerne ved at gennemføre en særlig gangrute.


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I know i said this in another fourm but i dont know if everone knows anout it. I didnt really like it. the lighting could of been better. I guess we all realized that Alex likes to wear stockings or tights or whaever there called, but the tights could of been rolled up a bit .
Lets move it to Alexandra News thread,

what did you think about the article?

"I miss Hong Kong", says Denmark's Princess Alexandra

COPENHAGEN (AFP) - Princess Alexandra, who left her native Hong Kong to marry Denmark's Prince Joachim in 1995, likes her new life in Scandinavia but still misses home terribly.
"When I see a sequence on television showing the Hong Kong waterfront, my heart beats faster. It's a good thing I don't see that too often," she told the free daily MetroXpress on the sidelines of the "Images of Asia" festival currently underway in several Danish cities.
The 39-year-old princess, born Alexandra Manley to a Chinese father and Austrian mother, said the things she misses most about Hong Kong are "the smells, the sounds, the sites, the food and the people", as well as Chinese New Year celebrations.
"I miss the cuisine a lot, even if Asian food is, thank goodness, very popular in Europe, especially in Denmark. But I love black eggs, which you never see in Europe," she said.
A mother of two boys, four-year-old Prince Nikolai and one-year-old Prince Felix, the princess said she hopes her background would somehow be a part of their education.
She would like to see them "learn to appreciate the multicultural life in Asia, the energy and rhythm that characterizes Hong Kong," she said.
"A large part of the Asian population is under the age of 25, which gives young people a lot of influence on music, fashion, trends, almost all areas. And our children must be inspired by this dynamism," she said.
While she enjoys her visits to Hong Kong immensely, the princess, who now speaks Danish fluently, said she has made Denmark her new home.
"Denmark is my life now, my future."
"It is however difficult to never live in Hong Kong again. It was a big decision to leave, but I made that decision and it was my choice," she stressed, adding that "Danes have welcomed me with open arms from the start".
"I can only return their kindness and generosity by saying that I like being in this country, I feel Danish now," she said.
Thanks Josephine.
I think it's very scary in a way. I mean, we all know that people have to sacrifice stuff when they marry foreign royals, but, the idea of never being able to live in your old home ever again, and missing stuff that you took for granted while you were there, and you can't get them, is very sobering. Makes me question why we'd want to marry foreign princes and become princesses, ya know?
That's why I think Mary Donaldson moved to Denmark. She needed to see if she liked it and could get used to living there. It's better for her to find out now then to later wish she wouldn't have married Frederik.
Knowing how close the two brothers are - I am convinced Alexandra's experiences and ideas on her own move to Denmark 8 years ago - is part of Crown Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson's decision to let Mary have some years to get to know the danish society.

Princess Alexandra gave birth to her first child after 4 years - and when asked why it took so long time - she answered that she had not been ready earlier - because it took her so long to adapt to the danish culture.
Coppyright Imagien Scandinavia / Henrik Hildebrandt / 10045 / Princess Alexandra of Denmark at Bella Center in Copehagen today for the Goldsmithers Championship for Denmark.

Coppyright Imagien Scandinavia / Henrik Hildebrandt / 10045 / Princess Alexandra of Denmark at Bella Center in Copehagen today for the Goldsmithers Championship for Denmark.


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Hi Alexandria.

Thank you so much for posting the very nice photos from Bella center 1 sep..
Look at her dress.I like it very much.Very beautiful.It is so simple yet it's perfect for her. She looks great when wearing dresses with stripes or dots. The part of her body I also like is her legs..

Look at this picture.


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I thought they looked very regal. Yes, the lighting was a bit severe and they weren't as smiling as normal, but, they looked good.
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