Princess Alexandra, Current Events 1: November 2002 - May 2005

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galuhcandrakirana said:
I like all the colours she has on the pic, from her dress; flower and hat. A beautiful spring colour:). The colour of the flowers look beautiful on her dress colour.
The ring on her left hand, is it her enggagement ring from Joachim? I'm curious about it because I saw little red on the side white stone (seems to be diamond).

It look´s like it is her enggagment ring...
You know, I'd highly doubt that she'd wear her engagement ring and/or her wedding ring now that she's divorced. True, her rings are gorgeous, but it kinda sends a mixed and maybe even wrong message when you wear engagement and wedding rings given to you by an ex-husband. Again, I looked closely at the ruby ring and I don't think it's her engagement ring. It looks like a solitaire ruby on a gold ring. Her engagement ring was a diamond with two cabochon rubies on both sides. I only see one ruby on the gold ring.
bigheadshirmp said:
Princess Alexandra inauguerated Århus newly built Social and Health School in Paderup at Randers on May 4, 2005

set 2

Thanks for the pics, Bigheadshrimp, I have put them in thumbnail format for easier viewing.:)


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Two more...


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You know, it's because of my wanting to know about Princess Alexandra that made me want to start learning Danish. I still can't find a decent "how-to" book on the Danish language here in California. :(

I'm glad that Alexandra's still a part of the Danish everyday life, because when I realize how big a sacrifice she had to make 10 years ago, I'm happy to see that the Danish had really accepted and treasured her as their own. Very nice to see that kind of affection.
Moonlightrhapsody said:
You know, it's because of my wanting to know about Princess Alexandra that made me want to start learning Danish. I still can't find a decent "how-to" book on the Danish language here in California. :(

The Teach Yourself Series is pretty good for beginners. You have to get the one with the CDs or the cassettes. Danish is an interesting language to hear. It may not seem consistent in its sounds at first but it will after awhile. Very interesting language. Good luck to you! It´s always fun to learn a new language!
I wonder what Alexandra and Mary's relationship is like. I mean, do they have one? do they like eachother, do they socialise together??

yes....that's the only time Alexandra and Mary seen together
at the Marlene Birger Fashion Show
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wow thanks for the pics!!! i love the 2nd picture tiff-tiff-tiff posted above! you can tell that they get along ^___^
They probably know each other to a certain extent, after all I'm sure that Mary would have spent a great deal of time with Fred's family even prior to their marriage.
hillary_nugent said:
For someone with not so broad shoulders i think Alexandra tends to wear suits with broad shoulders which I don't think look that great on her...

I tend to think that Alex favours the 80's cut and styling (so more squarish shouldrs and suits) ... however I would have to disagree about it not looking good on her, because I think its suites her.
Princess Alexandra at the 75th birthday celebrations of Odense Zoo with a breakfast following at Skovbakken restaurant. (Thanks to GrandDuchess for the translation:) )


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galuhcandrakirana said:
I like to see them doing activity together...they seem friendly each other:). Eventhough they have been a few shown together on media photo, I think it does not mean they dislike each other.

I agree. A lack of photos does not mean that Mary and Alexandra dislike each other. I remember the photos of them attending a fashion show together long ago and they looked like old friends, smiling, laughing and even whispering.

Alex and Mary may actually have become quite close. Their friendship or any kind of relationship may simply exist behind closed doors, which isn't bad because the media can frankly be a strain on any relationship sometimes.

Mary and Alex are both so busy with their various duties and responsibilities that they really don't have time to appear together unless it is an event such as an a fashion show, a personal outing or something that involves all members of the RF. They simply have their own interests.
Anna_R said:
Princess Alexandra at the official opening of Denmark's first experience park, "Danfoss Universe", May 5th, 2005

From colourpress

Can someone tell me where she got the light green outfit? I think it's gorgeous!!


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I really like Alexandra's suit and hat at the Odense event. But I'd like it better in the Fall - Fall colors and pattern and heavy material.
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