Princely Family of Monaco: Current Events Part 5 (April 2008 - June 2010)

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Glistening Seas

:) Saaay the artists work is lovely from what little can be seen in the photos. This is a superb dress on Caroline, though. This outfit and the fabulous black outfits we outstanding choices! Of course, the illustrious PA never flustered and always in style!! :sun::unicorn:
caroline looks great , she so looks better in colour !
Here's another gallery from Olycom:


So nice to see such fantastic photos. Some of the ones of Caroline remind me so much of her Mother. Everyone looks relaxed an happy to be there. As for the artist, it is always so hard to view work via internet, we are missing so much of the technique used and the vividness of the colors. You only get a glimmer of what the exhibition is about. Thanks for posting some of the art it makes you want to go see the exhibition.
Caroline oh Caroline, where is a good hairstylist when you need one!!! Please do something with that flat lifeless hair, bangs and shorter bob haircut would look so good on you!!!
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Now this is a dress length that compliments her. Not too short to be considered vulgar but not too long to be dowdy. Great choice.
Pics 29.6.2008

Prince Albert, Charlene Wittstock and Prince Ernst August with
Baron Heinrich Drasche-Wartinberg at the Euro 2008 Final Party
in the restaurant Fabios in Vienna, Austria -29/06/2008

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
I must say that i agree with you Glistening Seas. The dress Princess Caroline is wearing really suits her. Along with her tan, it seems that we're looking at sculpture made of gold :flowers:
Does anybody know : Does Monaco still celebrate the Fourth of July the way it did when Princess Grace was alive ?
maybe they support the sporting events in other ways :)
Pics 20.9.2008

Elisabeth-Anne de Massy, cousin of the reigning Prince Albert II, and
former South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock attend the
3rd round of the Davis Cup between Monaco and South Africa at the
Monte Carlo Country Club September 20, 2008.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
At last, an event at the principality in wich Caroline takes part similing and not just «being there posing for the photo». Ok, so it was just a picnic, but she semeed to be truly enjoying herself. Good for her...
Glistening Seas

:flowers: It was good to see the pics of the modern art exhibit! PA and Caroline did a good job. As always PA and Caroline are the epitomy of great taste in clothing. The modern jewelry was perhaaaps in keeping with the modern art theme of the exhibit?? It would seem the shoes were probably for comfort if doing a lot of walking!!! however, in good taste.

While the colors were really bringing out the highlights in the hair. Perhaps a more brighter or contrasting color with the outfit would have made the jewlery stand out more and take on a more colorful approach. Would a belt have been sutable for such an outfit?? Are belts in style this season???!! Since she has such a great hair color outfits that show it off are always the first choice!!! However, that too would have been a matter of preference.
This woman amazes me in every event, this has happened for more than 20 years; no matter what she´s wearing, she´s a walking work of art. Beautiul pics, thanks everyone for bringing them here.
Princess Caroline is purely beautiful as always since more than 20 years!
I really love these coloured clothes with jeweleries...
The both Prince Albert II and Princess Caroline are the most amazing to work together and I am sure that his brother is really proud of her sister about the most working of art, culture, and representative ....

Bravo to the Princess Caroline ! :flowers:
Pic 8.10.2008

Princess Caroline, her cousin Elisabeth-Anne de Massy together with
daughter Melanie attend the Alber Elbaz fashion show at the Hermitage
hotel in benefit of the association of Sister Marie, October 8, 2008 in

------> Pic
Glistening Seas

:flowers: they are related to Antionette? is that right? Seems the daughter bears a resemblence to Stephanie. Caroline's outfit and the others outfits are great! There's always time for a fashion show especially one such as this. :flowers::catmoon::harvest:
How come Elisabeth and Melanie didn't get any flowers?
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thank goodness for the Kelly genes ... not that the Grimaldis are ugly, but the star power Grace infused in the Monaco Princely Family is just immeasurable :)
World Music Awards 2008

Does anyone know if any of the Monaco royal family was at the World Music Awards Sunday in Monaco? Any pics?
I saw online some articles about World Music Award, but nobody from princely family was mentioned as attendee. :hmm: It's kind of weird that nobody represented family.
Christmas Tree Party
MONTE CARLO, MONACO - DECEMBER 17: (L-R) Prince Albert II of Monaco, Princess Caroline of Hanover and Princess Stephanie of Monaco arrive to attend the Christmas tree Party on December 17, 2008 in Monaco. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

*1* *2* *3* *4* *5* *6*

Christmas Tree Party
MONTE CARLO, MONACO - DECEMBER 17: (L-R) Prince Albert II of Monaco, Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Princess Caroline of Hanover pose with children duirng the Christmas tree Party on December 17, 2008 in Monaco. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

*1* *2* *3* *4* *5* *6* *7* *8*

Christmas Tree Party
MONTE CARLO, MONACO - DECEMBER 17: (L-R) Princess Caroline of Hanover, Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Stephanie of Monaco distribute presents to children duirng the Christmas tree Party on December 17, 2008 in Monaco. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

*1* *2* *3* *4* *5* *6* *7*

Small Belga Picture Gallery

And Another small Belga Gallery
Glistening Seas

:) This is without a doubt one of the most favorite pic times of the year in Monaco. How fabulous. Maybe it's the oversized tree with the oversized decorations that is just awe inspiring to those of us whom hold christmas and it's festivities dear. This year it seems the kiddies are raring to go and ready for christmas. My fav decoration is the giant decoration that looks like a grape cluster. How creative indeed!!!

:holly: Pa and caroline and Stephanie too looked like they are prepared for christmas---how nice to see!!! Pa's tie is one of the fav of christmas ties although he has another one with christmas ornaments all over it, that's nice too. Any opinions on this. Did someone take a pic of the "entire" group and it's decorations and it's snacks, too?

I can just imagine what those giant christmas cookies and munchies. Tree decorating have always been a part of childhood for all of us around here. So this must be quite an exciting part of the day for these folks!!:popcorn::xmasbell::wreath:
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Thanks , guys ...
...I'm a fan of Caro's outfit today...looks perfect to me.
Stephanie's is okay , too ... she seems to like that one. The one she wore yesterday would have been perfect for today though ...colour-wise ....
(...jeez, look at me, I'm becoming a fashion critic ... )
Good pictures . I love the girls, both of them!
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