Princely Family of Monaco Current Events 1 : May 2003 - June 2006

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iceflower said:
LOL Same thought I had when reading Sebastian's post about the theme. I think Steph's dreadlocks times are over ;) but you never know..;):D

As a professional event planner, with a theme like this, it could go ANYWHERE. I'm thinking they may follow along the theme with music, decor, would be optional. Somehow, I just don't see muu-muu's, flip-flops, and flowered shirts evoking the kind of glamour that Monte Carlo still somewhat has. Now, Al sporting dreadlocks would be worth the price of admission...:D Wonder if the Jamaican bobsled team was invited? ;)

Re: a 20's theme...there is a Gatsby Ball every year in Newport hosted by the historical's a gas...very elegant...
I love the 20s.

I think a Reggae ball will be fun and light hearted. I probably would have tweaked the theme to Caribbean instead of Reggae, though. I wonder if they are inviting reggae artists? Gosh, I'd love to be there.
Caroiline and Albert with Andrea ...Soiree pour AMADE...





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andrea looks so handsome in these pictures. thank you for posting them.

and yes monaco70s, i agree, Caro looks stunning.
Thanks for post those wonderful pics !
Caroline looks as always so elegant and beautiful and it's seems to Andrea is very engaged in AMADE not again prince hereditary but maybe ereditary of Caroline engagement !:p
wow I think Caroline looks great and youthful with the flower print.
I´m so glad to see Andrea working! And he is vary handsome again;)
Thanks for the pics michelle
monaco70s said:
Great pics! Caroline looks stunning and very much like in the late 80s :O
Same thought I had (about the late 80s) :) Thanks a lot for these great pics, Michelle!
Too bad Pierre wasn't there he's even way more handsome than Andrea!
De La Cruza said:
Too bad Pierre wasn't there he's even way more handsome than Andrea!
I couldn't agree more!That's sooooo true De La Cruza!
Caroline got bangs. Thats nice I've alwas thought she looked really cute and pretty with bangs.
Beatrice said:
I couldn't agree more!That's sooooo true De La Cruza!
Yeah he's the best looking of the males of the family same with his Stefano. I like his personality better and facial expressions too! I always have prefered Pierre to Andrea and Pierre will be here for the longest time!:) :) :D :D

Princess Caroline of Hanover and her brother Prince Albert II of Monaco look at roses as they visit the International Flower Show in Monte Carlo May 13. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Thanks they both look nice .
Thanks again, Tbhrc! These pictures are beautiful.

Perhaps, Caroline and Albert can pick up some ideas on floral arrangements for the next princely wedding, whenever it happens.
Nice idea, MyAdia ;) and thanks for posting the pics, tbhrc!
I like Caroline's dress, that white/silver is a good choice for an event with that many colourful flowers around..:)
The style of jacket Princess Caroline is wearing must be a new trend as the Duchess of Cornwall wore a similar style at her daughter's wedding last week. It's nice to see her in lighter colours and the flowers are gorgeous!
Wow, Great pics of Princess Caroline and Prince Albert at Monaco International Flower Show today!:) Thanks for posting the pics, Tbhrc!!;) Princess Caroline looked so beautiful in her lovely white suit with nice shoes and handbag. I noticed she got a new haircut, epsesically her new bang. She looked better with the bang.:)

I love Caroline's glasses. Does someone knows who is the designer ?
^^probably Chanel! I read somewhere that black Chanel glasses have always been her trademark! She looks great, the haircut is good too, but I like longer hair better on her. The hairstyle she had at the Rose Ball was really great!
Thanks cro girl.
I also prefer when Caroline's hair are longer.
Ode said:
I love Caroline's glasses. Does someone knows who is the designer ?

I'm not 100% sure if those are the same glasses she wore to the conference in Monaco and in Berlin, but those were from Dior. Hope this helps. But as I said, I'm not 100% sure.

BTW I saw that Newscom has many great pics from Sipa, so michelle could you please post those? :p;)
Thanks for all the pics tbhrc caroline looks great.
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