Prince Talal bin Mohammed & Princess Ghida Talal

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thank´s Jordan. This event was the music concert?
I saw a pic for their son prince Hussein in the Baccalaureate Schoolsame school of princess Aya
Princess Ghida is surely a beautiful woman indeed, this is my first time visiting this thread, very interesting. I love her hair, and fashion sense....P Ghida seems very involved with her children as well.
Huda do u have any pics for princes Ghida`s wedding ?
Princess Ghaida look at this beautiful clothing

Princess Ghida Talal with her children Prince Hussein & Princess Rajaa during Amman Marathon.
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Sweet children hugging to their mummy!

And where is Mohammed, twin brother of Rajaa?
Thank you Rossina, I checked Princess Ghida's Facebook Page. As you said, there are some great pix there and information about her work. You should all check it out, it is very interesting.
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