Prince Talal bin Mohammed & Princess Ghida Talal

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Princess Ghida Talal Opens Lebanese Creators Exhibition

. . . The three-day exhibition, in which more than 40 artists take part, was organized by the Jordanian Lebanese Association, and its revenues will go for the Social Solidarity Family Society. Petra

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw I loved her dress ... thank you Little star.
Those photos are lovely! I hadn't seen their children before, they are absolutely beautiful mashallah! Prince Talal has really aged though.
Didn't Prince Talal have cancer?
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Jordan's Princess Wejdan al-Hashimi (L), Princess Ghida Talal (2-L), Spanish ambassador in Amman Manuel Lorenzo and Lola Duran, artistic director of the exhibition, view arts objects by Pablo Picasso on display in Jordan for the first time at the Royal Society of Fine Arts in Amman, Jordan on 11 May 2008. The exhibition of the Spanish artist's works took place in cooperation with the Cervantes Institute in Amman.
Pic 1 -- Pic 2
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It seems Princess Ghida has also travelled to New York with Queen Rania:

New York, Sept.23 - Her Royal Highness Princess Ghida Talal received today the Humanitarian Award for International Cooperation from the Institute of International Education (IIE) in New York.

The Institute presented its Humanitarian Award for International Cooperation to Princess Ghida for her humanitarian efforts and dedicated philanthropy

Jordan News Agency - Petra - Princess Ghida Talal Receives Humanitarian Award
Princess's Ghida Talal & Firyal

Article and photos in today's New York Social Diary about last Tuesday night's dinner honoring princess Ghida Talal.

Her mother in-law Princess Firyal was there, her son Prince Talal (Ghida's husband) and grandchildren.
Talal's daughter looks like princess firyal
Old pix for HRH Prince Talal bin Muhammad Graduation Polo Match with Queen Noor,Princess Raiyah and Princess Ghida:flowers:
So the prince won't be in Jordan since he'll start lectures? I'm glad for him.
He is not the crown prince ... he is just prince of jordan ...:):flowers:

To quote the article:

Jordan’s crown prince Talal bin Muhammad, special advisor to King Abdullah II, told Calgary reporters that fringe extremist ranks of Arab and Muslim society have tarnished the good name of Islam and have a lot of work ahead to regain the world’s respect.
very strange could be the simple mistake as not many peoples are familiar with jordan royal family..or theres somethings we dont know, which i realy doubt, lol :lol:
she is stunning in the last pic , loved her dress? IS IT a wedding Jordan?
I think was KHCC gala but I´m not sure perhaps Jordan know.
Thanks for the photos. It's clear that Ghida and Dina enjoy a very close relationship. Both ladies look wonderful in the photos.
I think was KHCC gala but I´m not sure perhaps Jordan know.

they attended event for Baccalaureate School under patonized princess Sarvath and princess Alia attended too:flowers:
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