Prince Rainier & Grace Kelly: 19 April 1956

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And yet, by the time of Grace's tragic and untimely death attitudes had completely changed.

Every single Royal House in Europe was represented at her funeral.

Grace was, imo, the most transcendentally beautiful Royal/Princely bride ever. No one has been able to touch her in the 60+ years since that wedding, even though quite a few have tried.:whistling:
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I read that just a few royals attended this wedding:

Aga Khan - HH Prince Karim
Egypt - HM King Farouk II
Great-Britain - HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor (former King Edward VIII)
Italy - HM King Umberto II

(Both the Egyptian and the Italian monarchs were exiled at that time). The European Royal Families were represented.

I didn't know the Duke of Windsor attended but most certainly he was not representing the BRF and was simply a guest if he did indeed attend.
Grace Kelly interviewed about her wedding plans at Idlewild Airport in 1956
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