Prince Peter (1908-1980) & Irina Ovtchinnikova (1900-1990)

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Prince George, father of Peter did not authorized his marriage. The rules required consent of the father to maintain the title of nobility. Prince Peter never legalized in official document his marriage to not lose the title of Prince and military privileges that derives from this condition.. The situation was always very dificulty, Prince George Attending on many occasions, military parades, in Thessaloniki, Athens .. When his father died at 1957, he tried to legalize his marriage situation( he want that her spouse would was Princess of greece), he was based on the principle that his father was dead, he did not need parental consent , he thought that he would not lost his title, But, the politicians and King Pavlo were refused because his father had expressed publicly his no consent to this marriage, he did not legalized his marriage. In the early 60's, it was decided to reform the rules of succession to update it, . They decided put a order of succession rules, this changed the position of the line of succession would not be in relation to the first king of the dynasty, now it would be in relation of the link to the last king,King Pavlo .Princess Irini had a closer link to the last king, she ranked second in succession and thus received military privileges, such as represent the family in military parades to chair and represent the Greek royal family. Prince Peter was the most distant link to the last king and thus lost the privileges granted to his position, also could not get it that his wife might have the title of Princess(no consent of his father) . He left to preside over the military parade, now could preside Princess Irini.
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thank you!! Nikolopolos, it is interesting, he had studied laws. he knew the consequences of not-consent of his father.
I thought that he had not studied laws, I thought that he abandoned this studies, but I have read that he finished Paris university his studies in laws. He knew that made
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George had considered a few princesses as potential matches before that for Peter and one of them was Frederika of Hannover

Does anyone know who were the others?
Princess Maria Bonaparte pointed to other European Princesses as candidates to marry Peter, I would say that among them were other families of nobility German , besides the Hannover.
She was a disappointment when discovered that Peter had married, she told it in letters to Freud.
Often away Princess Marie did not have time for her children, which were in the difficult situation due to their father's family situation.
How easy is life for nowadays royals !
I am currently writing an in depth article about King George II's mistress, Joyce Brittain Jones, and was fascinated to see that she, apparently, played a role in this issue of the regency.

I would be hugely grateful if any Greek or Greek speaking member could provide a translation of that part of the newspaper article on the regency which refers to Mrs BJ - and for any information, comments and views on the activities and influence of this intriguing lady.
The main reason why prince Peter was such a danger was because he was a fool, and worse than that he was a vain fool. He was also immature and weak. His foolishness lead him to make bad decisions and the vanity meant he was unwilling to admit his errors and instead looked to blame others for his own shortcomings and failures. The main reason why Irene was never accepted by the family was due to her divorces and love of intrigue and her bad influence on Peter. The 1964 press conference for example was probably the brainchild of Andreas papandreou as what this was really about was undermining the Kings prestige when he was on a public high - see the link below, it's in Greek and needs google translate - it only served to make Peter look devious and petty in the long run and just undermined the royal house even further. He was being kept margnilsed not out of spite but because he was a loose cannon, and an ambitious one at that.

I totally agree with you. Pedro was not smart, Irina influenced on him, she wanted title of nobility , but this was not possible, because the family of Peter did not accepted the marriage, and Prince George did not granted consent to the union. In 1967 he sold all his property in Greece and long, and about 1970 Irina left him. Then he claimed to have been the victim of a hoax of Greek politicians. He asked forgiveness to the royal family. He was not smart
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Interestingly enough the latest bio of A-Pap does not mention this little incident.

Given A-Paps unsavoury reputation he should have seen That one a mile off. :whistling:
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what an interesting story, i have never heard about it! i am somewhat unfamiliar with greek royals, but i found this fascinating. it turns out they had their very own wallis simpson...

irina's life, from her own wikipedia page, seems to be quite an interesting one. divorced twice and separated once in times when i guess divorce was not that well seen, lived in several places and traveled the world in times when travelling was not that common (born in russia, traveled through pakistan and india, lived in france, italy, turkey, egypt, denmark, UK, hong kong and married peter in jerusalem)... what an interesting character she must have been.
Interview with Prince Peter of Greece in 1947
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