Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Current Events 2: May-June 2005

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Mrs Camilla just been a Royal and undertook serveral engagements but lots of news and pics on her and the Prince.Great!The new thread.

Leads Cast for Charles and Camilla Special

12 MAY 2005
Gazing lovingly into each other's eyes for the cameras, actors Laurence Fox and Olivia Poulet stepped into their new roles this week as a young Prince Charles and the woman who would become the Duchess of Cornwall - Camilla Shand, as she was then known.

The pair have landed the lead roles in Whatever Love Means, a two-hour programme following the couple's love affair in the years before the Prince of Wales met his first wife Diana Spencer.

The drama, which is to be aired on ITV later in the year, will be shot over a period of five weeks in Dublin. It kicks off with the pair meeting at a 1970 polo match and ends on the eve of the Prince's marriage to former nursery school aid Diana 11 years later.

A spokesperson for the production company behind the programme, which is named after Charles' now legendary response to reporters who asked if he was in love with Diana, says the drama will focus on "why they fell in love so deeply" and recount their "passionate relationship up to his marriage".

Charles and Camilla, who wed in April, were in their early 20s when they met at a Windsor polo match. Similar interests and shared sense of humour quickly brought them closer together, but when Charles' Royal Navy posting took him overseas, Camilla, feeling he had no intention of proposing, married army officer Andrew Parker Bowles.

Actors Laurence Fox and Olivia Poulet step into their new roles as 20-something Charles and Camilla. The pair star in a two-hour drama documenting the early years of the couple's love story
Photo: © EMPICS
Oh, my. I wonder if this programme is going to be as embarrassingly dreadful as the Charles-Diana love story ones that were aired in the early 1980s.
i got news from scotland about Prince Charles's former secretary got dissminal for reasons!

check it out

Charles' ex-PA loses unfair dismissal case

A SECRETARY who accused the Prince of Wales of running an Edwardian household that was "hierarchical and elitist" has lost her case for unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination.

Elaine Day, of Belvedere, Kent, worked as a personal assistant at Clarence House for five years before allegedly being hounded out of her job in April of last year.

Sara Boyce
The photos of the Gala today:


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Camillia looks so lovely! :)
trinny said:
Camillia looks so lovely! :)

I agree!
The colour really suits her and she has a lovely tan from her time in Greece this last week.
And some more pics:


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I really like the dress. But maybe not with a tan? I think it makes her complexion look a little yellow-ish.

I wish she would change her hairstyle. That 70s cut isn't doing much for her. Esp since she has done so much to improve her face's skin tone and makeup.
The queen Stops Charles From Opening Games

Queen heads off son's bid to open Games

05:57 AEST Mon May 16 2005
The Queen has pulled rank over Prince Charles to thwart his bid to open next year's Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

The Queen had accepted the invitation from Games organisers to open the event next March, but Charles had reportedly made approaches to the Australian government.

British newspaper the Sunday Times reported that Charles had indicated to the Australian government he wanted to take his wife the Duchess of Cornwall to the Games.

The newspaper quoted a source close to the government complaining that Charles approached the issue of taking his mother's place "like a bull in a china shop".

"He just makes the wrong sorts of attempts," the source told the Sunday Times.

"It's a clear inability to understand the politics of it."

The source said the prince was keen to boost his popularity in Australia after his low-key tour before his wedding in April.

After his engagement and wedding to Camilla Parker-Bowles strengthened support for the republican movement in Australia, Charles is apparently keen to win public acceptance for the marriage by embarking on joint public engagements.

He is also anxious to assert his position as the future leader of the Commonwealth.

But the Queen's decision to open the Games indicates she will not hand her overseas duties over to her eldest son and heir just yet.

The Queen turns 80 next year and it had been reported she would scale down her international travel, but she seems determined to remain an active head of the Commonwealth.

She is due to fly to Canada this week and will attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta in November.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman told the Sunday Times she was not aware of any approach on behalf of the prince.

"It had always been the Queen's intention to accept the organisers' invitation to open the Games," she said.
The Prince of Wales attends a Reception at St James's Palace yesterday:


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The Prince of Wales & The Duchess of Cornwall visited the Kemble Airfield in Cirencester today, Monday 18 May. The field is a former RAF/UASF base, but is now in civilian use. From Getty:


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i don't know why since the wedding i just see camilla with really "good eyes" as we say in my language. she just looks so radiant and beautiful to me!!!
congratulations to the duchess of cornwall!!
i got add news of Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall in Hello Magazine

check it out!

The Duchess of Cornwall's style transformation continues. Above, she opts for pretty springtime pink for a royal visit to Gloucestershire
Photo: © AFP

Camilla's make-up artist says anyone can achieve the fresher look. "With correct illumination, shimmer and highlighting," she says, "you can take ten years off"
Photo: © AFP

18 MAY 2005 underwent a royal makeover in the weeks leading up to her wedding, Prince Charles' wife The Duchess of Cornwall is proving that her recent style evolution is an ongoing endeavour.

Accompanying the heir to the throne on a royal visit to Kemble Airfield in Gloucestershire, Camilla showed her softer side with a feminine springtime look. Her blonde hair in loose waves, the Duchess chose a pretty pink tweed suit – and matching soft rose lipstick – accesorised with pearl earrings for the occasion.

While 50-something women everywhere wonder the secret to Camilla's new glow, her make-up artist Julia B says that anyone can achieve the transformation. "With correct illumination, shimmer and highlighting," she says, "you can take ten years off."
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ap3 said:
I really like the dress. But maybe not with a tan? I think it makes her complexion look a little yellow-ish.

Yes! Where did it come from? How could it be real at this time of year?
check it out on bbc news about Prince Charles's articles

Prince battles for village flats

Artist's impression of new flat development in Poundbury

The Prince of Wales is making another attempt to get planning permission for a block of flats in his model village after his first application failed.

Developers have submitted revised proposals for 26 flats, two shops and four offices to be built at Jubilee Court, in Poundbury, Dorset.

The original plan for 31 flats was rejected last year after residents claimed the development was too large.

West Dorset District Council will give its decision on the plans on Thursday.

Concerned letters

Built on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, Poundbury is supposed to represent Charles's view of the perfect rural community.

Work on the high-profile estate began in 1993 and about 750 people now live there, with about 2,200 homes to be built in total.

The village was designed to provide a mix of indistinguishable housing for different social groups.

The prince has often spoken of the need for affordable rural housing, but the plans to build the flats, mainly for people on low incomes, have been opposed by some residents.

The planning committee says it has received 41 letters from residents with concerns over the development. The residents deny accusations of snobbery, saying the development is simply too big to sit among the other cottages. The developer Woodpecker Properties claims all the buildings will have a traditional style in keeping with Poundbury's established character.

well, i guess if you have loads of money, and the whole world is looking at you, you would do everything to look that good...and camilla needs to do a lot in order to gain more acceptance, i guess..
C & C rejuvenated

carlota said:
I don't know why since the wedding I just see Camilla with really "good eyes" as we say in my language. she just looks so radiant and beautiful to me!!! Congratulations to the Duchess of Cornwall!!

Yes, it looks like 10 year's worth of care and worry has fallen from the faces of both Charles and Camilla. Marriage seems to have given them a new lease of life; they appear so happy together. And who would begrudge them happiness?
Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and patron of the Devon County Agricultural Association, and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall visit the Devon County Show, now in its 110th year, on May 19, 2005 in Devon, England. The Royal couple met local food producers, presented awards and visited the livestock, flower and gardening areas of the show.


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More pictures :)


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And more....


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and more :)


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gaggleofcrazypeople said:
Yes! Where did it come from? How could it be real at this time of year?

They just spent time on a yacht in Greece!
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