Prince Nikolaos & Princess Tatiana current events 2: February 2016 - December 2021

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Not everyone wants children, or want big families. Unlike Guillaume and Stephanie who said that wanted children when they married, Nikolaos and Tatiana seem to be fine just by themselves (and their cute dog!). Is it known that they wanted to have children in any of their interviews?

But there is a big difference: Guillaume is the heir to the reigning monarch.
Not everyone wants children, or want big families. Unlike Guillaume and Stephanie who said that wanted children when they married, Nikolaos and Tatiana seem to be fine just by themselves (and their cute dog!). Is it known that they wanted to have children in any of their interviews?

I don't remember any interview where Nikolaos or Tatiana talked about children.
Probably they are well, with their life and their professional projects.
They seem to be happy like that.
So, we don't know... Most people would like to have children, so I'd say the chances are bigger that they'd have liked to but weren't able to but it could also be a conscious decision on their part.

In either case, I'm glad that they seem to be happy in their current life - which could be because this was what they wanted in the first place or because they have reconciled themselves with the idea that it is not to be and enjoy the life that this unexpected turn of events brought them.
What does Prince Nikolaos do professionally?
2 years ago in a magazine specialized in economics, it reported on the creation of a new shipping company, there was a meeting with the companies that were going to contract with that new company .... and in the article in the presentation was Prince Nikolaos, The meeting was to the clients of the company, which were important foreign companies related to cars, since the shipping company was specialized in car transport. From what I understood, I do not know how a shipping company works, nor do I understand the matter, the Prince would be the one who selects or looks for clients to contract with the company.
In addition, the article did not exclude that the prince had interests, shareholder or partner ... of that shipping company.
He is in meetings of shipowners, related to their shipping companies, of cruises or transport of goods ... It is not only with one shipping company, it is with many
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Today Princess Tatiana on her Instagram profile recalled that it is the International Day of the Suicide Prevention . Tatiana meets about this thema, because she has had a close person who committed suicide, that is her father. her father committed suicide when she was 6 years old :sad::sad::sad:
Princess Tatiana:

"There is no city in the world as beautiful as Athens! I am thrilled to see the hard work from Mayor @kostasbakoyannis and our residents to keep our city clean with over 1,000 new recycling bins and their program dedicated to removing graffiti across our metropolis."
Princess Tatiana with Antonios Tsapatakis , is a Greek Paralympic swimmer. she has published this photos in her instagram. They are in Athens,she says:
"It was an absolute honor working with @tsapatakis_a on a very special new project today! Thank you so much for motivating us all with your passion, positivity and motivating words, Antonios. You are an inspiration to all and the time for sharing more of your story and tremendous hard work cannot come soon enough."
Other publication in the princess Tatiana instagram :

"Spent this weekend on a beautiful farm discussing how to remain grounded and find peace within nature— there is no lack of places like that in Greece! So many things are coming together for my exciting new project, I cannot wait to share the final results! And also thank you as always for your “filoxenia” and delicious farm-to-table food"
Princess Tatiana is constantly talking about her new project, in her posts, she says "So many things are coming together for my exciting new project, I cannot wait to share the final results! ... but, I ask, what is it? the project?
Princess Tatiana in Instagram:
"On top of our home away from home! Thank you @academiashotel for your incredible "filoxenia" — our team's "home away from home" for the past week while on a larger project. From the lounge, rooms, bar, and views— it was just wonderful. Pictured above with @artemis.ignatiou learning how to #BREATHE. "
New project of Princess Tatiana

Princess Tatiana speaks about her new project in her instagram account,she says:
"Taking a moment to reflect on World Mental Health Day. (although I believe every day should be mental health day) Over the past few months I have come together with some of the most inspiring, beautiful souls to create a movement, called BREATHE, to raise awareness around mental health, bring tools and strategies to support & promote a proactive approach to mental fitness whilst working towards (re)building healthier, more compassionate communities. I have found no resistance - rather I feel and hear sighs of relief when I speak openly about it being ok not to be ok. I am committed to doing my best to speak up for mental health and creating partnerships for impact around emotional wellbeing. Today - I am going to stop running, to get everything ready, perfect & instead - just breathe. xxtatiana"
Prince Nikolaos, with Axion Hellas, is in Kefalonia.
Recently, a cyclone hit the islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca, causing much damage.Axion hellas is participating in the cleaning of streets, houses ... and removing stones and mud of the streets...
Prince Nikolaos has participated as one more volunteer. they have been on the island for several days.

thank to the facebook group,the greek royal family,I found the photos and news in this group,thank you
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Really nice gesture by Prince Nikolaos to participate in the clean up :previous:
Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana enjoy a wallk in Athens,480&quality=100&strip=info&ssl=1,463&quality=100&strip=info&ssl=1,920&quality=100&strip=info&ssl=1,930&quality=100&strip=info&ssl=1

Princess Tatiana:

"For my father - who left us 33 years ago today. So many questions I would ask you...

My father’s memory is a constant reminder that life is short. Tell the ones that you love, that you love them. Laugh often. Stop worrying so much. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Take chances. Live your life with no regrets.

Check in with your friends. All of them! The strong friends, happy friends, your busy friends, your “have it all together friends.” Sometimes the ones with the biggest smile, hide the greatest pain.

I’ve committed myself to a 21 day #checkinchallenge. Every week I will check in with someone important in my life. I encourage you to do the same."
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Using a cane?
Nice couple, I like their work for Greece
yes, I saw these photos of Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana walking by Kolonaki, in a Greek magazine, last week, it did not specify what had happened to Prince Nikolaos to carry a cane, but it must have been something mild, some muscle pain from a bad position of the legs ,and other similar...... because this week he has been in Kefalonia cleaning the streets of mud...
Princess Tatiana has shared this publication on her Instagram, she is in the olympic stadium of Athens, and she shows us an option to the restrictions imposed on gyms, by the covid and that is outdoor training
Today I have been consulting the instagram of Princess Tatiana, I have found this post, from a week ago, she traveled to Kythira. In the post she says "Feeling truly blessed to call Greece home..."I admire Tatiana how she has integrated into Greece her home.
:previous:THIS IS WHAT I CALL "Princess OF GREECE", She knows Greek, she is integrating into Greek culture .... This is what I call a princess of Greece, it is not necessary to live in Greece or speak perfect Greek, or believe in a future throne, no. To be a Princess of Greece , it is to feel that Greece is your home
:previous:THIS IS WHAT I CALL "Princess OF GREECE", She knows Greek, she is integrating into Greek culture .... This is what I call a princess of Greece, it is not necessary to live in Greece or speak perfect Greek, or believe in a future throne, no. To be a Princess of Greece , it is to feel that Greece is your home

Considering the Greeks have kicked out there royal family a multitude of times & stole properties and assets of the RF, I would say that it is not odd if some princesses would have difficulties considering it their home. The vendictiveness displayed by various Greek governments to the RF in exile would not help either. And let's note that until the 90-ties neither the king nor his family was welcome in the country. How can somebody create a great fondness for a country if that is the way you are treated? Of course it is great that Pss Tatiana could overcome such feelings and she seems to be enjoying life in Greece to the fullest.
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I totally agree with you. But totally. I recognize that this has been true. . But I am not talking about loving the Greek people, I am talking about the honour. Greece is the home of the Royal Family, because they were the ones who founded the Greek state. It is true that in Greece, laws have been enacted to deny our own history (stupid laws), but the reality is that the Greek state was created by the kings, not the Greek communist party..The reality is that Macedonia is Greece, thanks to the King Constantine A, and to King Paul and Queen Frederika who prevented the Greek communists from trying to separate it from Greek territory, 1947 ... King Paul has been and will be the greatest leader that Greece had in the international sphere.... yes, this is true his tomb is abandoned in the cemetery, and is a victim of vandalism. But, a prince or Princess of Greece, he/she should not stop feeling that Greece is his home, because if he stops believing that Greece is his home, he will be bowing down to that political garbage and who have followed them.... A member of the Royal House has to love Greece, so that those politicians and alls who have applauded or followed to theses politicians who made those laws, they eat their own lies.. This is a matter of honour, A Prince or Princess of Greece should felt that Greece is her/his home by the memory of King Constantine, by KIng Paul, Queen Frederika by alls the Kings and Queens of Greece , Princes and Princesses that are part of the greek story . Even if the Greek politicians do not like it (I include all ideologies), even if it is not studied in schools ...They are Greece, they are founders of Greek State , they have been the best leaders of greece. Greece is their home.
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I agree with Marengo
For me a Princess of Greece, has the right not to know Greek, or history, or live in Greece ... no one can demand otherwise, it is due to the behavior that the Greeks have had towards royal family. They took away their nationality , although the Greek Constitution says that it cannot be withdrawn, today, the government of Greece gives passports to Hollywood actors, athletes but the King Constantine was born in Greece and has not passport. They took away their properties ,and private belongings, even underwear of the family (nor with a ruling from an international court, which obliged the Greek state to return his properties to King Constantine) , they did campaign against them in international medios..... I remember that when the Prince Pavlos and the Princess Alexia weddings was celebrated in London, the Greek government threatened shipowners, athletes ... with retaliation if they went to that wedding.
I understand the position of Marie Chantal and her family, I would do the same as her.
I do not criticize this in Marie Chantal. I do not like the rich lifestyle of the Princess Marie chantal, with a lot of free time, and a constant display of luxury. I do not like that Marie Chantal treats her title of princess with contempt when in the interviews the headline is, "The Crown Princess of Greece". I would like to see her closer to the Greek royal family. But I understand that the princess does not know Greek, does not live in Greece, does not feel Greek, I would like her to know Greek, and feel Greek, but I understand her position.

I admire Princess Tatiana, for her lifestyle, she is always in solidarity projects, when she grants interviews she feels very proud of the title of princess, she does not see it as a burden, she has details with her father-in-law, such as congratulating him. his 80th birthday ... I see in Tatiana a more "royals "behavior, and in Marie Chantal I see a behavior more typical of the jet-set, of the rich, where the title of princess is a card that allows you to be in the magazines that talk about the royals, go to royal parties, this is what I don't like about her way of thinking.

Of the women of the Greek royal family, Queen Anna Maria is the best, and for me I admire her, she was born in Denmark, she was Queen of Greece, she lived in Greece for 3 years, and she, despite all that treatment that Greeks gave her, she loves Greece, speaks perfectly Greek, she educated her children in Greek, in culture. I admire her.
If I were her, I would not return to Greece in my life hahahaha, But she is a wonderful woman, she is a good woman, who does not know rancor, hatred ...

I want to ask forgive to the Greeks who are followers of the Greek royal family, my intention has not been to include them in this commentary, they are aware of the treatment that newspapers and politicians have given to their royal family. I appreciate them very much, to me is wonderful to open certain facebook groups about greek royal family and see the wonderful photos they have kept of King Constantine and Queen Anne Maria, and to all the family members their beautiful comments, and all the historical knowledge they keep, is fantastic, impressive.
Princess Tatiana with a friend for a walk in the center of Athens and specifically in Syntagma,427&quality=100&strip=info&ssl=1,876&quality=100&strip=info&ssl=1,409&quality=100&strip=info&ssl=1,623&quality=100&strip=info&ssl=1

She is not ware mask because the pitures taken a few days before the implementation

Bravo to Princess Tatiana!!

"Last night's @the_hellenic_initiative gala was a celebration of Greece and a reminder of the work we can continue to do to (re)build healthier and more resilient communities. Thank you so much to everyone who participated last night with your gifts of music, words, and love of Greece."
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