Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana current events: part 1 (Aug. 2010 - Feb. 2016)

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today is the first anniversary of wedding of prince nikolaos and Tatiana Blatnik in Spetses, Greece.

Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana attended The British Red Cross International Fundraising
Committee Evening at Corinthia Hotel London on October 10, 2011 in London.

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A brooch which looks remarkably like the order of the danneborg star, she looks very sophisticated.
I suppose it´s a greek order...?!
But why did she wear it at an event like this??? To me it looks like it has been bestowed on her at this very day.
That's my question, too - does one wear an order to a non-state/unofficial event?
I think that it is one order, but I ask you, Why haven´t the prince Nikolaos the order????
I think it's a brooch, camea or brown stone surrounded by pearls perhaps. Shape reminds me snowflake.
This is not an order, this is a brooch, if you look it closely, this is not an order is a brooch. she is beautiful!!!!!
Well, I did look closely and the brooch resembled an order to me, although the style may be modeled on the design of an order using different metal and gemstones.
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Yes, it is a brooch, but it's obviously designed to give the appearance of an order due to the size, the serrated star-shape and the positioning (it has been placed lower down and closer to the breast rather than up near the collar or shoulder).

From a distance it's quite deceptive. Private joke I guess.

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Thanks for the closer view, Warren, and especially for pointing out about the placement of the pseudo-order. Must be an in-joke, indeed.

Princess Tatiana attended the autumn dinner and All Saints party in aid for Too Many Women,
supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer at Petersham Nurseries on October 13, 2011 in Richmond,

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Yesterday, October 18, Princess Tatiana attended the Louis Vuitton art talk with
Grayson Perry held at the British Museum in London.

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Why does Tatiana attend at this kind of events? She has a job but it seems that she wouldn't miss the red carpet events. She isn't a celebrity.
Madrid, she works at these events, her company is responsible for making events like these, she is public relations.They are responsible for organizing these events.This is her job!!!
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Princess Tatiana was spectacular. i like her red dress. beautiful.!!!
The princess is a stunning woman and they both make an eye-catching couple. That is indeed a lovely gown on her.
Beautiful couple, very aristocratic and elegant!!
According to Billedbladet is Princess Tatiana pregnant with her first child.

Google Übersetzer

Don't know how reliable this source is, but if its true: My best wishes for her pregnancy.
2011 is a boom year if this is true, something in the water perhaps.
Are there any news concerning an official confirmation by the Greek Royal Family?
Congrats to the couple if it is true! There's no confirmation on the GRF website as of yet.
It is one great NEWS, but it is not official. I think that it is true. when Princess MC was pregnant of her fifth child, had not official statement.
This shining on their faces makes me happy.
The pregnancy is confirmed.

Excerpt from article in Billed Bladet #43, 2011.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen.

Princess Tatiana and Prince Nikolaos were among those present at the gala anniversary for American-Scandinavian Foundation in New York.

- Here Tatiana and Nikolaos partied with among others Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik along with friends from the Danish-American community. Your reporter (Ulrik Ulriksen) naturally started out by saying congratulations with the pregnancy when we met the Princess and she responded with a "Thank you very much". Then she posed nicely and exposed her pregnant bump on the belly. She was proud and smiling and a big smiling Prince Nikolaos was too.

I'm looking at the picture and I can't see if she's pregnant or not, but then I rarely can.
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