Prince Moulay Rachid Current Events: December 2003 -June 2013

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Bulgarian Premier starts official visit to Morocco:

RABAT - Bulgarian Prime Minister, Siméon Saxecobourgotski arrived, here Tuesday, on a three-day official visit to Morocco.

He was welcomed at the airport by HRH Prince Moulay Rachid (younger brother of HM king Mohammed VI).

The Bulgarian premier will hold meetings with Moroccan officials notably his peer, Driss Jettou, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mohamed Benaissa, Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufiq and Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in Charge of Youth, Mohamed El Gahs.

He is leading a delegation including Foreign Minister Solomon Passy, Justice Minister Anton Stankov, and Vassil Ivanov, Minister of Youth and Sports.

Several cooperation accords will be signed by the two countries, notably an accord suppressing visa requirements for diplomats.
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another picture of Moulay Rachid and the Bulgarian Prime Minister:)


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Bulgarian Premier received by HRH Prince Moulay Rachid:

RABAT - HRH Prince Moulay Rachid, younger brother of HM King Mohammed VI of Morocco, received, here Wednesday, visiting Bulgarian Premier, Siméon Saxecobourgotski and the delegation accompanying him.

Earlier, Saxecobourgotski met with Speaker of the House of Advisors (Parliament upper house), Mustapha Oukacha. Talks focused on bilateral relations and Morocco's relations with the European Union.

The Bulgarian premier also met with Abdelouahed Radi, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Saxecobourgotski lauded the important achievements of Morocco in the field of basic infrastructures, which will bolster economic and social development of the country.
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:) Moulay Rachid with Bulgarian Prime Minister


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Arrivée à Rabat du Prince Héritier du Bahrein

Rabat, 18/03/05 - Le Prince Héritier du Bahrein SA Cheikh Salmane Ben Hamad Al Khalifa est arrivé vendredi après-midi à Rabat, pour une visite privée au Maroc.


A Son arrivée à l'aéroport de Rabat-Salé, le Prince Héritier du Bahrein a été accueilli par SAR le Prince Moulay Rachid.

SAR le Prince Moulay Rachid et le Prince Héritier du Bahrein ont ensuite passé en revue un détachement des forces auxiliaires qui rendait les honneurs.

SA Cheikh Salmane Ben Hamad Al Khalifa a, par la suite, été salué par le wali de la région de Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaër, le gouverneur de Salé, le commandant régional de la gendarmerie royale, le commandant de la place d'armes, le président du conseil de la ville de Salé et le commandant régional des forces auxiliaires.
cheikh salmane and moulay rachid


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the prince Moulay Rachid puts back the prices of the economic French speaking countries
the Prince Moulay Rachid presided, Sunday in Rabat, the ceremony of discount of the prices of the economic French speaking countries 2005 to the prize-winning enterprises, in presence of several members of the government and French-speaking economic personalities. Three enterprises have been excelled, in this case Sofitex of Burkina represented by ts leading general, Céléstin Tiendrébéogo, Commercibank of the Republic Czech, represented by the vice-president of the board of directors, Laurent Goutard and Exotissimo Journeys of Laos, represented by its general leading president, Chandareth Phetsiriseng


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HRH Prince Moulay Rachid takes part in Prince Rainier funeral

Rabat, Apr. 16 - HRH Prince Moulay Rachid (younger brother of HM King Mohammed VI) represented, on Friday, the Moroccan monarch in the funeral of Prince Rainier of Monaco who died at the age of 81.

Several figures were present at the funeral, including king Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden, king Juan Carlos of Spain and President Jacques Chirac of France.

Prince Rainier died on April 6, from heart, kidney and respiratory failure, after he reigned Monaco for 56 years.


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SAR le Prince Moulay Rachid reçoit le Vice-Premier ministre chinois

Rabat, 22/04/05 - SAR le Prince Moulay Rachid a reçu, vendredi après-midi à Rabat, le Vice-Premier ministre chinois, M. Hui Liangyu, et la délégation l'accompagnant.

Cette audience s'est déroulée en présence du ministre de l'Agriculture, du développement rural et des Pêches maritimes, M. Mohand Laenser, et de l'ambassadeur de Chine à Rabat.


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S.A.R. Prince Abdallah Ibn Abdelaziz Al Saoud, Crown prince to Saudi Arabia, vice-president of the Council of Ministers and ordering Saoudi national guard, arrived yesterday morning at Morocco. With his arrival with the international airport of Casablanca, the Crown prince to Saudi Arabia was welcomed by S.A.R. Prince Moulay Rachid. After having reviewed a detachment of the auxiliary Forces which returned the honors, S.A.R. Prince Abdallah Ibn Abdelaziz was greeted by the wali ofCasablanca and several other personalities.
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H.R.H Prince Moulay Rachid inaugurates Saturday the center Mega Mall

Mega Mall opens its doors with the public. Its inauguration Saturday by H.R.H Prince Moulay Rachid shows of it all the importance symbolic system for the capital. After months of work, this "village" dedicated to the entertainments and the leisures, with its shopping malls, its restaurants and coffees, introduced a strong concept. Mega Mall opens its doors with the public. Its inauguration by SAR Prince Moulay Rachid shows of it all the importance symbolic system for the Capital. After months and months of work, this "village" dedicated to the entertainments and the leisures, with its shopping malls, its restaurants and coffees, introduced a strong concept.

As of the access, Valerie Guérend, director of the communication, underline the absence of great surface having to be used as commercial engine with the project. The stress is laid on shopping as much if not more on the entertainment and the leisures.

Built by an international group, Mega Mall accomodates a skating rink, a bowling and spaces dedicated to the children.

Conceived the standards of great surfaces of the centres town, Mega Mall cost a few 220 million dhs and required 2 years of work. The result is quite simply époustouflant. The skating rink, the first of the kind in Morocco, which extends on 800 m2 was carried out by Oxform, a French company specialized in the design, the manufacture and the management of the skating rinks. With it only, the skating rink constitutes an autonomous space with a capacity of 150 seats, a cafeteria and a lounge equipped with a screen plasma for the comfort of the spectators.

The skating rink is designed to also receive events like launchings of products. The site should support such a step: located in full heart of the Souissi district, on the Road of Zaer, the concept is made to allure, by its proximity, easy customers, with strong purchasing power and the spending patterns in phase with the project Mega Mall. Success near the franknesses is a reality and the shopping mall of Mega Mall accomodates already around fifty of Moroccan and international signs.

An originality and not of least and than "the merchandising of the commercial buildings was made so that each sign or activity have like vicinity of the signs or the complementary activities". On the question of the évènementiel, the press kit raises that "For the companies and professionals, the department communication of Mega Mall proposes a service of operations key-in-hand for launchings of products, evenings sets of themes, the organization of press conferences...". For animation, Mega Mall has a scene of 170 m2 at level 1, entirely cabled and visible of the two higher levels.

This space less proposes a capacity of step than 400 sitted places and "nearly 1000 people upright".
Conceived for the family, Mega Mall held a space children of 3000 m2, with spaces of plays and even a nursery. This space is studied "to release" the moms come to make races or the windows of the signs diversified and present in force of the shopping malls of Mega Mall.

The other must of this space of leisures for the family is the bowling, "A the time high level sport (2nd sport in the world by the number of bachelors) and entertainment more practised in the world".

For the teenagers, the cosmic bowling which mixes bowling and dance, with lights which electrify environment, the fun wants to be with go. The companies are invited to organize there seminars... and "tournaments for work's councils, school complexes"

It's the first one in Africa,opening of Mega Mall in Rabat at the end of April is the commercial event of the month. And due. 26.000 m2 with the service of hundred shops, 12 restaurants, a bowling of 12 tracks, a skating rink of 800 m2, a space children with horse-gears, toys, nursery, etc. The concept is clear: It's a true temple: With FDM,...... As for the shops, one knows there will be Bulgari, max Mara, Lancel, Marina Rinaldi, Parlons clothes, etc. Opened 7 day out of 7, Mega Mall is a small mental revolution which definitively places shopping in the signal five of the leisures.
- Mega Mall. Km 4.2 avenue Malik Imam - Road of Zaers – Souissi. Folds back.
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HRH Prince Moulay Rachid inaugurates largest mall in Morocco

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid, younger brother of HM King Mohammed VI, inaugurated on Friday in Rabat the largest trade and leisure mega-mall in Morocco, second only to a similar one in South Africa.

The mega-mall, which was built over 26,367 square metres and costed MAD 220 million, about 22 million euros, provides some 1,200 direct and indirect jobs.

The trade complex was designed by a Moroccan architect. It comprises a 1,828 square metre ice skating rink, fast-food restaurant, a 1,230 square metre bowling area and a multi-function space, including a children play ground.

Shops cover 5,920 square metres and host some 80 trademarks. Some 3,000 people are expected to visit the mall daily.


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H.R.H. Prince Moulay Rachid inaugurates Mega Mall, the greatest shopping centr of the country:

01-05-2005- Dedication of an investment of 220 million DH ,H.R.H. Prince Moulay Rachid inaugurated, Friday with Rabat, the complex of trade and leisures Mega Mall, largest with Morocco and the second in Africa after that of South Africa. With its arrival with the complex, H.R.H. Prince Moulay Rachid reviewed a detachment of the auxiliary Forces which returned the honors, before being greeted by, Trade and the Levelling Minister of Industry of the economy, Mr. Salaheddine Mezouar, the ambassador of the Plain Arab Emirates in Morocco, Mr. Issa Hamad Abouchihab and the wali of the area of Reduction-Salted-Zemmour-Zaër, Mr. Hassan Amrani.
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HRH Prince Moulay Rachid receives Director General of Chile's Riflemen

Rabat, May 5 - HRH Prince Moulay Rachid (younger brother of HM King Mohammed VI), received, here Thursday, the Director General of the Chilean Riflemen, General Don Alberto Ciensuegos de Sierra.

General Ciensuegos de Sierra visit to the kingdom comes in the framework of cooperation between Chile's Riflemen and the Moroccan Gendarmerie Royale (rural police).


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Celebration of the 35e birthday of HRH Prince Moulay Rachid

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid celebrates, this Monday June 20, his thirty-fifth birthday. This happy event constitutes, for the Moroccan people, a new occasion to present wishes to H.M King Mohammed VI , to HRH. Prince Moulay Rachid and to share the joy of the Royal family. S.A.R. Prince Moulay Rachid was born on June 20, 1970 in Rabat. After primary and secondary studies at the Royal College , his Royal Highness reached the University Mohammed V to continue his studies. In May 1993, he obtains, with mention very well, a Master (option public law) and a another diploma at the Faculty of Science legal, economic and social.
Hier en sa résidence à RabatS.A.R. le Prince Moulay Rachid a reçu, hier en sa résidence à Rabat, l'artiste égyptien Adil Imam. L'audience accordée à l'artiste égyptien, qui était accompagné de ses deux fils Mohamed et Rami, intervient à l'occasion de la tournée qu'effectue actuellement dans le Royaume Adil Imam pour présenter sa pièce de théâtre «Body Guard». Cette tournée, qui a débuté le 16 juin et qui se poursuivra jusqu'au 12 juillet, englobe les villes de Casablanca, Agadir, Fès et Rabat.


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Prince Moulay Rachid current events 1: July 2005-

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I met prince moulay rachid this summer during a private party , guys i was soooooooo wrong about him , he's really a nice guy , polite , down to earth , a gentleman... ;) i really enjoyed talking to him :)
seems you are in love Amira;)
for what you talked with him, I'm curious, I never meet a prince and I wonder for what I can talk with the prince if I meet him
other question, you said before that he is a playboy, have you the same opinion now?
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i'm not in love wtih him , i respect him :) thats a quite difference , as i said before i had a bad opinion about him ( a playboy) , normal i never had a chance to meet him and talk to him as i did this summer ;) i was suprised by his respect toward people , he's really a nice guy .
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I am happy to have the opinion of a person who meet the prince
because it is difficult to have an opinion about a public person
thank you Amira:)
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1-2. CAPTION: Bulgaria's Princess Kalina (L), Spain's culture minister Carmen Calvo (R) and Prince Moulay Rachid, younger brother of King Mohammed VI, are pictured during the "moussem" (festival) of Tan Tan in the southern town of Guerrara in southern Morocco, 17 September 2005. The festivities began on the 14th of September and will last until the 18th september 2005 and hosts various events namely traditional dances, camel racing, art expositions and horsemanship demonstrations by nomads. AFP/PHOTO/ ABDELHAK SENNA (Photo credit should read ABDELHAK SENNA/AFP/Getty Images)
5. CAPTION: Prince Moulay Rachid welcomed by Kitin Munoz, 09/17/2005. Princess Kalina of Bulgaria and Kitin Munoz attend the Moussem of 2005 of Tan Tan festival., in Tan Tan, Morocco, Kingdom of,20050917, BENAINOUS ALAIN/GAMMA

All pics from Newscom


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I dont know much about their background but the Bulgarian and Moroccan royal families seem to be quite close. I have seen pictures of Princess Kalina and her husband at almost every major event involving the royals in Morocco, including state visits from foriegn royals, like the Spanish visit to Morocco earlier this year, or throne day etc. And she often wears traditional Moroccan caftans. Members from the two families also attend each others' weddings.
So that explains Princess Kalina's presence. I personally think its a good thing to see such friendships between different royal families.
I expect to help you with the little that of this topic.

Kitín Muñoz, husband of Kalima, is the one who organizes this festival of the cultures in collaboration with the UNESCO. The festival is celebrated in Morocco, I already have seen images of it several years.
As for the relation of the Royal Family of Morocco with that of Bulgaria, I am thinking about remembering that Simeón de Biulgaria was a friend and during a time adviser of the previous Moroccan king HassanII.
Prince Moulay rachid during the Enthronement ceremonie of Prince Albert II of Monaco


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12/03/2005. Opening of the 23rd Africa-France Summit

from newscom and anp


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The Portuguese Parliament is prepared to receive, next Thursday, about 900 people for the investiture of Cavaco Silva as President of the Republic. Among the many international guests, there will be the brother of the king of Morocco, Moulay Rachid, and the Princes of the Asturias, Felipe de Borbón and Letizia Ortiz.
Prince Moulay Rachid (C) brother of King Mohammed VI of Morocco with Prince Naouaf Ben Fayçal Ben Fahd Ibn Abdelaziz Al Saoud (L), vice president of the Sports and Football Arab Union League applaud after handing over the trophy to Abdellatif Jrindou of Raja Casablanca in the final of the second leg of the Arab Champions League Cup vs Egypt' ENPPI, held in Casablanca, Morocco, late 06 May 2006. Raja Casablanca won 1-0.
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