Prince Michael, writer (1939-) and Marina Karella, artist (1940- )

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Prince Michael was pictured at the Hotel Sacher in Salzburg, Austria, yesterday, April 10, he's in the town to attend the Salzburg Easter Festival:

** ppe gallery **
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Marina Karella attended The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 2017 Food & Wine Gala in New York City on November 7:

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Marina Karella organized today at the city of Thessaloniki with her The Eliza Charitable Organisation a charity event whose purpose is to protect and promote the rights of children, who have suffered or run the risk of suffering neglect or abuse.
Prince Nikolaos and Princes Tatiana was there also

Marina Karella attended the 'Fur Andrea Emo' Anselm Kiefer's Exhibition at the Thaddeus Ropac Gallery in Paris yesterday, February 10:

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Marina Karella give an interview in Point De Vue about her work:

"My Sculptures are theatrical"

Marina Karella: "Mes sculptures sont théâtrales" - Point de Vue


Prince Michael remember the old good days:

"In the good old days, myself in uniform receiving at the airport King Simeon of Bulgaria"

Marina Karella with all her family open her excibition in Paris

Marina Karella, l'art en famille - Point de Vue
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Nice to see the prince and his family. It seems that the two sons of Pss Alexandra were not pictured.
I've never understood why Marina Karella is not accorded any title or style ,even Princess Micheal of Greece!
Indeed, especially considering that their daughters were accorded the title of Princess of Greece.
On the other side, not granting her any title or style followed the precedent of the unequal marriage of Prince Peter, whose wife - I understand - has always virtually ignored by the Greec Court. And most likely Peter would have not stayed silent if Michael's unequal wife was granted any title.
She had a long , happy and sucessful artistic life without being a Princess.
I am not sure that Prince Michael's daughters have been awarded the title of Princesses, I mean, when Olga married in the Patmos Island, at the ceremony was used two garlands about the head of the couple . At the greek ceremony of members of the royal family with title , Prince or princess, is used two crowns.
I am not sure if that meant anything or if it was a personal choice. The bride also preferred not to wear a tiara from her own or from her husband's family for example.
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I don't think either of his daughters were ever accorded the style of Royal Highness ,though one is now a HRH through marriage.
Prince Michel de Grece is the very last Royal wo knows all about the royal families. and its anecdotes!

I read all his books and the high light of his Prince life was the State visit of General de Gaulle to Greece.

I wrote him a letter with a pen , as the use is for writing to Royals ,after have read his last book.
I sent my letter to his Editor and I got a letter from the Prince .
I asked him why as he was himself an orphan he did not write more about his daughters Alexandra and Olga.
The Prince answers me e.a. that it was difficult for him to speak about his close family.
The last sentence of my letter was my wish that his love of life will continue in the best conditions.
His answer :" Puisse l' amour de la vie vous accompagner toujours ..." and he signed
Michel de Grèce. He lives in Paris.
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Marina Karella attended a party for the David Salle Exhibition at the Thaddaeus Ropac Galler in Paris yesterday, January 24:

** Pic ** gettyimages gallery **
The greatest Royal of all times.
I wrote him a letter for New Year and He answered with private a letter in a light blue writing paper with his Royal Crown .
Why the wife of Prince Michael is not titled "Princess Marina"?
The marriage is considered non-dynastic back then and she did not take the title of 'Princess of Greece and Denmark' nor the style of 'Her Royal Highness"

"The greatest Royal of all times"
* I agree so much with you about Prince Michael ,Maria-Olivia!
Prince Michel has written the preface for the memoires of his father, Prince Christopher of Greece.

The title of the book is: 'Prince Christophe de Grèce, Ma famille côté cours'. It is published in Paris by Lacurne and contains 326 pages.

The book is available for pre-order now but will only appear on May 21st (at FNAC at least).

Noblesse et Royautés has been publishing some excerpts these last days.
Thank you Marengo , Yes it is not avaiiable now , but how interesting the coté Cours. I read some extracts about Queen Queen Mary Funny !
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