Prince Michael, writer (1939-) and Marina Karella, artist (1940- )

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If you look at Savoy-Aosta invitations and activities, you can see that they have good relations with the King of Romania (Amedeo's first cousin) and with the King and Queen of Spain (the latter is Amedeo's first cousin), and the King of Greece (Amedeo's first cousin). But you cannot find anything about the Orléans, even if Amedeo's grandmother, wife, aunt, and daughter-in-law's grandmother belong to the French Royal family. I recall even an interview in which Amedeo stated that France doesn't need Monarchy, because it already has a strong sense of the state (République).

But why isn't Prince Michael of Greece in contact with his maternal family? this is a mystery to me.

And so you think that the difficulties that Amedeo had with his ex father in law are still existent with the present members of Orleans Family?
It would be strange, since that several members of the Orleans Family had troubles with the relationship with the late Count of Paris...
This is a mere conjecture... but I cannot find any other good reason!
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In 1998 at the wedding of Alexandra in Venice, were present Beatriz of Orleans and her daughter Adelaida. Beatriz was not in wedding of Olga. This is unusual in Beatriz.

Imageshack - imagen004vzd.jpg

the picture is not good but in it is Queen Sofia , Adelaida and behind her is Beatriz, she does not see good.

it is the wedding in Venice.

i try to find information about prince michael. first of all, is he the son of prince christopher? becuase if yes, then he's the grandson of king george (the first) and closer to the greek throne. right? ;) and i didn't know he is an author. this means he lives with his own money? thanks!

Yes, he's indeed the son of Prince Christopher and his second wife Princess Françoise; and yes, he's indeed grandson of King George I.
About being closer to the Greek throne, he was the only son of the last son of the first King of Greece (of that House), so he has always been the last in the line of succession to the Throne; btw, he lost his rights by marrying a commoner, Marina Karella, in 1965.
As for your last question, he's a writer, and I think he lives with his own moneys (and I don't think it can be different, especially after the fall of the Greek Monarchy).

Marina Karella recently attended the dinner for the 20th anniversay of the
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Today, princess Olga, younger daughter of Prince Michael of Greece, gave birth of a healthy boy, who will take the name Amadeo.
Thank you for the wedding pictures. I haven't seen any picture's of Prince Michael's wedding. Marina was very beautiful as a bride.

Prince Michael and Marina Karella attended a charity bazaar in support of abused children organized
by the Eliza foundation that was founded by the couple, December 12, Athens, Greece.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

I was just in a cafe in center of Athens, and near me were sat Prince Michael and Marina Karella, having lunch. I felt ashamed to take a picture.
He looks very gentle, very nice person. If he was alone, I had approached him to tell him how nice are his books, but Marina Karella is sometimes nervous and rude, so I did not approach them.
Just to share with you all.
Here is a really fascinating interview with Prince Michael from 2007. He discusses his parents and extended family (apparently he was very close to his maternal grandmother, the Duchess de Guise), how the royal way of life has evolved over time (whether it be royal finances, marriage customs, religious beliefs), how he might have become a diplomat had the Greek monarchy survived but instead followed his real passion and became a writer, etc. Enjoy!

Prince Michel de Grèce - YouTube
What an interesting interview, thank you so much for posting it! :flowers:
Prince Michael appears to be a highly intelligent and educated man, I really enjoyed listening to him.
The fact the interview was in French contributed to pleasant listening as well; I know it a lot better than English.
What a lovely, bright, well educated and nice person! A real gentleman. Thanks for posting!

What an expressive look the baby has! One can already imagine the facial features in later years :)
Like his elder brother Umberto...

Marina Karella attended the opening of Thaddaeus Ropac's new gallery in Pantin, France on October 13, 2012. The gentleman she is holding hands with is architect and interior designer Peter Marino.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

Prince Michael and wife Marina (on pic 2 with Christian Louboutin) attended the "Monsieur Dior Il etait une fois..." book presentation by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni in Paris yesterday, October 2:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Prince Michael of Greece launched his official website and it does look great! There are many fascinating stories and photos from his family album as well as many other sections concerning his travels, ghosts and other interests.

Prince Michael of Greece
Thank you for that link. It is rather interesting indeed, I havent seen any of the royal photos before. What a nice treat.
Thank you for the link. What a treat!

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Looks interesting,thanks for the link!

Marina Karella viewed the Patrice Calmettes exhibition at Galerie Passebon in Paris on February 4, 2015:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Strange attendencies and visiting an exhibition with sunglasses is unusual.
Perhaps the princess has a vestibular disorder, many people whohave one need to wear sunglasses. Otherwwise it makes no sense at all.
An article in French by Christophe Vachaudez about the golden wedding of prince Michel and his wife (from LÉventail; Feb. 2015)

In French: here.

Google translate: here.

The article contains two lovely images of the prince and princess, in the older picture the princess is wearing some impressive jewels: picture.

Yesterday, February 16, Marina Karella attended the presentation of Arielle Dombasle's new perfume 'Le secret d'Arielle' at Galerie Pierre Passebon in Paris:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
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