Prince Kardam seriously injured in Madrid car accident, August 2008

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This is really sad my heart goes out to their young children. I hope he recovers soon
Sadly,the condition of Prince Kardam is deteriorating and the Royal Family fears for his life.

As a soure royal blog mentions the Spanish newspapers. I didn't find anything in their online editions though. All very sad...!
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Is his wife still in the hospital too or has she been able to visit her husband? Is his condition really deteriorating or is it the case that there's been no improvement and therefore considered deteriorating? I hope the very best for Prince Kardam and his family.

All my prayers and thoughts are for Miriam's and Kardam's full recovery. I ordered Duty Above All (the English version from Simeon's press office). It's the story of his life. I'll post my comments on this Board once I read the book.

Thank you for the updates on Prince Kardam
I heard about the sad news of Prince Kardam and his wife, Princess Miriam's car accident on the other royal website. I hope and pray for their recovery soon. Will they be okay? :sad:
Thanks for the link Paty:flowers:, but you might have warned: "be prepared to see a monster on the same page"! OMG, the Duchess of Alba!:eek::eek:
Anyways, I am glad Miriam is better. That is more important!
Could you please post a picture of Miriam out of the hospital. I could not see her picture on the link.

Is the piture in the left part on the cover.
I´m afraid the the copyright don´t allowed me to post the inside photos, only I can post the cover
!! I'm very shocked to read this . . . hope he pulls through.

I wasn't aware that Prince Guilliame of Luxemborg and his wife were in an accident . . .

I also read that in 1968, Archduke Rudolph of Austria and his wife Xenia were in an accident, and sadly Xenia was killed :(
OMG, the picture of Miriam is proof of the gravity of the accident. I do hope Prince Kardam can recover fully. That poor family.
Terrible, I wish so much we can get fresh info
Like everyone, I hope he'll be alright. I'm not quite pleased to see a picture of his wife, just leaving from the hospital; I don't think it's something the press had the right to do. But maybe she allowed it, I don't know. However, I don't like the way they always need to get the shot no matter in what state the person is ...
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Goodness. I read somewhere that she has no recollection of the accident.
I am so happy he is improving. Something sounded scary because they did not have any updates while she was still in the hospital and I was concerned that once she is dismissed, she may be in the position to make decisions for him.
Hoping he improves and the whole family gets together again.
It sounds like there's some hope, I'm glad to hear it.
I wish him well. I know that this type of recovery can be lengthy.
Now that is good news. I think prince Guillaume of Luxembourg also seemed to be recovered completely after his traffic accident & coma a few years ago, so...
That's a great news! Hopefully, Prince Kardam is getting better!
I saw a pic of his wife, Princess Miriam from Hola magazine that Paty posted. It looked like the car accident was bad but that's a relief that she's okay.
Thank you for the update. Hopefully all will be well when he comes back to....Goodness can you imagine losing two fingers just like that??
I wonder what is her exact condition. Why did they advise her not to visit him yet?
I really hope he will get better. They seem like very nice people and nobody deserves something like this.
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