Prince Joachim & Family Visit Greenland: March 18-23, 2011

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Article from Billed-Bladet: Se smukke Prinsesse Marie i grønlandsk nationaldragt

Billed-Bladet - Se smukke prinsesse Marie med nationaldragt

The thing I notice is that both CPss Mary and Pss Marie have white boots (kamikker) and I have always learned that the colorcode for kamikker is:
White for the unmarried women
Red for the married women
Black for the widows.

Has the colorcode changed or died out?
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The traditional outfit suits Marie though it makes her appear shorter. I like all the colors in it that suit her. Thanks for all the pictures posted, it looked like quite a fun trip.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #12, 2011.
Herlige dage ved isfjorden - Lovely days at the ice-fjord.
Written by our correspondent in Greenland Henrik Salling.

This article covers the first half of their visit including the now famous dogsled trek.

The family stayed at Hotel Arctic in the town of Illulissat. The town is famous for having more sled-dogs than humans. In other words this is a town where there are a lot of traditional hunters.
The view from the hotel is pretty special as it overlooks the fjord and as ice constantly breaking, the view never remains the same for more than a few hours.

With the early Spring temperature at minus 24 degrees C the family had sensibly been fitted with complete seal-skin suits and followed very closely by a number of the locals they went out to the waiting dog-sledes.
Our Marie said: "It's utterly fantastic. You cannot imagine how it is here. Joachim had tried to explain to me how it is here. But it cannot be explained. That you have to experience with your own eyes".

The trek lasted four hours and when they returned la Marie said: "It has been utterly wonderful and when our feet frose a bit (*) we ran next to the sled".
Felix, who rode with Marie, was pretty wasted after the journey and only said: "It's been super-fun".
The fair Marie added: "Felix has been so good during the entire trip and it's been a good experience for all of us".
By then Joachim and Nikolai caught up with them. Joacim with ice in his eyebrows and eyelashes, amusing his Marie, who had prudently kept her goggles on.
Joachim had been on a similar ride three years ago, so he's seasoned in the polar regions. He told us: "We've had a bit of warm cocoa during the trip and that has been utterly perfect.

Marie and Nikolai also had a close look at the dogs. The spans were pulled by fifteen dogs. - Perhaps a bit too close, as Greenland dogs are not pets! They are trained and more than willing to attack a polar bear, giving the hunter time to grab his rifle. In the Sirius Patrol they are put down at age five. By then they are considered too old for pulling a sled.
They sleep happily outside during blizzards and left to themselves they would probably have killed the dogs Marie visited at the vet hospital recently.
You may remember how Frederik a few years ago used his whip very competently on his pack of dogs, making it clear who is in charge.

The visit to Greenland is partly a honey moon trip presented as a gift from the Greenland administration and part official.
Princess Marie said: "It's a bit like being on our second honey moon. Just better as we have our boys with us". (**)

Apart from the view from the hotel the sky was lit up at night as the aurora was going at full glare.
In the evening after the sled ride there was an informal dinner at the hotel and it was here belle Marie was presented with her Greenlandic national costume.
Nine local women has spend several months sewing the costume.

The next day it was time for another experience. The family left the hotel and went onboard the ship Alequ Ittuk in order to sail to Isefjorden and to sail as close to the icebergs as possible considerind the safety precautions. The temperature had risen to a balmy minus 21 degrees C.

There is incidentally a picture where Marie has an almost spooky resemblence with Mary, in fact I thought it was Mary until I read the caption.

(*) DK lesson.
Marie used Copenhagener dialect here, presumably picked up from Joachim. When your feet are cold, you say: My feet are cold. That is translated to Copenhagener dialect to: I'm cold/freezing around my feet = jeg fryser om fødderne.
While a Jutlander, like myself and indeed the locals near Schackenborg, would say: I freeze my feet = jeg fryser fødderne.

(**) Weeell, I'm not sure I would have appreciated having our children with us on our honey moon. :lol: - Eventhough the oldest was, sort of.
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As always thanks Muhler

Princess Marie and step-sons have snowy adventure | Latest celebrity news
Republican tabloid Ekstra Bladet raised its ugly head again because Marie asked not to be photographed while munching on some Greenlandic speciality! It goes without saying that EB took a picture of Marie eating and published it... :bang:


I think it was a reasonable request..............I personally do not want pictures of me eating, take the pictures before or after. No one "munches" very pretty
Summary of articles in Billed Bladet #13, 2011.
Prinsesse af Grønland - Princess of Greenland.
Written by our man in Greenland, Henrik Salling.

This covers the second part of the visit to Greenland, with a lot of emphasis on the national costume presented to la Marie.
The costume cosist of 25 different parts and from the details you can tell from where the woman wearing it originate.
I can see from the pics that the patterns on the upper part of the cotumes worn by QMII, Mary and Marie are different
The almost Scottish quilt like pattern around the waist of the three ladies are also different.
However Mary and petite Marie's kamikker (boots) are indentical.

The costume took several months to make and Princess Marie has not had any influence in the design: "No, I haven't had any influence myself, but I'm very pleased wth the result. I think it's incredibly beautiful. And it's incredibly comfortable to wear and very warm".

Bella Marie and her three boys all wore the Greenlandic national costumes at Nuuk University. Nuuk is the capital town of Greenland.
After having recieved flowers from the obligatory flowergirl, personified by seven year old Naasu, it was down to business.
There they handed out grants from the foundation of Nikolai and Felix. 50.000 DKK went to the establishment of an IT-academy for children. The plan is that eighteen Greenlandic children will take part in the project over a period of six weekends.
How about the IT skills of Nikolai and Felix?
Joachim: "I think they know considerably more than they let us adults know".

Q: Have you missed your little son, while you've been away?
Marie: "Yes, of course. But he is at home with his lovely nanny and is having a cosy time in the nursery. And he is at his very best, when he is in his usual environment".

But it wasn't all about cute boys, family pics and Marie dazzling the surroundings in her new costume. Joachim also went solo.
Joachim is chairman of the Royal Greenlandic Foundation and he inspected a house for children and youths in Nuuk, which has recieved support from the foundation. A house called Dandelion.
And here 100 children had been drummed up to recieve him.
It's actually pretty serious! The house is basically a refuge for children whose parents have social issues and this is indeed a very serious problem in Greenland.
It's also hoped that the house will help the children to brake the pattern of social issues and basically helping them not to end up like their parents.
Joachim: "In the ideal world there would not be any need for a place like yours. So that's why I'd like to say thank you for the work your are doing. It's very much needed".
According to Billed Bladet, Princes Nikolai and Felix's fund donated 50,000DKK for a children's IT academy in Greenland while the family was visiting.
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