Prince Joachim as Patron of CARE 2006 - 2024

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Day 8 - October 25

Prince Joachim at a field-visit at the Peform-project, Wassa Akropong
- The Prince gave a book about Royal Gardens to the female Chief.

** Pic ** ppe gallery **

Prince Joachim visiting the VSLA Project in Nyingari. Small loans are given
to especially women in the villages. The funds for the loans are raised by
the villagers themselves. Every entry has to be entered in books and
wittnesed by the villagers. After fullfilling a payment the user gets a stamp
in her loan book - Prince Joachim donated 20 sh and got his stamp on his
right hand.

** ppe gallery **
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Thank you, Lumutqueen. :flowers:

It's tempting to speculate as to whether this outfit is something the otherwise always correctly attired Joachim - acquired - while waiting for his luggage to turn up. :p

Why are you thanking me? :ermm:
I must say, Joachim looks like he is having a good time. The places he is visiting looks really nice. The beach is just lovely.
Just common curtesy.
You posted a picture or made me pay attention to a picture.

Ahh alright then. :flowers:
I must say those pictures on the beach show a very 'Princely Prince'. If you get me. :ROFLMAO:
Ahh alright then. :flowers:
I must say those pictures on the beach show a very 'Princely Prince'. If you get me. :ROFLMAO:

I'd go so far as to say that a crown wouldn't look amiss on this competent prince's head.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #43, 2010.
Jeg savner Marie - I miss Marie.
Written by Indius Pedersen (freelance).

Who had a chat with a very casually dressed Joachim standing in the surf at Coconut beach at sundown.
Indius Pedersen may be related to the incomparable Ulrik Ulriksen, just enjoy this excerpt: Prince Joachim smiles and is happy. Walking at the waters edge at Coconut off the coast of Ghana he enjoy the sun, which is slowly going down into the Atlantic. He gets a faraway look in his gaze, while he smiles quirkly. No one is in doubt as to who Prince would absolutely prefer to share this - his wife, (*) Princess Marie, who wait home at Amalienborg.
He neither cannot nor will he hide his longing: "I miss the Princess. Ten days is a long time when you would like to be at home". (**)
Joachim has been pretty busy during his stay in Ghana as patron for Care Denmark. Apart from having to do without his luggage for a couple of days, he crossed a precarious looking rope-bridge spanning 350 meters, petted a crocodile, associated with witches and handed out mobile phones.
The Care projects are designed as helping the recipients to help themselves.
Joachim has been in frequent contact with his oldest sons, who right now are on holiday in Japan with their mother Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen.
"I have a lovely relationship with Nikolai and Felix, whom I adore. They are great boys and we have no secrets for each other. And that can only work well, because Alexandra and I speak together in good way". (***)

One of the villages Joachim visited was one dedicated particularly for women who had become outcasts in their societies. In many cases the women had been accused of being witches, both on the principle that someone has to take the blame for a misfortune and because many people in that part of Ghana genuinely belive in witchcraft.
Being accused of being a witch is dangerous! So the women have to flee. Many fortunately manage to find shelter in a village for outcasts and the residents of such villages have decided that witchcraft doesn't work in the villages.
Now, it's easy for words like "superstitious" and "ignorance" to pop up in my head at least, when reading this. Until I think about what some people here in DK believe in....

(*) DK lesson: Actually "viv" = an archaic word for wife.

(**) This is wonderful! This simply calls for a song:

(***) Good greif! Has he been chewing silly weed? It's not like Joachim to be that sentimental. Maybe the scenery struck a cord within him?
Joachim looks like he is in high spirits at this event. Is it still cold in Denmark? His suit seems to be quite wintery colors for spring/summer.
It is around 20°C :) I don't think it is a heavy wintersuit, if you look at the fabric, but no summersuit, either :)
Joachim has been busy lately but as he is not wearing dresses, he unfortunately only get limited coverage.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #22, 2011.
Joachim's travle dag - Joachim's busy day.
Written by Henrik Salling.

Joachim opened the Odense Cultural Festival which takes place in Odense harbour and lasts for three days.
The weather was miserable! Leading Joachim to end his speech with the words: "Have a great/cool festival and mingle. (*) Then the weather surely will be better".
As is happening in so many other harbours all over the world right now, Odense harbour is also undergoing a major transition from a work space to a residential/cultural area and Joachim had a look at that as well and he said: "It's interesting how you connect the city centre with the harbour". (**)

Apart from that, there is a considerable number of Greenlanders in Odense and for them a new cultural/social house has been build. Joachim said: "In Odense there is a pretty large group of Greenlanders and I'm very pleased that they and others now get an opportunity to meet in completely new house". (***)

(*) I need a little help from English speakers, please. It's the expression: "Kom hinanden ved" which can be translated to mingle, socialise, interact, party together, get to know each other and so on. - I need a short appropriate English phrase to cover this expression. Any bids?

(**) He probably meant it, but it's also an example of saying something sensible while really saying nothing at all.

(***) There are IIRC up to 10.000 Greenlanders in DK, or the equivalent of the the number of ethnic Danes in Greenland. Unfortunately the main focus is on the very visible Greenlanders who do not cope with the transition from Greenland, to city life in DK. They end up in bottom of the society, as drug or alcohol users. That detracts from the Greenlanders who manage well, get an education and return to Greenland or settle here in DK.
(*) I need a little help from English speakers, please. It's the expression: "Kom hinanden ved" which can be translated to mingle, socialise, interact, party together, get to know each other and so on. - I need a short appropriate English phrase to cover this expression. Any bids?


I'm not a native speaker of English but here in Germany we use an English phrase for that and that's "Get together" meaning an event where people should get to know each other when they are new as a group or should re-acquaint after a period of seperation. A Get Together for example is normally at the evening before a conference when the people are all arrived at the meeting place but the conference will start only the next morning. So there's a Get Together Party for them to meet and greet and socialise. Is that what you meant? And is it the same meaning in English?
Thanks Kataryn :flowers:

Get together, yes, that'll do fine.

Prince Joachim as Patron of CARE has attended a PA Consulting Group’s Executive Seminar in Hellerup yesterday, May 2, 2012.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

Prince Joachim as Patron of CARE will travel to Tanzania and Kenya from August 31 - September 11, 2012.

He will visit development projects concerning the climate change, the poverty reduction and the position of women in family and community.

It's Joachim's 9th journey for CARE Denmark, the official website lists the following journeys he has made so far:

1991: Nepal
1993: Vietnam
1996: Uganda
1999: Bolivia
2004: Niger
2006: Cambodia and Vietnam
2008: Mozambique
2010: Ghana

** source: H.K.H. Prins Joachim besøger udviklingsprojekter i Tanzania og Kenya ** translation **​
And Joachim has now arrived in Africa.

Billed Bladet is providing a day to day breif account of what is going on.
It's the reporter Henrik Salling who is covering the visit, for the past years it has been very much Trine Larsen's area and she has been very good. It will be interesting to read Henrik Salling's articles next week.

Day one: Billed-Bladet - Prins Joachim i Afrika - Dag 1
Arrival near the Kilimanjaro, which they couldn't see due to darkness setting in.

Day two: Billed-Bladet - Prins Joachim i Afrika - Dag 2
Visiting a Masai village, where a well is to be dug. That means they won't have to walk for kilometres to get water.
Joachim was honored with the title of "Elder".
Day 3 of Joachim's visit: Billed-Bladet - Prins Joachim i Afrika - Dag 3

This time a sightseeing, starting at way-too-early in the morning. They visited the Ngorongoro crater, where thousands of wild animals live and ended up at a Danish owned coffee plantation.
I guess this was one of the days it was good to be a royal reporter.
Finally a first larger gallery of Prince Joachim's journey with several interesting and impressing shots:

** ppe gallery **
Translation of article in Billed Bladet #36, 2012.
Joachim den Ældre – Joachim the Elder.
Written by our man in Tanzania, Henrik Salling.

For more than twenty years Prince Joachim has supported and worked for the aide-organisation Care Danmark. An organisation, which works on long-term solutions in the third world.
Prince Joachim has every two years taken part in a tour to one of Care’s focus-areas in order to see for himself how the aide is getting there and how it is administered. (*)
Therefore the Prince last Friday said goodbye to both Princess Marie and the couple’s two children in order to go for a longer trip to Tanzania and Kenya.
And it’s a tight schedule the Prince is exposed to. From early morning to late in the evening there are visits planned, aimed at demonstrating what challenges Africa is still facing.
As soon as Saturday morning was the Prince presented with both big experiences and thought provoking people.
The course was set towards a smaller enclave of clay-huts, where a large group of Masais – the local tribes-people – stood and waited to receive the guest of honour.
Several had gotten there after many hours of walking in order to see for themselves the tall Prince from the high north, who as always showed a big interest for the way of life of the locals.
The Masias reciprocated for the grand visit with presents and a great appointment. Prince Joachim was appointed as one of “the Elders”. A great honour according to Masai tradition.
Care supports the Masais in their continued wish for wandering with their herds (**) and it was applauded loudly when Joachim could announce that drilling for a well would be started shortly. The Masais walk daily for many kilometres in order to fetch firewood and not least water for their animals. As such a well is an important thing to make life a little easier for these people.
Later in the day the trip went far inland, on roads full of holes and in an eternal dust cloud from the dry landscape. The red dust enveloped the cortege of cars, which however finally reached to the destination. A so-called savings/loan-group in the village of Endamarariek in the Karatu-district.
- “It’s fantastic to see how it works”, told Prince Joachim with usual enthusiasm. Once a week a number of villagers in the little village meet. Each brings the amount they can do without in that particular week. The money is saved and after a year the money is paid out. It is also possible for the savers – via an attached bank – to loan up to three times as much as what is saved. (***)
And Prince Joachim was very delighted. He had an opportunity to take part in one of the meetings and could see for himself, with which eager the participants took part.
- “Instead of having them lying around at home, they grow in this way”, said Prince Joachim after the meeting. – “Here they don’t save of for a TV set to hang on the wall or for a holiday abroad. Here every penny is considered. What’s the need of the family? Is it another domestic animal or education for the children”?
- “The whole core of the savings/lend-groups is mutual respect. The savings they build up week by week, may not look much more than a bag of sweets (****) to a Dane, but it works and that’s a positive spiral”, said the Prince who could only commend the initiative of Care.

(*) One of the main problems aide organisations has to struggle with, both in the countries where the aide is going to but also here in DK, is the large-scale corruption. A considerable percentage of the money and goods simply vanish and that affects the willingness to donate here in DK.
Care is using simple means aimed directly at small-scale local projects in order to get around that problem.

(**) Drought may not be the biggest problem in this particular area. But it is among Masais further north and some years ago there was an initiative to convince the Masais to substitute their cattle, with camels. Camels are well suited to periods of drought and able to provide meat and milk. The Masais didn’t like the idea! They are a warrior-tribe; they heard cattle and have always herded cattle. (That is when they didn’t raid cattle, but that was in the old days). As I understand, a common greeting among Masais is not “how do you do”, but “how is your cattle”.

(***) Probably a very good idea with a limit. One of the major problems with micro-loans is that the lenders often end up with a debt, and if whatever project they lend money to failed, they have to loan more money in order to pay off that debt. To us a trivial amount, but to a very poor family, a huge debt.

(****) That much!?! – Sorry, couldn’t resist. Sweets is getting pretty expensive here in DK. Which is why we hook on our trailers and embark on our monthly pilgrimage to Germany, where we buy those goods that the government in their infinite wisdom has increased taxes on.
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Germany is a sweets paradise, isn't it? ;) Well, compared to many other Eurpean countries food prices are generally quite low here..

What about the media coverage - TV reports and other magazines besides Billed-Bladet - is his journey much noticed or not?

Here's another gallery ppe has added:

** ppe gallery Tanzania **
:previous: No, very little coverage. :sad:

It's a very sad fact, that no matter how good and needy a cause Joachim, (and Frederik too), are trying to put focus on, there is very little interest in the main stream media, and even on royal forums. - Unless they are accompanied by their wives.
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