Prince Joachim and the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2007-2024

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Here smoking has almost been outlawed. - Not that it bothers me, only having smoked once in my life and that was weed. At the age of eight. Didn't like it!
But I sometimes think; easy now. Let people kill themselves as they please.

That's my sentiments about our Marie as well. I respect Alexandra more than I like her. But Marie I genuinely like and I think she is fun to be around or at least, as you point out, entertaining.

Telling jokes has never been the best way of impressing girls anyway. Much better in the long run to let her talk, look thoughtful and nod and grunt from time to time. Then they think you are deep. :p And you can always add the trumphcard: Saying: "I'm actually glad we had this chat/you gave me something to think about". ;)
No, the key to a successful marriage is for the wife to have a good sense of humour. That enables her to look at her husband's (many) faults in a different and less disparing light. - And thus ends todays philosophical contribution. :graduate:
Its a lovely event for the couple to be taking Henrik to though can be very loud. Thanks for the pictures.
Summary of an article in Billed Bladet #32, 2013.
Marie rystet - Marie shaken.
Written by Ulrik Hemmingway...Sorry, Ulrik Ulriksen. (*)

The Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix took place over two days in the track this time was new for everybody. Joachim told in an interview on TV2 that being unfamiliar with the track would be challenge for all.
Like a real petrol-babe Marie was present on both days and offered support, often very loving support, for her husband.
On the second day Joachim was almost dead certain to get second place when his brakes failed. Joachim explains: "...I tried to get the car to skid sideways in (to the barrier) so it wasn't too damaged, it didn't work. Fortunately I didn't hit the barrier head on. By my mechanics are probably a bit fed up with me".

And it's here Ulrik Ulriksen comes in, he writes: - ...Onlookers could follow the drama up close and see how Joachim struggled as if possessed behind the wheel in order for things not to go completely wrong when his Cortina smashed into a concrete barrier around the track.
The silence afterwards was deafning on the track where Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix took place. Only the roaring engines from Joachim's competitors who raced past could be heard. - (**)
Joachim lept out of his car and gestured that he was fine, before getting across the barrier to safety where he proceeded to kick the fence in frustration. :bang:
Marie was seen hiding her face in her hands and looking shocked. Bette Henrik didn't notice anything, he was busy playing with some mates. Joachim went over to Marie when he was finished kicking the fence and reassured her. Joachim explained afterwards: "I had a couple of minutes with my wife (formal word) inside the tent. She gave me a big hug.
It's probably the pride that has suffered the most. I didn't hurt myself and that was also the first thing I said to or showed to the audience when I jumped out of the car. I showed them and my wife (formal word) that I was alright and you shouldn't be afraid. There is only damage to the equipment and pride. Princess Marie didn't say much when I came in. I could see she was glad to see that I had all limbs intact..... The backing from my wife (informal word) is still there. And when I haven't been hurt and only suffered superficial bruises we can live with that...".

Our Marie and bette Henrik were present on both days in the pit-area. Where bette Henrik in particular enjoyed the view sitting on dad's shoulders, wearing ear protections and enjoying a sausage. - As far as I can tell from the pics, it seems J&M have a little tradition. They kiss before Joachim race and afterwards when he returns to the pit stop.

However, on Saturday Joachim and his team went to a nearby restaurant, Restaurant Bellahøj, and when he arried a wedding party was taking place. Joachim congratulated the happy couple and posed with them. So that was an extra icing on the cake.

(*) Over the years I have come to appreciate and indeed enjoy Ulrik Ulriksen's often flowery articles. This is no exception.

(**) So apart from a lot of noise it was silent. :p
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The commercial station 3+ will bring an interview with Joachim tomorrow, where he will be talking to a former race driver, Thorkild Thyrring about the new talents emerging with Danish motoring. Prins Joachim interview om Formel 1 - YouTube

This excerpt is about one minute long and yes, Joachim talks about racing - in a pretty direct manner! But he appears to genuinely know what he is talking about.

Anyway, I realise that racing may not be the a subject many on TRF find particularly interesting, so unless someone really would like to know what he is saying I won't translate.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #32, 2014.
Written by Helle Skram de Fries.

Last weekend Joachim teamed up with professional racing driver, Tom Kristensen, at the Historic Grand Prix in Copenhagen and here a very competitive and enthusiastic Joachim cheered his partner and they ened up winning.
Our Marie and bette Henrik were present to see dad win and Joachim did indeed recieve his trophy with his youngest son sitting on his shoulders.

However, Joachim was seen limping slightly and he explained: "That's what happens when you take part in a dangerous sport". - But it wasn't racing he referred to, but soccer...

And lead us to the next part of this story.
Because while the menfolks competed in their magnificent machines, the children and the women played on a nearby soccer field.

Here Marie and Peter Steenstrup ran around on the field while Britt Siesbye and Henriette Steenstrup more wisely opted to sit down in the grass and look at their children playing.
Marie grew up with several brothers, so to put it mildly it's not the first time, she's kicked a ball! As she modestly explained: "I've played quite a bit of soccer with my brothers".

The children on the field were bette Henrik, Alexander, son of the Siesbye's and Agatha, daughter of the Steenstrup's.

Bette Henrik was goalkeeper and he made sure our reporter was informed that he saved a goal: I saved it - I kicked the ball away".
Having a mother, who can run circles around the older boys and score as well, helps a lot!
do you know how much is the the price (in money)?
Little Henrik doesn't look to impressed when the champagne was released while he was still up on dads shoulders!

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Today, Joachim took part in a press conference at Copenhagen town hall prior to a race he is going to take part in, along with professional racing drivers.
With him he brought bette Henrik.
Prins Joachim havde taget prins Henrik med på arbejde |

It was no problem at all persuading bette Henrik to come along! He is just as big petrolhead as his dad!
That he was also to be served pancakes help as well..
"Henrik is interested in cars and knows a lot about them. - Felix also know a lot, but Henrik is right behind him".

How about Athena?
"No. She is interested in completely different things. We did like to have a girl and that she should be allowed to be".
"We did have a girl and that she should be allowed to be"
Im pretty sure girls can like cars too ;)

It seems she is interested in different but it would be funny if her interest change and she becomes the race car driver in the family :lol::cool:
He has enough Boys. Sounds does not want a tomboy also.

I hope people don't start in on him like they did on Chris O'neill for being sexist and old fashioned.
yes it sounds like he does not want a "tomboy" but what if she is? lol;)

I think Joachim would beam with pride if Athena grows up to be a leading race car driver :lol:

for now, his three boys seem to have followed in his love of cars
I guess but it sound like he won't encourage really depends on her personality.
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yes it sounds like he does not want a "tomboy" but what if she is? lol;)

I think Joachim would beam with pride if Athena grows up to be a leading race car driver :lol:

for now, his three boys seem to have followed in his love of cars

And Athena is growing up in a family where she's the only girl (unless of course, Joachim and Marie ever have another child and it turns out to be a girl) so there's a likely possibility that she could be a tomboy, or be one at some point in her childhood. She is also the youngest and younger children often look up to older children, meaning that she'll be influenced in some areas by her older brothers.

IMO, Joachim sounds as if he wants her to be a "girly girl" rather than a tomboy and wouldn't "approve" (not sure if this is the right word to use but hopefully you understand what I mean) if she became a tomboy. But I can sort of understand that though given the fact that he has three boys.
Thanks, Iceflower. :flowers:

A BB video focusing on bette Henrik while vintage racing cars are vrooooming away. Prins Henrik så på biler med far |

It's no secret Joachim wished for a girl. And with three active boys around, chances are he wouldn't mind his little girl to be on the feminine side. :lol:
As it is now, Athena doesn't appear to see the deeper purpose of cars.
But our Marie was in a similar situation as Athena, surrounded by brothers and according to herself she was a bit of a tomboy, at least until she went to boarding school. So I think it will be a safe bet to say that Athena will, at least in periods, play more typical boy's games. :p
:previous: Thanks, Roskilde. :)

Yes, the three members of Joachims team took the first three places, with Joachim and professional racing driver Tom Kristensen being second.

The race was a pro-am race, where a professional and a amateur racing driver is teamed up in a car. First the professional driver makes a run, followed by the amateur.
Yesterday, the to combined chagrin of both professional and amateurs alike, they were all beaten by an eighteen year old talent. :cool: :ohmy:
Joachim, being very competitive by nature wasn't that pleased with being beaten, but the pill was easier to swallow when it turned out they were all beaten.

Prins Joachim og vennerne vandt |
Here is Joachim, with bette Henrik on his shoulders and his team mate.

Prins Joachim har familien med til race |
Marie with ear-plugs went to see daddy Joachim compete. That included Athena.
Our Marie said: "I really like watching motorsport, so I'm certainly not forced to do so. It's on my own free accord and it's very cozy and at the same time the team is so talented.
So it's a big pleasure for all. Even Athena likes cars so I think it's in the genes".

And a smile that can melt a dad's heart:
Ohhh Joachim have so cute little girl :):):)
Nice to see Athena
and i like this quote
"“It’s a great pleasure for us all. Even Athena likes cars, I think it’s in the genes,” Princess Marie said to Billed-Bladet."

Maybe Joachim does have a future female race car driver : D

there are some more pictures of the family on Newscom
some of Athena playing in the playground and with a red balloon
and Henrik playing soccer
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:previous: Wouldn't surprise me. :p

If Athena keeps up her usual style by quietly observing, some older brothers and a dad may be in for a major surprise one day! :shock::eek::eek::eek::cool: :ROFLMAO:With our Marie laughing her head of in the background.
Been there myself...
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Athena is so cute and I love her little dress she wore. Henrik and Athena look like happy little children, even if they do appear a bit shy at times. The images of Henrik holding his fingers in his ears due to the noise made me think of Viscount Severn doing the same during Trooping the Colour. Henrik reminds me of James a lot - I think they even look alike! I feel they would get on well. :)
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