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:previous: Unfortunately the coverage of this visit has been very limited here in DK.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #04, 2016.
Written by our Iceland correspondent, Henrik Salling.

The purpose of the visit was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Danish-Icelandic Society, so it was very much a goodwill-visit aiming to reinforce the relations between Iceland and DK.

J&M started out by attending a reception in the House of the North in the capital of Reykjavik, where they met basically who's who of the Icelandic society and visiting representatives from other Nordic countries.
Then it was off to the Danish embassy, where the ambassador offered them a drink before treating them to a dinner at a restaurant.

And the next day the visit started in earnest with a packed schedule!
First they were taken on a tour of Reykjavik. Joachim told about it afterwards: "We've had a very exciting tour of the city. It started out a bit dark because the sun raise late. But it was exciting with an architectural tour of the city".
When visiting the hallmark of Reykjavik, a stylized Viking ship called Sólfarid, the ground was icy so Joachim had to support his wife.
Then it was off to the culture house Harpa. The builing was started before the financial crisis and had to be put on hold for a few years, but now it's complete. It's an interesting piece of architecture which our Marie took some snaps of with her phone. Joachim commented: "Reykjavik is a shining example of Iceland being back on the road again. It's magnificent to see how the city lives and moved on - and aims ahead. The pedal is nailed to the floor and things are happening. It's a pleasure".

The day ended with a gala dinner at Hotel Holt, hosted by the Danish-Icelandic Society.
And by Saturday noon they were back in DK in time for celebrating mademoiselle Athena's birthday.

As always when the DRF are abroad they promote Danish export and businesses. In this case a store selling Danish designed furnitures and while there Icelandic designers also exhibited their creations in the store.

In the article you can see below, J&M are photographed in front of a painting hanging at the Danish embassy. That was painted by QMII.

At the dinner at Hotel Holt, J&M were seated next to the former president of Iceland, Vigdis Finnbogadottir, who was the worlds first female president.

Britt Siesbye accompanied Marie as her LiW.

You can find the report in this folder:
Mrs. Finnbogadottir was also the first lesbian Head of State and had an adopted child.
Mrs. Finnbogadottir was also the first lesbian Head of State and had an adopted child.

Vigdís Finnbogadóttir was the first woman in the world to be elected as head of state in a democratic election. She was first elected in 1980 and was the president of Iceland for 16 years. But she´s not a lesbian.

It was Jóhanna Sigurðardóttur former prime minister of Iceland who was the first lesbian head of state in the world. She became PM after the banking collapse 2009 and was in office for 4 years.

I think I can say that the people of Iceland are very proud of these two women for breaking such barriers. But I think Mrs. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir is the most popular and respected person in Iceland. Everybody likes her and admire and she is a rolemodel for so many people. She will turn 86 years old in april this year and is still giving speeches and is still very active in the society.
Thank you for the correction Iceland!
Congratulations on your first post, Iceland. :flowers:

And thanks for your interesting elaboration.
Not only that, Polyesco.

In BB's magazine edition we learn this week that Joachim and our Marie are to attend a charity dinner at Hotel D'Angleterre on the 29th March for the benefit of families of children who are suffering from cancer.

The dinner, arranged by Astani Kjær, married to a close friend of PH, will also include the PM, Lars Løkke and the Chairman of the Parliament, Pia Kjærsgaard.
The tickets, which include dinner and dancing cost 6.000 DKK each.
Upcoming event on March 19th for Joachim and Marie, opening a new exhibit at Legoland.
Hopefully they bring Henrik and Athena along.
Prinsesse Marie og prins Joachim til børnefest i Legoland | BILLED-BLADET

With them Felix, Henrik and Athena!

VIDEO: Prinser og prinsesser åbnede Legoland | BILLED-BLADET

What a sweet picture! Athena so happy she took the Lego-bouquet
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Such cute pics. Looks like the whole family had a good time. Athena and Henrik are adorable. Athena sure liked the lego flowers:flowers:

Not surprised the nearly 17 year old Nikolai didn't go. Prince or not, I doubt many boys his age could be convinced to go to LEGOLAND. For Felix it is probably still slightly interesting (my nephew is turning 12 and still obsessed) or at least not at that age where he would refuse to go along on a family outing. Give it a year maybe and he likely will be too busy for it too:cool:
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:previous: Yes key word 'themselves'. It's one thing to head to a park like that with your friends and another to hang out with your parents and small siblings :whistling: Even worse when your family are royals and you know that all your friends would see you in the newspaper doing so :ROFLMAO:
It was the perfect event to include the children. Thank you for all the lovely pictures, they looked like they had a nice time.
Thanks, Iceflower :flowers:

I read or heard somewhere that while bette Henrik was very keen on the ride, mademoiselle Athena was much more interested in climbing.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #12, 2016.
Written by Henrik Salling.

As you know Joachim and our Marie brought three of the children to Legoland to open the new attraction, Ninjago. - Which is about Ninjas. :ninja::ninja::cool:
Joachim, who is probably the DRF-member who is closest to the Kirk family, which own the Lego-empire, has been to Legoland countless times: "I actually think I can remember all my visits to Legoland. Both when I was about this size and being of adult-size".

Marie and mademoiselle Athena got flowers made from bricks and that seemed to delight the young lady.
Bette Henrik didn't get flowers, but he had no problems about what to do with his hands, he is very much his farbror's (paternal uncle) nephew...
That was demonstrated when his mother showed him a ninja-kick. Alas, it didn't impress bette Henrik enought for him to take his hands out of his pockets. As you can see here:
The children tried, Ninjago - The Ride, where you issued with special glasses shoot at things by handcontrol and here Athena gave what I think is her first interview. She told our reporter afterwards: "You had to have some very special glasses on. It was really easy to do".

Felix went down memory lane and told our reporter: "I can't quite remember my first time in Legoland. But I remember when Atlantis opened (another theme). I was four years old back then".

Athena and Henrik also tried some climbing, which all ninjas, big and small, of course must master. Athena was pretty fond of that, so perhaps we have the first mountaineer in the DRF?
Henrik however, if you have to climb you might just as well be cool while doing it, right? So he climbed along with one hand in his pocket... :p

But while there, the family went for a tour around the park, that included sailing i Pirate-Land.
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:previous:farbror's nephew? LOL . Henrik has learned well.

Nice family outing. thanks Muhler
:previous: Yep. :p

here is a BB video with the family in Legoland: VIDEO: Sødt, lille interview med prinsesse Athena i Legoland | BILLED-BLADET
Where the children answer questions from the press - with a little bit nudging from especially our Marie.
But with a very shy "No thank you", bette Henrik declines going into details about what went on during the ride. He is obviously not used to the attention.
Athena is also a bit shy.
Felix however deliver a very confident reply.
- And Joachim can't talk his way out of that one! Felix resemble him so much in regards to how he stands and talk.
:previous: Well, Christian Kjær is a close friend of PH, and they often banter publicly. So a velvet jacket is the least we can expect.
Put PH, Christian Kjær and Joachim together and let them dress as they please and I think you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd somehow been propelled back to Woodstock 1968 or the French court in 1740! :shock:
Thanks, Iceflower. :flowers:

An app that reads subtitles aloud for dyslectics is a great idea.

I was BTW astonished to learn quite a few years back, that a lot of blind people watch or rather hear TV. Especially the news. It came to my attention because the Association for the Blind pointed out that text shown on the news wasn't read out aloud as it is today. And if you can't see that is of course a problem.

Here is a BB video of Joachim and our Marie together at the presentation of the entrepreneurship award. VIDEO: Prinsesse Marie og prins Joachim på job sammen | BILLED-BLADET

Marie is a self-declared gadget-nerd, so this probably interested her.

Joachim praised the young inventors and towards the end he was asked: Does one detect a hint of jealousy that one didn't come up with such ideas? (A neat way to avoid the formal you BTW)
Joachim replied: "One is not obligated beyond one's capabilities, but one can be a bit envious that they are that young".
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:previous: His inner hippie is fighting to get out! :D
Thank you, Iceflower. :flowers:

Yes, this day is very much celebrated in the more national Southern Jutland.

It was in the evening on the 4th May 1945 during a BBC broadcast that the message went in that Field Marshall Montgomery had announced that German forces in Holland, North-west Germany and Denmark had surrendered.
The surrender was in effect from the next day, the 5th, but within moments the country exploded in jubilation!
The Germans retreated to their barracks. It was over. They made it. They were alive.

Shortly after the Liberation Message, the special announcements were aired from BBC: From Torben to Agnethe: The kettle needs water. - Or - Henriette greets all the seamstresses. - These were coded instructions to the Resistance.

I think this scene from a Tv-series is pretty accurate:

But all this came with a price:

Just a few hours before a Mustang from Coastal Command was shot down over DK:
Mustang IV KH860 -
The pilot Peter J W Bell was wounded and committed to hospital, where over the next days he was showered with flowers and well-wishes.

But not all made it.
Wellington IA P9218 -
On 21. May 1940, twelve days after the occupation of DK, a Wellington bomber was shot down. Five bailed out but only two survived. They became POWs.

Lancaster III PB235 -
This Lancaster went down 4th October 1944. A couple of crew members bailed out. But they were very unfortunate!
The pilot knocked on the door to a house where there was a party and it was full of guests, so to keep his whereabouts secret for the Germans was a best extremely risky, not to mention that he landed close to a large arms depot for the Resistance and the last thing that was needed were Germans searching for downed crew members! So the pilot opted to give himself up to the Germans.
Another crewman landed in the water, so he was pretty miserable! On top of that half the parish had turned up, so secrecy was impossible. He too ended up as a POW.
A dead crewman was found by the Germans, who wanted to ditch him in a shallow grave on the beach, but the local fishermen protested and bought a coffin for him, so he could get a proper burial at a local cemetery.

P 38 Lightning -
On 5th January 1945, a Lightning P-38 was shot down. The American pilot, Robert J Kenning was killed in the crash.
His body was taken away by the Germans and it is unknown where he was buried. But instead a stone was placed near the crash site after the war.

- There are many such graves and memorials dotted all over DK to this day.
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