Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, Current Events 4: September 2008 - August 2013

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thanks Muhler for that explanation. Very interesting to hear how Denmark is developing.
Thank you Dazzling :flowers:

I wrote a bit about the visit to Bregninge a few posts down.

Anyway, la Marie and her Joachim went to the island of Ærø where the village of Breginge is located. And while Joachim went away to have a look at Søbygaard Manor, for which he is a patron, Marie got a all the attention.
Now, for a small community a royal visit really is a BIG event! Presumably for Marie too as she cannot have gotten used to the drill yet.
Flags along the roads, complete turn out of the locals, people dressed up in local folk costumes, flowergirls, the local dignitaries lining up for the mandatory handshake. (The order of precedence would have been something some would have put a lot of attention on, believe me! :p).
The local Police Home Guard being mobilized to keep an eye on things and cars. (They are unarmed at such events).
It was a chilly day, so Marie had prudently dressed warmly and she was walking through the village, which really looks like a typical quiet and idyllic Danish village. She was introduced to local artist, she was presented to a local treat and said: "Yuumm", even before she possibly could have tasted anything.
The local scouts had turned out and people had dressed up in what appears to be old costumes but I have no idea why they wore masks...
And finally it was time for rasing the flag, proclaiming Bregninge to be a blooming village, after which she turned around and in perfect pronounciation said: "And I hereby declare Bregninge to be the first blooming village in Denmark", only attentive natives would have heard that she is not a native.
The local news had shown up too and asked what she thought of Bregninge and although being unprepared she answered with only a slight hesitation and tripping a little over the words that she was sorry that she didn't have time to see more of Bregninge.
You will notice that there were no PET officers around, only a single police officer and he may have been the local police constable.

Joachim in the mean time went to Søbygaard to be informed about the plans to fill the moat around the manor with water.

Earlier that day they had another event
Video 1 ** video 2
And now for something completely different:

Fyens Stiftstidende has an article about a goldsmith who is creating a piece of jewelry for our Marie.

It's a rose-brooch in 14 carats white-gold with corals. It measures 4.5 centimeters and can also be used as a hatpin.

Princess Marie will be presented with the gift when she attends the Rose Festival in Bogense (on the island of Funen) on Saturday.
Here she will also be presented to a rose named in her honour.

See the detailed pics in the gallery.
Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will represent the DRF at a memorial service, which is to be held on the 5. September in Holmens Kirke (the navy church) at 11.00.

The 5. September is the National Flag Day for Danish soldiers who have served in missions abroad.

There will be a number of events and parades all over the country.

At the service all the names of those who died while serving abroad will be read out. - That also include soldiers of other nationalities who have served under Danish command (in Afghanistan), so the names of a number of British (and I believe now also American) soldiers will also be read out.
Last year more than 100 names of soldiers who have died in missions abroad since 1949 were read out.

There is no mentioning of other members of the DRF taking part in the events of the day.

The first National Flag Day took place last year.
It was the national Flag Day today, where soldiers who have served abroad since WWII are being celebrated.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie represented the DRF at a memorial service at Holmens Kirke, the naval church from 1619.
Among the specially invited to the service were relatives of those who had lost brothers, fathers, son and in one case a daughter, mainly in Afghanistan.
You may remember that more than 100 names were read out last year. Since then eleven more names have been added to the list.

As direct representatives of the Queen, J&M arrived as the last. And there were a couple of details I'd like to point out. Joachim's adjutant was on this day the head of the staff of adjutants and being a full colonel, he from a military prespective outranked Joachim, who is a major. Formally he did not, as Joachim was the direct representative of the Queen.
And as this is a memorial service, Marie was not presented with a boquet of flowers.

Now, I often and actually only half jockingly single out Joachim for his style and correct behaviour. He is a stickler for the correct protocol and it is often a pleasure to watch, as it is with everyone who do their job well.
In this case the first thing Joachim did when he was presented to the clergy and officers outside the church, was to salute every one of them before shaking hands. It's not something that is seen very often as it appears a bit akward, but it is actually the correct thing to do. When in uniform you salute, then shake hands if someone wish to greet you.
From a personal point of view I find it very appropriate and I appreciate that Joachim do that extra effort at an occassion like this.
Thank you, Iceflower :flowers:

I agree, they handled this very well.

The TV segment was from an event outside the Parliament.

It's one of these events where Joachim excells, because he is so articulate and also because he has that dignified air about him.
Where Frederik excells on the personal level, when dealing with people face to face.

ADDED: Here is some coverage from the Defence site of the most oficial events of today:


Judging from the pics and your description, Muhler, I feel they've managed
that serious event very well..

Here are some more pics of the event today and a video:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 ** Pic 8 **

** Prins Joachim i fuld uniform **
Thanks for the picture & detailed information.
Nice seeing Joachim at such an event and representing the DRF. Marie looked really nice & very inch a princess. Loved her hat.

Thank you, Paty.
Very poignant and it deserves to be translated in full:

Princess Marie and Prince Joachim took part in the second official Flag Day for fallen Danish soldiers on Sunday.

While the first Flag Day last year was dedicated to all the 91 (*) soldiers who had fallen in Danish service since 1948, this memorial focused on the eleven who had died since the last Flag Day

- "They do what they do, on our behalf. For that they pay a price. Sometimes the highest price. For that we owe them much gratitude. We, the people and the official Denmark", was the words of army bishop Ole Brehm Jensen, in his sermon at the memorial service in Holmens Kirke.

When the names of the eleven fallen were read out, tears began to stream down the cheeks of Princess Marie, who along with Prince Joachim sat close to the altar.

During the choir singing Bridge Over Troubled Water she broke completely down and had to be consoled by Prince Joachim.

After the service Marie and Joachim took part in a parade in front of Christiansborg Slot (the Parliament) for soldiers who have served abroad during this last year. (**)

After the parade the Parliament hosted a reception for those who had served in the Parlamentary yard at Christiansborg Slot.

(*) Last year also the names of those soldiers of foreign nationality, who had been killed while under Danish command were read out. All of the British I believe.

(**) A tour of duty lasts six months. It is not uncommon for soldiers to have served five, six or even eight tours.
No doubt she's french. :flowers:
Marie is chic and elegant and has a very good appearence today. And with her good looking huband make a wonderful pair.
Princess Marie :flowers: She is beautiful and I think they make a great couple.
October 1, 2010 - TRH Prince Joachim and Princess Marie participating in the annual celebration of Southern University, Campusvej 55, Odense, at. 16.00.

Video of the couple arriving.

It has taken some time, but here are finally some pics of Marie and Joachim
at the university event in Odense on October 1st:

** Billed-Bladet: Prinsesse Marie har fundet sin plads **

("Marie has found her place", in the meaning that she has found her place
in the royal family, as a mother, wife and princess)

On October 12, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie have attended the presentation
of the Linde diplomas in Tønder. These diplomas are awarded by the Linde Committee
to citizens who have made an extraordinary effort for Tønder's development.

This year one of the three winners has been Søren Frederiksen, former estate manager
of Schackenborg. Following the tradition he had to water the linden tree on the market
place with beef blood.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** article: Prinsesse Marie kaster glans over hæderspris i Tønder **
Princess Marie and Prince Joachim at the premiere of the musical Mamma Mia in Tivoli, Copenhagen. october 15, 2010

PPE Agency

Thank you, Marika86 & Dazzling. :flowers:

Observe Joachim, now that's style.

I grew up with Abba and eventhough it wasn't my first choice of music back then, all the sweet girls listened to Abba, so...
I've grown fond of Abba since then.
Wonder if it's the same with Joachim.
In an interview he once stated that he sometimes liked liked some really heavy rock! :cool:
Alexandra, standing beside him, did not appreciate that kind of music!

Here is an article form Billed Bladet.

It was the Danish premiere for the Abba musical. Mamma Mia. There was some apprehension beforehand as the lyrics have been converted to Danish. Incidentally by Sanne Salomonsen, whom Mary and Frederik know pretty well. (*)
The mood was high and at the end Björn and Agnetha went on stage to recieve the applaus of the audience.
Joachim and our Marie were also there and afterwards Joachim told our reporter: "It's been a super experinece and we'd had a really fun time". (**)
La Marie added: "You really want to dance and eventhough I didn't know the Danish lyrics, I could easily recognice the songs".

(*) Being the Rock-Mama in DK and having written many songs herself, she appears to have done a very good job with the songs. Dedicated Abba fans are apparantly pretty pleased with the result.

(**) DK lesson: Sjovt = Fun/funny. Skægt = fun/funny, just stronger. A really great time!

Joachim is right now busy opening a national park in the wadden sea, almost net door to Schackenborg. I suggest you take a look at the news paper: Jydske Vestkysten.
Oh I love the pictures of Joachim and Marie together with Björn and Agnetha. :flowers: It's wonderful to see two of the Abbas. ;)
I love this woman more and more !!....
She is so stylish and unaffected....:flowers:

I wish Joachim was Crown prince...........:lol:
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