Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra, Current Events 1: September 2003 - Sept. 2004

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Originally posted by Chatleen@Jun 30th, 2004 - 9:33 pm
According the the danish tabloid BT, Princess Alexandra last night held a party with 90 invited people at the Copenhagen restaurant Konrad:

The invitation stated, that the dress should be festive and flamboyant, and most of the guests were literally dressed flamboyant :)

Unfortunately we don't get the chance to see Princess Alexandra and Prince Joachim dressed festive and flamboyant :eek: :huh: :lol: They sneaked inside the restaurant by a back door.
That's so funny! I saw the photo of the woman in blue sequence before i saw your post and i was thing, what the? Then I saw the vikign and I got a clue. What a fun way to celebrate her birthday.

This is chief of court Per Thornit and his wife. Prior to Frederik's engagement to Mary, PT was also chief of the court of Alexandra and Joachim.

Alexandra's close friend, the danish designer Charlotte Sparre

The youngest one is Henriette Zobel, who just recently divorced Prince Henrik's close friend Peter Zobel. In the background Peter Steenstrup, who has been a friends of Joachim's since childhood.
Well, PA was an HongKong Native career women so now she is the P of an Scandinavian Country, how do they recieve her? What do they think of her? Anyone who has the way, I used to know some kids from Island School(where PA went) it is a good school back there...actually HongKong people must be quite surprised...
Have you realized you hardly ever hear stories form PJ`s side?
well.....I am from HK.....after PRincess Alexandra's marriage in can hardly see her news from newspaper..because obviously she's always in Denmark.....

But I would say that people is very proud of her... after their engaement announcement was made....she makes headlines in almost every single newspaper and magazines...even TV stations want to make interviews with her and stuff.....

I recently read a "gossip" magazine...(around Dec or something) saying that she went back to HK to visit her family..and the 3 Princes were all with her....I would say that she's not that kinda princess that spends a lot of money and "make use" of people badly (if u no what i mean).. she seems to be very nice even though she doens't like those newspaper people to follow her and stuff....

also.....her style are also very "commoner" like...I mean she won't see herself as a "PRINCESS" or higher class people like others, but as friends or soemthing....

that's what i saw in the magazine....i would say that people see Princess Alexandra as an easy going, nice, and REAL princess....this is what her personality is....not acting or pretending!!!
Have you realized you hardly ever hear stories form PJ`s side?

What do you mean by stories? He very recently gave an interview, I think maybe in Aprile.

I could translate parts of it, if there is any interest?
Originally posted by Chatleen@Jul 2nd, 2004 - 3:05 am
Have you realized you hardly ever hear stories form PJ`s side?

What do you mean by stories? He very recently gave an interview, I think maybe in Aprile.

I could translate parts of it, if there is any interest?
Thank you very much Chatleen, I was also wondering about the speech PJ gave at the engagement... it is listed under my name from the last tread...if you could just give me parts of it, I would be more than happy...
Prince Joachims speak known bryllupsmiddagen på Fredensborg Beloved Alexandra! The life is a tall go , said that. You've travelled highly you'll go highly vil you go by the life by me? I asked yourself about that omend to others word for word , nearly a år the paper , and you giving me your certainly. That did you again today. The journey has været tall , though the only straight is begun! By yourself known my paper , by your hånd to my , shall vi between them look into what there's us unknown that live together that ægtepar. From today sætter vi from between them you shall hunt me såvel that i shall hunt yourself. And there's no i sooner vil gøre , than they two things. That følge yourself vil være that støtte yourself that give yourself the support you behøver , of which anything seem yourself uvejsomt , that chairs på yourself når you træffer a decision , that stå yourself bee to your choice. How should i else could live up to the affection and trust , you displays me? From første walk vi mødtes , have you displayed me a trust , that is svær that hamle up by. There has været a lot of experiences by yourself , that has være weekday by me , the paper you a chill and rainy wednesday to may to år went præsenteret by your coming tilværelse. It'll fortsætte , however from now on , are we two. Actually shall vi both to break in. You've as early as været me a good støtte and support to the brief age vi has known each other. I known også , that you ahead vil være that , by that implied to your mind that række a hånd forth , of which that behøves. Item vil i afford yourself all the aids , you should få use by. It is that vore løfter today to each other turns themselves about. That lære from themselves and contemporary get known lære , and derigennem between them give rise to a sacred fællesskab , that vore progeny can be observe. Dear Mr. hoax Ms. Manley: From this day loses TO shall be up to date debt two you. You talent me your consent two marry your daughter Alexandra. Today TO did so. From this day on my briefcase shall be two take as well care of here as you orchard hithertoo. This ice also my privelegde but most of avenue it ice my pleasure. Tea harmonize up to date your family has lightly tea foundation of Alexandras genuiness. The train Alexandra hoax To shall find our part lay our foundation by tea age two come , up to date tea spirits of tea twosome harmonize. You orchard invest up to date my bargain , by me two orchard hoax two groups your most precious treasure. Take my word of thankfulness by tea pride TO feel , two continue this legacy of harmonize , bargain up to date bargain with Alexandra. Kære mother and papa. That fly from nest is sjældent én action. Decent står på the border strækker his blade mærker the wind. Måske handles decent pop. However før or the paper upcoming decent forth and fly. Decent turns back to nest however også dét afløses from settled længere the tour. And så a skønne day builds decent themselves ready på background from the ready , decent jumped forth from. I took to Australia i come homes again. I displace from home , however were settled a frequent gæst. I took to Hong King and come back therefore however no by oneself. And actually shall i build ready by Alexandra. That is a big word spring that største however by the opvækst decent has fået når TO were nest , have you granted me safety , insight , against and most of all the plans , the drawings from nest , that Alexandra and i between them shall build. You have taken kærligt to her , and displayed her , how a ready build på vore breddegrader. All this have you from yours forældre mormor and morfar i wonder mama a i wonder papa Så når i reply you by everything that , You have granted and by the støtte You have været and is , directs i også my cheers to they , there giving you yours flyvefærdigheder. Beloved Alexandra : You chairs på me , and drog by me to the tilværelse and that land , you barely recognizing. You've taken that land to yourself and Denmark has taken yourself to themselves. There's næsten no tilfældes by your tilværelse to Hong King and the to Denmark , however you've på forbilledlig ways på card age lært a extensive part from the task. It is no quit , and it is the never. I recollect , that lessons never concludes [ brightness ] however it is good begun , and it is it is a well-known fact that , half accomplish. Actually shall you så no leave to that trust , that vi as early as is half the day No vi is only straight begun! Every commencement is svær , however vi is two to mutually støtte and glæde. The task is vor go by the life. The go , that vil commodity perpetual Every især have we followed a string , that actually has merged themselves between them there bånd , there bind us to kærlighed. Ræk me your hånd and let's between them drage forth på where færd. [ He kiss her på hånden ] Their Majestæter , Their Royal Højheder , mine ladies and master. I requests they go they , and together with me , deliver a skål by my bride Alexandra!

This is the aweful translation from the online dictionary...
Originally posted by julial@Jul 2nd, 2004 - 7:09 am
Prince Joachims speak known bryllupsmiddagen på Fredensborg Beloved Alexandra!...... {snippped}

:lol: :lol:

I'm relieved to see, that even I can make a slightly better translation than the automatic ones :lol:

I will give it a try with the speech....
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Here you go:

Prince Joachim’s speech at the wedding dinner at Fredensborg.

Dear (Chatleen: actually it is stronger, ‘beloved’ maybe???) Alexandra!

Life is a long journey, it is said. You have travelled a lot – you will travel a lot, will you go on the journey through life with me? I asked you that question, although in other words, nearly one year ago, and your answer were yes. You gave me the same answer today. The journey has gone a long way, even though it only just started! With you by my side, with your hand in mine, together we will explore, what is unknown for us – to live together as a married couple. As from today we take off together – you have to lead me, as well as I have to lead you. And there is nothing, I will rather do, than those two things. To follow you will be to support you – to give you the support you need, if anything would seem pathless for you, to trust you, when you make a decision, to stand by you in your choice. If not, how would I be worthy of the affection and confidence, you show me?

Right from the first time we met, you have showed me a confidence difficult to be a match for. There have been a lot of experiences for you, which has been everyday for me, since you a cold and rainy Wednesday in May this year were introduced to your future life. It will continue, but from now on we will be two. Now we both have to go to school. Already in the short period of time, we have known each other; you have been a good support to me. I know, that you in the future will continue to be so, because it is a part of your disposition to reach out, if it is needed. Likewise I will give you all the assistance, you might need. That is what our promises today to each other is about. To teach and at the same time learn, and through that create an unbreakable unity for our descendants to live in accordance with.

Dear Mr. and Ms. Manley: From this day forth I shall be in debt to you. You gave me your consent to marry your daughter Alexandra. Today I did so. From this day on, my task shall be to take as well care of her, as you have hitherto. This is also my privilege, but most of all, it is my pleasure. The harmony in your family has let the foundation of Alexandra’s genuiness. Together, Alexandra and I, shall find our part, lay our foundation for the generations to come, in the spirit of the twosome harmony. You have placed in my hand, for me to have and to hold, your most precious treasure. Take my word of thankfulness for the pride I feel, to continue this legacy of harmony, hand in hand with Alexandra.

Dear mother and papa. To fly away from the parental nest is rarely one act. You stand on the edge, stretch your wings, feel the wind. Maybe you make the jump. But sooner or later you will be out there flying. You return to the nest – but that also is succeeded by still longer trips. And than one day you build a nest yourself, with the nest, from which you jumped, providing the background for the new nest. I went to Australia – I returned home. I moved away from home, but was still a frequent guest. I went to Hong Kong – and returned – but not alone. And now I will build a nest with Alexandra. It is a big leap – the biggest – but with the upbringing, I have received, when you were the nest, you have given me safety (??), knowledge, courage and most important – the plans, the drawings of the nest, which Alexandra and I will build together. You have welcomed her affectionate, and shown her, how you build a nest in these latitudes. All this you received form your parents, mormor and morfar – mon mama et mon papa – So when I thank you for everything, you have given me and for the support you have been and still is, I also aim my thank you at those, who gave you these abilities to fly.

Dear (/beloved) Alexandra: You trusted me and followed me to the life and the country, you hardly knew. You have taken that country into you and Denmark has taken you into her. There is almost nothing in common between your life in Hong Kong and the life in Denmark, but in an exemplary way you have in a short while learned a great deal of the homework. It is not over, and it never will be. I remember, that the homework never ends (laughter), but it is well started, which as known is half fulfilled. But don’t you think, that we already are half the way down the road – No, we have just only started!

Any beginning is difficult, but we are two – for mutual support and joy. The homework is our journey through life. The journey, which will last – forever.

Both of us have followed a string, which now is weaved together in the band, which holds us together in love. Give me your hand, and let us go further in our journey (he kisses her on her hand).

Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, ladies and gentlemen. Please join me in a toast for my bride, Alexandra!
Lovely. Do you think he had a little help? Fred's speech sounds similar.
I'm sure he had help when he first stsarted writing, because he might have been nervous or something. But by the time he reached the middle he was able to write by himself, I'm sure. Thanx for translating his speech, Chatleen.

Here is another article about Alexandra from the Copenhagen post for her birthday.

Princess Alexandra reflects on life at 40

In a rare interview, the much-loved Princess Alexandra looked back on nearly a decade in Denmark, and offered her thoughts on work, life, motherhood and turning 40

Like many people approaching a major birthday, the popular princess' 40th birthday on 30 June gave occasion for personal reflection. In a rare sit-down interview, Alexandra spoke with Ritzau news bureau at Christian VIII's Palace at Amalienborg prior to the big day, and offered a rare glimpse into the hectic life she spends at Schackenborg Castle in southern Jutland and Amalienborg in Copenhagen, as well as her thoughts and musings on life and royal service.

'When one turns 40, it is, realistically speaking, the halfway point. And perhaps that's why I've become more philosophical and begun to ask myself some of the major questions: why am I here on this earth, and what do I have to offer? Questions that do not necessarily have an answer, just because one has turned 40,' she said.

Alexandra has already answered part of that question herself, with plans to devote more time to her humanitarian efforts for children, through organisations including the Children's Red Cross, the Danish Society for the Blind, UNICEF and single mothers' advocacy group Mother Help.

'When I'm travelling, whether at home or abroad, I really feel that I have meant something to someone. And I would like to use that constructively,' said Alexandra, who has served as a UNICEF ambassador on visits to AIDS patients in Thailand and youngsters in Sarajevo. But the Princess says she also plans to take on more daily work with these charities.

'Instead of being simply the person who comes in at the last minute, I'd like to be involved in the day-to-day operations. I'd like to work behind the scenes, rather than being just the outward face.'

The stylish, Hong Kong investment banker Alexandra Manley took Denmark by storm straight away. Combining sleek professionalism with a charming outward mien, Princess Alexandra plunged immediately after her November 1995 wedding into a hectic schedule of official visits.

A glance at the royal calendar reveals that it is still Alexandra who often has the busiest programme. In addition to her representative duties, Alexandra is patron for 21 organisations in Denmark. And whether she is visiting a dormitory for single mothers or presiding over the opening of a new SAS air route to Shanghai, event arrangers are unfailingly impressed by Alexandra's heartfelt personal engagement and enthusiasm - particularly her ability to put others at ease.

Or, as Mother Help Chair Eva Tufte told Ritzau: 'She understands how to meet another human being in a difficult situation, and make that person feel her equal.' Princess Alexandra says she's only being herself.

'…But I also try to put myself in the other person's situation, and make sure that they're enjoying themselves,' she elaborated. 'I am aware that when I've been invited to an event, it means something to someone.'

Alexandra is also well known as a stickler for painstaking preparation. She compiles information on individuals and groups she is to meet ahead of official engagements and receptions, and takes great pride in insuring that royal events run smoothly. Even more to Alexandra's credit is the fact that there is no job description for becoming a Princess. The profession is largely self-taught, and Alexandra has relied on her job experience from Hong Kong, as well as common sense.

The Danish language is notoriously difficult, and Alexandra became famously adept very quickly. She had just 200 lessons before her wedding, and has picked up the rest in the intervening years. Ritzau asked Alexandra if there were elements of the language that still gave her difficulty.

'Yes, it can be difficult with the possessive forms ('sit' and 'sin' and 'hans'), but not the different articles. If I hear those once, I can remember them. I don't find the grammar especially difficult, but the pronunciation can be hard, since we swallow some of our words. It reminds me a little of Chinese, with the glottal stop… Saying something with an upswing or a downswing can give a word an entirely different meaning,' she explained.

'It was my decision to learn the language immediately. It would have been terrible to have to stand up and speak English at an engagement, or thank someone for something. It would have been utterly wrong. This is my home, and so there was no other option.'

Alexandra's only regret is that she had so little time to spend in Denmark as an anonymous citizen before her engagement. Her familiarity with the country was limited to a couple of 'secret' trips to Schackenborg and Copenhagen, before arriving in the capital with her parents on the day before the engagement.

'We went for a walk on Strøget (Copenhagen's main thoroughfare), and that was my last day as an unknown person. After that, my freedom disappeared. I might have liked to be an anonymous bystander just a little longer, and seen how things worked in my adopted homeland.'

And finally - is anything impossible after the age of 40?

'I don't believe so…Sartorially speaking, it's no longer possible to run around looking like a 15-year-old. But there has to be a part of one's inner self that never grows up. It's important to hold on to that inner child, and care for it.'

Which, Alexandra continued, you do with, 'a zest for life, and by not caring too much how other people think one should be at the age of 40. When I was a teenager, a 40-year-old seemed almost elderly. Now that I have reached that age myself, it's nothing.'
Nice photos. The last one is simply cute! :flower:
PJ sometimes sounds like PA`s little boy!
Does anyone know how to e-mail PA and PJ?
Some members asked me about a list of HRH Princess Alexandra's patronages and orders. Below is a list of all the organizations wherein she is a patron. Also included are the royal orders she has received so far.

I know the list of organizations would likely increase because the Princess plans to devote more time to her humanitarian efforts which would likely mean she would maybe be a patron of some organizations outside Denmark.
This is in Danish so maybe someone would translate it if possible.

H.K.H. Prinsesse Alexandras æreshverv


København Zontaklub I
Honorært medlem af Dansk Primula Klub
Ærespræsident for UNICEF Danmark
Herudover er Prinsessen medlem af styregruppen i "Mermaid Projektet".

Protektorens rolle

Når medlemmer af den kongelige familie påtager sig protektioner, betyder det, at de påtager sig at begunstige den relevante forening, institution, sag eller organisation. Dette kan gøres på mange forskellige måder, men generelt gælder det, at den kongelige støtter protektionen ved at være med til at udbrede kendskabet til den enkelte protektion og gennem dette arbejde at inspirere til, at andre mennesker også ønsker at bidrage med støtte på forskellig vis.

Ofte vil protektoren aflægge årlige besøg i protektionen og desuden være til stede ved særlige begivenheder og arrangementer. Afhængigt af protektionens karakter kan der også være tale om hyppig mødeaktivitet.

Tilsagn om kongelig protektion kan variere fra sag til sag, og kan for eksempel være baseret på alment velgørende virksomhed eller eksport-fremme.

Det er i store træk muligt at inddele protektioner i dem, der har tilsagn om livsvarig protektion og dem, der har én-gangs tilsagn. Mange af især de humanitære sammenslutninger har tilsagn om permanent protektion, hvorimod protektion af udstillinger, kongresser eller lignende i reglen kun gives, hvis det pågældende medlem af kongehuset kan være til stede ved åbningen.


ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst
Dansk Blindesamfund
Dansk Landsforening for Laryngectomerede
Dansk Parkinsonforening
Dansk UNICEF Komité
Det Danske Haveselskab
Fonden for Træer og Miljø
Foreningen Kniplings-Festival i Tønder
Menighedernes Daginstitutioner
Mødrehjælpen af 1983
Nordsømuseet, Hirtshals
Odense Zoologiske Have
Randers Regnskov
Rehabiliteringscentret for Torturofre, Jylland, (RCT-Jylland)
Skrædderskolen under FOF i Frederikshavn: Alexandra-skolen for Skrædderi og Konfektion
Svenske Villa Fonden. (Kulturhus beliggende i Bernstorff Slotspark, Gentofte)
The English-Speaking Union of Denmark
Ungdommens Røde Kors
Vestjysk Musikkonservatoriums Pigekor, Esbjerg
H.K.H. Prinsesse Alexandras Dekorationer

Danske dekorationer
Ridder af Elefantordenen (R.E.)
Erindringsmedalje i anledning af Hendes Majestæt Dronning Margrethe II's 25 års regeringsjubilæum (R.E.m.)
Mindemedaljen i anledning af hundredårsdagen for Kong Frederik IX's fødsel (M.M.11. marts 1899-1999)
Dronning Ingrids Mindemedalje (Dr.I.M.M.)

Udenlandske ordener

Den finske Hvide Roses Orden (Fi.H.R.1)
Luxembourgs Adolph af Nassaus civile og militære Fortjenstorden (N.A.1)
Den rumænske Stjerneorden (Ru.Stj.O.1.)
Could you elaborate that, please? :)
well, just look at the Photo-and the way he spoke of "homework" in the speech...
PA is like a bit mom or big sis to PJ-of course PA is older-I guess every man crave for mom-hope he has grown quit a bit since the time he gave that speech :shock:
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well, just look at the Photo-and the way he spoke of "homework" in the speech...
PA is like a bit mom or big sis to PJ-of course PA is older-I guess every man crave for mom-hope he has grown quit a bit since the time he gave that speech :shock:
I think, that when he for instance speaks of homework in the speech, he uses the metaphor because of them both being 'children' in their new kind of life. Actually I think, he does it this way to tell her, that she is not the only 'child' in her new life.

In the recent interview in Costume, PA tells how she felt like a child, when she first arrived in Denmark, because it was like she had to start all over again. Come to think of it now, maybe the couple even discussed this prior to the wedding.

Anyway, I have never seen PJ as a child. Actually I think, that in some ways he behaves nearly to grown up - I especially had that thought, when he was younger.
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I only listed the organizations wherein she is a protector or the honorary president. I didn't include the events or some events wherein she is a patron because I don't know some of it.
She looks tired and older in these photos. Time for a little eye job maybe?
I love her shoes, though you can only see them in the first pictures and only partly.

Pincess Alexandra looks elegant and beautiful. She is wonderful as she is.
I think she is representing more than 21 organizations based fr0m the pictures above. She may not be a patron of other organizations but surely she represents them.

I love her shoes.
How come she was wearing a purple wig????
paulette  Posted: Jul 7th, 2004 - 9:19 pm

I think she is representing more than 21 organizations based fr0m the pictures above. She may not be a patron of other organizations but surely she represents them.
I disagree .... she is only patron of organizations fficially recognized by the Royal House.

To represent more, might be difficult.

I am sure, there are more requests (for patronage) than the Royal Family can handle, and hence great care is taken to select those that are representative of a broad or distinct cross-section of Danish Culture:

Patronages of Alexandra

  • ARKEN Museum for Modern Art
  • Danish Blind Fund
  • Danish Land Assocation? for Laringitis?
  • Danish Parkinson Assocation
  • Danish UNICEF Committee
  • The Danish ?? ( Haveselskab)
  • ?? Foundation
  • Funds for ?? and ?? (Træer og Miljø)
  • Foreign? Kniplings-Festival in Tønder
  • Minority ?(Menighedernes) Daily Institution
  • ???? (Mødrehjælpen af 1983)
  • Nordsø Museum, Hirtshals
  • Odense Zoological Harbour?
  • Radio ?? (pigekoret)
  • ?? (Randers Regnskov)
  • Rehabilitations Centre for ??(Torturofre), Jutland
  • Sketching School under FOF in Frederikshavn: Alexandra School for Sketching and ?? (Konfektion)
  • Swedish Villa Funds (includes Culture House in Bernstorff Castle Park, Gentofte)
  • The English-Speaking Union of Denmark
  • Royal Rowing Club ??? (Ungdommens Røde Kors)
  • ?? (Vestjysk) Music Conservatorium Pigekor, Esbjerg

Patronages and Honorary Memberships

Princess Alexandra is patroness of a great many organisations, foundations and associations such as Danish Red Cross Youth, Danish Association of the Blind, The Animal Foundation, ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, Danish UNICEF Committee.
Having quoted that, imo 21 organizations is the sum total of her patronage and honoury membership appointments.

.... and unfortunately, over time, Crown Princess Mary will become even more heavily exposed then the fair Princess Alexandra. Princess Alexandra might even be kind enough to pass some of her patronages and honourary memberships off to CPM and retire to the farming life and become the "big fish in the small pond" in Tonder. She is probably already the honourary bfisp in regards to the latter, but I doubt the former will occur.
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Originally posted by paulette@Jul 8th, 2004 - 12:19 am
How come she was wearing a purple wig????
The dresscode at the birthday celebrations in the restaurant Konrad said festive and flamboyant.
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