Prince Hitachi and Family Current Events Part 1: July 2005 -

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On August 31st, Prince Hitachi was hospitalized for Covid-19 at the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center in Shibuya, Tokyo. He went to the hospital at 6pm for 37 C fever and cough. The PCR test is positive.

Princess Hanako took an antigen test and is negative. She will be monitored at home and so far, there's no change in physical condition or symptoms.

Prince Hitachi has not been in contact with other Imperial family recently.

Sources: Asahi, NTV, Sankei
On September 8th, Prince Hitachi was discharged at 10am from the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center in Shibuya, Tokyo. His Covid-19 symptoms have subsided and he is eating normally. He will be monitored at home.

Princess Hanako’s physical condition remains unchanged and no Hitachi staff member was found to be infected.

Sources: Sankei, NTV, FNN
On September 27th, Princess Hanako attended the 56th Japan Ikebana Art Exhibition certification ceremony at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo. She has been honorary president of the Japan Ikebana Art Association since 1992.

Source: NTV
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Princess Hitachi attended the 34th Praemium Imperiale Awards Ceremony in Tokyo today, October 18:

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Hitachi family Agenda for the week from October 30th to November 5th:

November 1st: Prince Masahito: attending the Dai Nippon Sericultural Society 2023 Sericulture Meritorious Service Award Ceremony at the Imperial Hotel, in Tokyo.
November 2nd: Princess Hanako: attending the autumn garden party at the Akasaka Imperial Gardens, Tokyo.
November 3rd: Princess Hanako: attending the JRA Bajikouen reopening ceremony at JRA Bajikouen, Tokyo.

Source: Asahi
On November 3rd, Princess Hanako attended the reopening of Japan Racing Association’s Equestrian Park (Baji Kōen) in Setagaya, Tokyo. The ceremony featured a "Pas de deux" performance.

She is honorary president of Japan Equestrian Federation and belonged to the equestrian club during her school days. The park has been closed since 2017 due to renovation and Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic events.

Photos/source: FNN
On October 26th, Princess Hanako attended the 2023 Tokyo Red Cross Convention at Meiji Jingu Kaikan Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo. She is an Honorary Vice-President of the Japanese Red Cross Society.


On November 1st, Prince Hitachi attended the 2023 Dainippon Silk Foundation's Silk Meritorious Contributors Awards at the Imperial Hotel in Chiyoda, Tokyo. He is president of the foundation.

Photos: Kyodo


On November 8th, Prince Hitachi attended the 57th Nemunoki Award and Takagi Award Ceremony at the Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo in Minato, Tokyo. The awards recognize those supporting people with disabilities and achievements in treatments. The prince is President of the Japanese Society for Disabled Children and Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities.

Photo: Sankei Imperial Weekly 820
On November 16th, Prince Hitachi attended the reception for the 51st International Symposium of the Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund at the Palace Hotel Tokyo in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

Photos: AP Images
Prince Hitachi turns 88 on November 28. The IHA released photos for his "beiju" milestone and a brief statement.

He maintains his health with regular exercise twice a week at home with a physical therapist and 3 times a month at a hospital. Activities include walking, stretching and vocal training such as tongue twisters. On sunny days, Prince Hitachi uses a wheelchair around the garden and observes birds. He was hospitalized for ureteral stones in March, urinary tract infection in April, and Covid-19 in August. Since recovery, Prince Hitachi attends events for his patronages as much as possible.

Photos: Asahi, Sankei

Indoors photo with dog Fukuhime: July 21, 2023
Seated outdoors, no dog: October 21, 2022
Seated outdoors with dog Nancy: June 26, 2019

These photo sessions were for New Year cards. Tomoyuki Kitagawa, honorary director of the Cancer Research Institute shared with Jiji the 2023 New Year card he received from the Hitachi couple, which used a different photo from the 2022 photo session.

ETA: Due to the influenza outbreak, celebratory events will be postponed per FNN

Japan's Prince Hitachi, Uncle of Emperor, Turns 88 - The Japan News

According to the Imperial Household Agency, the prince currently spends most of his time in a wheelchair. He does gait training and stretching exercises with a physical therapist twice a week at home and three times a month at a hospital.

At his residence in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, the prince enjoys watching news, sports and drama programs on television.

The prince owns a three-year-old miniature dachshund named Fukuhime and, when the weather is nice, enjoys walking in his garden with his wife, Princess Hanako, and sometimes goes bird-watching.


Although he is no longer actively involved in cancer research, which he has done for more than 40 years, the prince remains interested in carcinogenesis and cancer biology, his fields of expertise, the agency said.
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Prince Hitachi retired as honorary president of NPO Japan Pasteur Association, effective October 31 because the association transferred its operations to the Japan Pasteur Foundation.

The association was founded in 2005 to promote Japan-France exchanges in medical science. Prince Hitachi became honorary president in 2007 and attended events with Princess Hanako. Japan Pasteur Association disbanded in February and reportedly completed liquidation procedures in October.

Source: Sankei
Prince Hitachi attended the opening ceremony of the digital photo exhibition of physically handicapped people at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre today, December 13:

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On January 20th, Princess Hanako attended the Japan Equestrian Federation Awards for 2023 at the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa in Minato, Tokyo. She has served as honorary president of the Federation since 1991. In her speech, Princess Hanako offered condolences to Noto Peninsula earthquake victims and encouraged athletes preparing for the Paris Olympics.

Photos: FNN, TBS
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On March 26th, Princess Hanako attended the "46th Asian Festival and Charity Bazaar" sponsored by the Asian Women's Friendship Association at the Meiji Kinenkan, Tokyo.

The Princess looked at the stands present and bought a necklace from a stand from Nepal. It is the first time the Princess has been seen buying something in public.

Source/Photos: Facebook
:previous: a few more photos at Princess Hitachi Hanako Visits the DWP Promotional Booth of the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo at the Asia Pacific Ladies Friendship Society Bazaar, Japan - EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA, IN TOKYO, JAPAN
... During a visit to the Indonesian booth, Princess Hitachi bought a silk scarf and traditional Indonesian batik bag. The proceeds from the sale of handicraft items in the ALFS Bazaar Charity will be used to support social, educational and natural disaster activities from ALFS member countries.
On April 26th, Princess Hanako attended the 42nd Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition and award ceremony at Ueno Royal Museum in Taito, Tokyo. The exhibition was established to foster unique artists who will lead the Japanese art world. Princess Hanako attended the award ceremony on behalf of Prince Hitachi, who serves as president of the Japan Art Association.

Photos: FNN
On May 12th, Princess Hanako attended the 78th National Wild Bird Conservation Gathering at Toranomon Hills Forum in Minato, Tokyo. The gathering is held during Bird Love Week (May 10-16).

The Hitachi couple have been active in bird and wildlife protection for many years and enjoy bird watching from their residence. Prince Hitachi has been President of the Japanese Society for the Preservation of Birds since 1962.

Photos: FNN, NTV
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