Prince Henrik's 80th Birthday Celebrations: June 2014

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I agree! I don't for one minute think that they are all families, they will have their ups and downs! But for the most part from photos, videos and interviews, the DRF come across as a happy, united family! Margrethe and Henrik appear to be soul mates still after 47 years of marriage. Frederik and Joachim are happily married with 4 children each! The brothers and sisters-in-law appear to have warm, cordial relationships! Everyone has their role and place in the family.:flowers:

Even though the DRF are a royal family, it appears that the emphasis is more on family rather than royal (if you understand my meaning).:) I don't think you can ask for anything more than that!

Yes, I understand where you're coming from. From what I've seen, I think it's lovely to see a lot of positive relationships within the DRF.

Here's the stamp which was released for Prince Henrik's birthday:

I believe photo shoots are photo shoots, and that's the way they should be perceived. I don't think the DRF family members are any happier or less happy than any other family. Only fools would show what's really going on in photo shoots like this.

It's life, and we're all mere mortals.

As for the unicorn photo; I don't understand the purpose of the unicorn at all, but it really doesn't matter.
Thanks to all for posting the links.
So many great photos, Prince Henrik looks a happy man and his family pleased to spend his day with him.

What a lovely photo of Christian and Isabella they are growing up so fast, and of course the one of the adorable, they are sweet little kids.
In connection with his 80th birthday PH has given an interview with Euroman. One of the things he told about was a firefight he was involved with in Indochina as a teenager.

Prins Henrik afslører: Jeg var i krig som teenager - Royale |

PH told Euroman: "I was at war for the first time when I was fifteen-sixteen. My father, my younger brother and I spend the night at one of our estates in the mountains in Indochina.
There were three rows of barbed wire around and with permission form the government we had brought weapons with us because we knew about the risk of being attacked by Viet Minh soldiers.
They always attacked at night and suddenly it happened: We threw grenades and fired rifles. Human lives were lost. That's war".

(Another source mentions four Viet Minh dead being left behind after the attack).
never knew he fault in battle before
:previous: Neither did I. I knew he was a conscript NCO in Algeria during the war there, but he served in the military intelligence and I doubt he saw much if any direct action there.
In complete contrast to the professional combat regiments and the very unfortunate conscripts who served in isolated outpost along observation lines. - Poorly equipped and poorly trained these conscripts faced the very realy possibillity of being overrun - or worse; being taken prisoner...
I understand PH served most of his time in Algier.

It may also be doubtful how much fighting PH actually did in that engagement in Indochina. Please do not misunderstand I intend in no way to put him down. However, there would have been other people present, overseers, staff at the estate and possibly guards as well and a fifteen-sixteen year old untrained boy would have been of very limited use in a night fight. I think he would at best have fired a few shots in the general direction of muzzle-flashes and at what he might have percieved as moving shadows in the dark.
But someone in that fight was a good fighter, probably ex-soldiers. Because I read elsewhere that four Dead Viet Minh were left behind.
That indicates a number of things: That the attack was beaten back decisively, for them to leave their deads behind and that the fight took place at a pretty close distance, because in a time with no night fighting equipment to speak of, it would be down to blind luck if you can hit, let alone kill, anyone at distance at night. So the attack in my assessment must have penetrated at least one line of barbed wire or gone through a gate.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #25, 2014.
Written by our woman in France, Annelise Weimann.

It was a hot forenoon, with the temperature already above 30 degrees C, when the DRF emerged from Chateau Cayx a little before 11.00.
With PH declaring: "The best present I have had is that my whole family is gathered", the members sat down to pose on two benches.
Christian held grandpapa's dachhund, Rosina, in his arms. It was a problem getting the older children to pose, but the younger ones were a little harder to keep reigned in. When Vincent wasn't playing hide and seek behind his mother, he needed a little comfort from daddy, because like the other of the youngest children he felt a little akward with all the adults who took pictures.
Josephine preferred to stay near mother, but she did give the photographers a wave in the end.
Sporting curls and brown eyes Athena also preferred to stay near mother and she too was a little whimpy.
Bette Henrik also preferred to be near mother.(*)

With eight grandchildren PH would have liked even more. He cannot compete with his sister, Maurille, however. She has more than twenty grandchildren!
But he's very much into spoiling them: "When the grandchildren visit me and their grandmother (general word) they must have something to eat which they like. Then they'll always remember the food they had with us".

Apparantly PH was celebarted the day before his actual birthday.
M&F and their children arrived a few hours before the celebration started while Joachim and our Marie were already there.
There was a buffet and entertainment with French songs all the while lots of children were milling around all over the place. And at 23.00 PH was surprised with fireworks.
The chateau was lit up with torches and as this is southern France where things can always wait, cars passing by pulled over to enjoy the fireworks.

(*) It's wellknown that bette Henrik suffers from asthma. I know little about asthma myself, but perhaps someone can help?
I presume a high temperature and probably high humidity as well affects asthma? Even despite medication?
Here's the cover picture from the Euroman interview. The picture is taken by Frederik and Mary's favorite photographer, Franne Voigt.

The frontpage of Euroman
Euroman slår på glasset for den nysgerrige prins - Euroman

Thanks, Roskilde.

It's actually a great picture, we can read their lives and characters in their faces.
A pity they just opted to remove colors, rather than converting the picture to black and white. The effect would have been better IMO. - Yes, I know, but I had to find something to complain about. ;)
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All these b&w photos are excellent, and they will be even more special in 2o years time. - Thank you for posting these photos!
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