Prince Hamzah, Princess Basmah & Family Picture Thread

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She is so cute. She has a beautiful eyes too. Thanks Xavi.
I love her dress, so cute.
cute little girl with lovely dress she looks adorable.:)
thanks for posing.
What a beautiful princess :) where find you the fotos?
I agree with you xavi83. She looks so much like princess Haya .. Mashallah.
GOD bless them :)
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She looks Princess Iman. Zein is so cute.
Princess Zein and her aunt Princess Iman

Little Princess Zein looks so much like her aunt, Princess Haya – which is fortunate because Princess Haya was one of the cutest royal babies (and is one of the most beautiful royals today as well). The resemblance is striking.

A shame Zein and Noor's older sister, Haya, wasn't included in the picture.
:flowers: ooh so nice , god bless her .
Baby Noor is so cute. I hope we can see her face soon
all the hashemites princesses are very beautiful an i think that princess haya bint hamza will be more for them all!

A selfie?!? No dear. Apparently you guys don't know Hamzah's personality yet. He is not the type of people who would take a picture of himself, even with his daughters. Check the picture closely. You can clearly see his left hand's thump on the back the baby. :) This picture was taken by Basma Otoum!!
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I know what you mean but every picture ive seen posted this year is automaticaly called "selfie". People are obsessed with this word lol.
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