Prince Haakon's Current Events Part 1: September 2003 - October 2013

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I want to Know if sombody can help me. I need photos of crown prince Haakon when he was more young, Where can I see this images? I will thank you if somebody can help me. If sombody can give the name of other links?
Im sorry for my bad English.
Strangers planned the kidnapping of prince Haakon, according to a book

A new biography of the Norwegian monarch Harald V, reveals that strangers glided to kidnap to inheriting prince Haakon VII before his “controverted” marriage with princess Mette-Marit.
The book, written by Norwegian journalist Per Egil Hegge, explains that the plans of kidnapping impelled the princes to change themselves together and to simplify the security of both. “Delinquents thought to kidnap to the prince and to use it like change currency to remove to a friend from the jail”, said the author.
The biography, of 495 pages, that left on sale today, also narrates the preoccupation of king Harald, before the future public welcome of the marriage between Haakon and Mette-Marit, due to the past doubtful of this last one.
King Harald, in his conversations with the journalist, old publisher of the Aftenposten newspaper, said that Mette-Marit announced in his second or third visit to Palace, that wished “to tell its past them so that we knew what relying”. “When it finished I asked to him: Something more? No, it answered, that he is everything”, it explains the work
According to a new biography, King Harald "admits that he too had doubts about how the public would receive the news of a marriage between Crown Prince Haakon and a young woman with such an untraditional past. On Mette-Marit's "second or third" visit to the palace she asked to tell everything about herself, so that the king and queen knew what to expect. When she was completely finished, Harald said "We can manage that".

Aftenposten article:
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Haakon's trips

Is the prince in Africa? Will all the time be to travel? I want:) to know from when it he began to travel in representation of his country.
Press release from Kongehuset

HRH the Crown Prince has accepted a position in the advisory board for World Championship in Nordic disiplines (Cross Country, skijump and Nordic combined) in Oslo 2011.

The Norwegian Press release from the Norwegian skiing association. The other members in the advisory board is the President of the skiing association Sverre K Seeberg, the Mayor of Oslo, a member of the city council of Oslo, representatives from the military, police and tourist board.

Events for Haakon and Mette-Marit this week

27.11 The Crown Prince gives school lectures in Alta

29.11 The Crown Prince is present when the Hoelberg Prize is awarded – Bergen

30.11 The Crown Prince and Crown Princess hosts a feast at Skaugum. The theme is integrating people with Mental and substance problems in to the workforce

1.12 9.00 The Crown Princess is present for conference is relation to the World AIDS day

1.12 The Crown Princess is present at event to mark the World AIDS day, Hersleb school - Oslo
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Crown Prince Haakon in Stavanger at a national security conference with Minister of forreign aid Mr Erik Solheim. the conference deals with the main threats to Norwegian national security

Tonight 18.30 the couple is hosting a "cultural" dinner at Skaugum, whatever that means

Usually has picturespecials from theese dinners:flowers:
thankssss you larzen !!!!!!
Yes, that is a small pic but thanks for sharing.

For some reason I was under the assumption they were all staying on vacation until King Harald's birthday but I see now that they are back and Haakon has been back working for about a week now.
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Haakon at an meeting with students taking part in seminars relating to the international student festival in Trondheim, where the opening meeting was at the nobel Peace center in Oslo
. Also present was former PM Kjell Magne Bondevik, and the event was only for invited guests, and it seem the palace has really pis*ed of the press with regulation on when and where they could take pictures, apparantly the press was sent back and forth, and they were not allowed to ask questions

story and pics
Crown Prince Haakon at the opening of the Polar Year, of all places in Oslo, IM oit would have been better to have the norwegian opening in a city actually above the Polar Circle:ermm:

Haakon, Frederik and Victoria are patrons of the Polar Year

Varm åpning av Polaråret i Oslo
There are more pictures of Haakon at the opening of International Polar Year at ANP. Search "international en polar en year"

I dont know how can I see this photo. Can you say me how I can see this?
marian said:
I dont know how can I see this photo. Can you say me how I can see this?

Marian, this is how I found the pics. I went to the link and on the left side you'll see it says "Zoeken" then look down at the place where it says "trefwoord" directly under that word is a search box where you enter "International polar year" and then click the blue box to the right that says "zoeken". 3 pages of pics of Haakon and a couple of Prince Albert should come up. Or easier yet if you are better in English like me. You can do this once you go to the link click on English which is in the far upper right corner of the page. Once you do that you will notice the search box on the left side and just type in "International Polar Year" and then press search. Hope this helps!
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Prince Haakon looks great. Every day more handsome :blush: . But the more important of it, is the conference he attended about the world weather. This issue is urgent these last days where so many natural disasters happened in the world. So many Tsunamies (the last one in Salomon's Islands), so many earthquakes (Japan, Chile, Mexico, Portugal), so many rains (wherever in the planet)...and so few people speaking about these issues as if all was perfectly normal.

So crownprince Haakon does an excellent job remembering this kind of things, perhaps not to agreeable, but urgent to be solved!

Thanks for the pictures fanletizia. I agree with Vanesa about Haakon doing a great job for an important cause. He is truly my favorite crown prince!
I am agree. I think that the royals now made a excellent work that in others times. And always I think this specially of crown prince Haakon. Is much better to have a monarchy that a Republic. I know because I write this.
Haakon has some time off with his friends

You will most probably see the children on May 17th, national day

Seems Crown Prince Haakon is taking some "men-only" time, he is on a boys trip to Lyngsalpene in Nothern Norway this weekend, Haakon arrived in Lyngen on Saturday as part of 14 people party, and they spent the day walking in the mountains, according to the local papers they should go for another mountain trip today and then return to Oslo. This means Haakon will not run in the 10Km Sentrumsløpet that is in Oslo today and he had been invited to run, and there is quite alot of articles speculating he will take part, but it seems he wont.
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Royalt Lyngen-besøk - / forside / nyheter

Pictures from lyngsalpene
photos showing mountains are marvellous!!! Pure nature and nothin else.. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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