Prince Haakon's Current Events Part 1: September 2003 - October 2013

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All I can say is, on August 25 at Haakon's wedding, Prince Philippe (alone because Mathilde was heavily pregnant) hugged and kissed Mette-Marit very cheerfully and warmly on television
rominet09 said:
All I can say is, on August 25 at Haakon's wedding, Prince Philippe (alone because Mathilde was heavily pregnant) hugged and kissed Mette-Marit very cheerfully and warmly on television

:D almost want to say...can't blame the guy!
I must admit that I never really paid much attention to this royal couple in the past. But they have really grown on me. They are so much in love and in tune with each other. They are actually my new fave royal couple....of the week-lol:D
Haakon in Brussels visiting NATO HQ

The Crown Prince visit the NATO Headquarter, Brussels

from terra and yahoo/reuters



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Haakon in Brussels

Prince Haakon of Norway (L) is welcomed by Norwegian ambassador Kay Eide (R) for a visit at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Wednesday 01 March 2006.


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1-3 : Prince Haakon of Norway (L) sits besides Nato chairman Jaap De Hoop Scheffer (R) during a meeting at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, 01 March 2006. (AFP PHOTO BELGA BENOIT DOPPAGNE via ANP)
4 : NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, right, and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway enter the meeting room at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Wednesday March 1, 2006. (AP Photo/Yves Logghe)


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Haakon in Brussels visiting NATO HQ

HRH Crown Prince Haakon arrives for a visit at the NATO Headquarters on March 1, 2006 in Brussels, Belgium. He will also meet with the Secretary General, Mr. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, and will address the North Atlantic Council during his visit.

Photos from getty images


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Yesterday Crown Prince Haakon visited Storebrand Insurance, He was invited by Director of Storebrand Idar Kreutzer, He got a briefing on the most important news and development in Norwegian Finance, and especially about the new pension’s reforms

The Crown Prince was met by Mr. Kreutzer in the lobby and got a brief introduction to the insurance history. After that Mr Kreutzer gave a talk on the history of Storebrand, their business plan and visions, the corporate values, attitudes and society responsibility. Then the Crown Prince was invited for Lunch and after lunch her got a tour of Storebrands economic management department and listened to briefings from the key personnel

My not so good translation from
Haakons engagements seems to go by unnoticed by the press but here is one from yesterday, Haakon opening an exhibiton about the Romani people (gypsys/tatere), the handelling of the Romani people is not Norways brightest chapeters ane one of the goal with the exhibition is to avoid further racism and discrimination.

The Romani people/ Travellers in Norway were in the past subject to assimilation policies and systematic serious human rights violations such as forced sterilisations of women. Since 1992 a group of researchers has been investigating such issues and the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development has apologised on behalf of the Norwegian authorities for the abuses to which the Romani people/Travellers have been subjected

Pic and article in Norwegian


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In the pic from the wedding Haakon is wearing his national costume, he only has one and he dont wear it very often, its called fana Bunad and is appropriatly from Bergen (where the wedding was held)

Haakon today at the 50 th anniversary of ANSA
ANSA - Association of Norwegian Students Abroad - is a non-profit and independent organisation devoted to speak the interests of Norwegian students who study abroad. Our aim is to maintain and promote the educational, cultural, political and economic interests of our members
Throughout its history, ANSA has fought to improve on and change the countless rules and regulations governing student grants and loans. During this time, ANSA has won a significant number of victories. ANSA believes that all students should have the automatic right to study any subject in any country they wish.
fro m


foto: Vidar Ruud/ANB
The Crown Prince Couple will visit Sogn og Fjordane, another one of those county trips they started after the wedding, mainly to smalll places that dont get royal visits otherwise. The last two visits were to Buskerud in april and Finnmark in 2004

Kongehuset said:
From the 5-7 the Crown Prince Couple will make a 3 day official visist to the county of Sogn and Fjordane, they will visit Askevoll, Flora, Gloppen, Stryn, Hornidal and Eid

Today May the 23 Haakon and his mother had an audience with the winner of the Abel Prize

Crown Prince Haakon in Mandal yesterday May 22 on one of his "think global, act local" lectures
A flash series of fotos from fedrelandsvennen

article and pic from Lindesnes avis if someone wants to translate

and pics from


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Crown Prince Haakon has two engagements in Ålesund today
The Crown Prince visit Langevåg Ungdomsskole, Sula

The Crown Prince is present for InnoTovn Innovation Conference in Ålesund
Here is information about the conference he will attend for the next two days
InnoTown is Innovation Norway´s annual innovation conference. It is a truly unusual business conference for people who want to open up to the new opportunities that lie beyond the traditionally tried and tested.

The aim of InnoTown is to move people's minds, both rationally and emotionally; to inspire and enhance creativity and innovation, to help motivate people to think new thoughts and dare to fail – to succeed.

The conference emphasises vision, inspiration, strategy, creativity, promotion and internationalisation. It creates good relations between people from different countries, trades, environments and professions. This results in stimulating new ideas and the developing, deepening and widening of existing knowledge and values
Information about the speakers

Here you can see some pictures from Ålesund, one of the IMO most beautiful places in NOrway

Later today at 18.00 there is a reception for the Diplomats in Norway onboard the royal yacht in Oslo which obiously Haakon cannot attend but I hope the rest of the family is there and we get some pictures, edit: it now says it is Tuesday

Here is a pic from the first event today, from the local paper in Ålesund


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Ther has not been any recent poll on the royal popularity that I have seen recently.

Yesterday Haakon and Marius was at the Norwegian Wood festival to listen to bands like National Banks, David Gray and Gnarlz Barkley. They had some food in one of the breaks, they arrived in te sun with several bodyguard. The concerts laste until 22.30 According to the same article Marius plays in a rock band in his school
No pics.


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Crown Prince Haakon will be attending the silwerwedding in Luxembourg, information and pictures here

Crown Prince Haakon has given an interview to NRK, its about powerty and his work for the UN, I dont have time to translate it, but you can listen to it on this link (in Norwegian ofcourse)


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Crown Prince Haakon opened "T-bane ringen" in Oslo today, dont know how ot translate T-bane presly its not the same as trains but very similar.:neutral: But the point with the project is that you can go on rails all around Oslo, also some of the staions has been renovated at a total cost of 1.4 billion kroner. After the opening Haakon and The Mayor Of Oslo went for a ride in one of the carriages. He also got a small train to take home. The minister of transportation was also present for the opening

One of the most famous Norwegian royal pictures is this one of King Olav taking the train to go skiing during the oil crisis in 1973 when it was not allowed to use the cars on sundays. The story was for a long time that he insisted on paying, just like you and me, and the picture appears in about every history book, and went all over the world showing the down to earth King taking the train and paying for himself. However later it came out that the trip was already payed by his aide de camp and the conductor did not to take the money he is offering in the picture:lol: The story was told by the man sitting behind him, the conductor said "It is already payed, Your Majesty" Also it was not a chance picture like I always thought, but the King decided to go skiing and brought a bunch of photographers to the station with him. On one of the stops a man came in, and he saw there was a free seat but all the photographers was standing in the way so he did not see why it was free. He started yelling and swearing until the photographers told him they needed the space to work. Then the King told them they had taken enough pictures and invited the man to sit across him.


Here is Haakon today, picture by Paul Weaver for SIde 2, lots more on this link

Tonight TV 2 will air a documentary on Mette-Marit
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The Crown Prince is present for the opening of the Offshore Nothern Seas exhibition - Stavanger

Accordig to the director of the fair he took his time and visited more stands than planned. He was accompanied by director of Teekay shipping, head of the ONS, Mayor of Stavanger and Minister of Oil and Energy and a rather big crowd of international reporters from all over the world. The fair has 1292 exhibitors, half of them from abroad, 23 countries are represented on 17500 square meters. King Harald has been patron of ONS since 1974
stavanger aftenblad
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Crown Prince Haakon visit the Red Cross, Oslo and gives a speech infront of representatives of the 5 biggest Norwegian humanitarian organisations
He was met by President of the Red cross, Thorvald Stoltenberg (Father of the Prime Minister) Director of the Red Cross, Trygve Nordby and head of Save the Children, Gro Brækken
Pic and info from
Crown Prince Haakon on an ecological food event today. Here he is with minister of Agriculture and Norways most famous Snowboarder Terje Håkonsen, well known for his love for ecological food

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Has Mette-Marit reached a sort of reconciliation with her father since his cancer diagnosis? I understand Sven Hoiby has refused chemotherapy, is this true, Larzen?
He had surgery this week. How their relationship is would only be specualtion

Crown Prince Haakon today at researh day, university of Oslo. The researchdays aims to show the latest in research in "action". He also met a little girl who just finnished her cancer threatment who showed him a computer program that aims to help children with cancer. Hundrets of mobile cameras flashed from children present when he arrived
more pictures

More pictures of Haakon with Terje Håkonsen at the ecological food event yesterday. Håkonsen said it was embarresing how terrible food habbits the Norwegian people had and that her was tired of getting white bread and bad juice, he is promotng ecological food trough his snowboard competition The Arctic Challenge and also starting an ecological shop in Oslo.
Haakon said that so far their farm Skaugum is not ecological

A few more pictures of Mette-Marit in London
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Overdressed ? No, he would have been critisized if he had dresses more casually
I assure you he would not have been, but suits and tie always works ofcourse.

13.00 The Crown Prince is present for Norwegian youth farmer association autumn meeting.
Larzen said:
I assure you he would not have been, but suits and tie always works ofcourse.

13.00 The Crown Prince is present for Norwegian youth farmer association autumn meeting.

I think a royal Prince and future monarch shouldn´t go around dressed less formal than his entourage or the mayor escorting him. So I think the CP was
very appropriately dressed!
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