Prince Guillaume, Princess Sibilla and Family, Current Events 1: May 2003 - Feb 2005

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Josephine-Charlotte still does not like Maria Teresa. Maria Teresa has spoken out about how J-C has tried to destroy her marriage and drive a wedge between her and Henri.
TaShBaBe86 said:
Helene Vastur Prince Jean's wife isn't noble which is one of the reasons he gave up succession. Josephine-Charlotte didn't like her and their first child was born before their marriage in 1987 (Marie-Gabrielle was born in 1986).
Didn't they get a divorce?
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gaggleofcrazypeople said:
Didn't they get a divorce?
I'm not sure I just know that she was a main reason that he gave up his rights of succession.

And My Bags I do to remember hearing that M-T cried a lot because J-C didn't like her I guess no one really knows whats going on there. :wacko:

:flower: :heart: TB
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Luxemburger Wort writes today, that Princess Sibilla yesterday 13 July 2004 at 2 p.m. gave birth to a son at the Maternité Grande-Duchesse Charlotte (weight 3380
g, height 51 cm). The little prince of Nassau has been named Jean André Guillaume Marie Gabriel Marc D'Aviano.

From the paper:

Prinzessin Sibilla schenkt viertem Kind das Leben
Das "Luxemburger Wort" wünscht dem jüngsten Spross der Familie und seinen Eltern alles Gute für die Zukunft

Wie uns auf Anfrage hin vom großherzoglichen Hof bestätigt wurde, schenkte Prinzessin Sibilla, die Gattin von Prinz Guillaume, gestern um 14 Uhr in der Maternité Grande-Duchesse Charlotte ihrem vierten Kind, einem Knaben, das Leben. Der kleine Prinz hört auf den Namen Jean, André, Guillaume, Marie Gabriel, Marc D´Aviano. Er wiegt 3 380 Gramm und ist 51 Zentimeter groß. Er ist nach Paul-Louis, geboren 1998, und Léopold, der zusammen mit seiner Zwillingschwester Charlotte im Jahr 2000 das Licht der Welt erblickte, der dritte Sohn von Prinz Guillaume und Prinzessin Sibilla.

Wir wir des Weiteren in Erfahrung bringen konnten, sind Mutter, Kind - und der Vater wohlauf.

Das "Luxemburger Wort" wünscht dem jüngsten Spross der Familie und seinen Eltern alles Gute für die Zukunft.
Congratulations to the Princess & her family :flower:
great! congratulations...

will there be a special presentation of the new born with all the family?
A long time since I have been here. How is it with te new Princess/prince of Luxemburg, has the baby already arrived?

rere said: has photos of hi christening.

Danke, rere, hab gefunden.

Pity, it was a boy, I always am for little princesses!
TaShBaBe86 said:
;) your very wlecome carlota!

Margaretha is married to Prince Nikolaus of Leichtenstien, they have 3 children.

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In fact Margaretha/Marguerite and Nicolas have 4 children. Their very first child, a boy called Leopold died soon after his birth. I think he lived only a few days. Before that Margaretha had a miscarriage.

"Leopold of Liechtenstein 1984-1984
The oldest son of princess MARGARETHA of LUXEMBURG 1957 – and his husband prince NIKOLAUS OF LIECHTENSTEIN 1947-
Born: 20 May 1984 in Brüssel, Belgien
Name: LEOPOLD Emanuel"

I also would like to know, where the little one is buried, little Leopold.
It must have been a great shock for the poor young parents, to bury a first child.
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Alexandra said:
I also would like to know, where the little one is buried, little Leopold.
It must have been a great shock for the poor young parents, to bury a first child.

Thats so sad! My heart goes out to them!
true, it has to be hard. why did he die? any native illness? fortunately their other children are ok...
i don't think so... if so, maria anunciata, astrid and leopold would have also some part of that genetic disease.
they probably not. i think the only brother of guillaume who attend was henri with teresa and i think there was also alexandra.
I thought I saw Jean there too........or, I could be quite mistaken. ;)
Marie-Astrid and her family were the only members of the Luxembourg family not in attendance. Princess Margaretha and her husband Prince Nikolaus also attended.
Guillaume & Sibilla- royal duties?

It seems as though this couple, although they are quite private, also carry out a number of royal duties [for example attending foreign weddings and state visits], more so than any of Guillaume's siblings other than Henri.
Does anyone know exactly why that is? I'm assuming that once Guillaume [the crown prince] gets married, they'll cut back. I'm also curious as to why they live at Colmar-Berg with Henri and his family, and no one else in the family does...maybe I'm wierd, but that just seems strange to me.
Thanks in advance!
I seem to find that they are among the discreate of the Lux royals. I see Guillaume out on a few. Maybe Sibilla every now and then, not as busy as I thought they would be.
Yes he did. Quite wealthy indeed, and a great grand daughter of HM King Alfonso XIII and Queen Ena of Spain.
i think they make a cute couple because they never flash themselves in the media
Guillaume & Sibilla at the beatification of archduke Karl of Austria. 03/10/2004.


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