Prince Frederik & Princess Mary's Official Visit to Australia: Feb. 27-March 11, 2005

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Mary and Frederik are staying on the 34th floor of the hotel directly behind, and partly obscured by, the yacht's sail.

The other two tallest buildings are apartments, the third and lowest is an hotel.

The large white building needs no description.

Most likely she wore the cap to keep the sun off her face.

A sunburnt Crown Princess is not a good look.


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norwegianne said:
She certainly seems fond of caps that she can pull down in her face... I understood it when she was trying to protect her privacy before she got engaged, but after the marriage she is a public person. I also might understand it if she wore it in Denmark when she was trying to be a private person, but this is an official visit...

Norwegianne, I agree!

She looks Silly and ruined a Nice Outfit, IMO
What is so official about sitting barefeet on a boat that Mary wouldn't be allowed to wear a cap?
Warren said:
Most likely she wore the cap to keep the sun off her face.

A sunburnt Crown Princess is not a good look.

I agree with you Warren. The sun out there would have been very bright.
Pics from Gettyimages...Set 1


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Set 2


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She looks really lovely.

Thanks everybody for pics.
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Pics from UK Press


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Pics from Saturday...


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Two more...


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February 28, 2005: Prince Frederik and Princess Mary have lunch with New South Wales Premier Bob Carr and his wife Helena at the Governer Macquarie Tower.


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Thanks lots pdas1201 for your lovely pics.

There are some pics of the Luncheon from Getty too.

Princess Mary looks really pretty.
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She looks happy to be home in someway, He looks pretty relaxed too, like his 2nd home
Here are the pics of the luncheon from Anp and Gettyimages (Thanks to HMQueenElizabethII for the heads up)

I like Mary's dress a lot, it simple and elegant. But, I don't if it was the right choice for a luncheon. In my opinion, it was too much on the informal side. Also, the cut and color were nice but I didn't particularly care for the fabric of the garment, it seemed to wrinkle, which didn't look good in the photos.


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I was watching the news and they said that the Danish media were so angry that Mary hasn't said much on this tour, that they were about to go home. A press conference was then organised at the last minute, and the problem was solved. I haven't seen any articles, or heard from any other source about this, so I don't know how true it is. I'll keep looking though.

Thanks pdas1201 for all the lovely photos. :)
Mary has just become a Princess nearly a year but her behaviour really like a real Royal.Her waving really looks like a "born as Royal".

I think the Aussie seem love the Princess and her handsome husband so much.The Newspaper here has said that Mary has won Prince Charles lol:
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Jeez, give her a break

Danielle said:
I was watching the news and they said that the Danish media were so angry that Mary hasn't said much on this tour, that they were about to go home.

Nothing in our media about this.

Otherwise, she only arrived on Friday night, today is Monday.

She's been on the harbour sailing, catching up with friends (and of course her husband), and today attended the official State luncheon.

Give her a break!
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I really liked the dress too. Beautiful fit, appropriately formal for the occassion without being a boring suit, the ivory color looks great with her skin and hair.

Pdas1201 is right, though, that the suit did wrinkle badly, messing with the sleek fit of the skirt.

Overall, I think it's the best thing she's worn so far on this trip (which admittedly just started).
has her friend amber written anything yet about marys visit
Pics from Contrast Photo


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More from the visit with the NSW Premier:


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More from the visit with the NSW Premier from UK Press:


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How can we resist a royal love affair?


March 1, 2005

SYDNEY's growing love affair with the Danish Prince and his Australian bride has stunned even Prince Frederik, who is well used to being the centre of attention.

The royal couple's attendance at the Premier's state luncheon yesterday marked a departure from their more informal public appearances since arriving last week.

But Sydneysiders were out in force to catch even the most fleeting glimpse of the popular young couple.

And they were not disappointed.

"We've been very touched and perhaps a little surprised by the incredibly warm reception we've received by Sydneysiders," Frederik said.

As always, the attention was directed towards his wife, who looked svelte in a cream dress with dark maroon belt and pearl earrings. But there were plenty of cheers for Frederik, too.

Their day began with the red carpet being rolled out between brass barricades erected due to the throng of guests and camera-wielding fans outside their hotel.

When asked how they enjoyed their night alone together on Sunday night, the prince said: "It is always nice to have some time out with someone like [Mary]".

There was a quick drive from The Rocks up to Macquarie St and more fans waving flags as Princess Mary and Prince Frederik, in a beige suit, were warmly greeted by 140 business, community and political leaders arriving for Premier Bob Carr's luncheon.

It began with all the pomp and ceremony of a wedding reception – centrepieces on the tables, waiters bearing trays of drinks, visitors in their finery arriving well before the guests-of-honour. But in lieu of a bridal waltz, the Danish and Australian national anthems rang out.

Upstairs, at Governor Macquarie Tower the tables were covered with ochre-coloured tablecloths, gold-etched menus and leafy floral centrepieces of yellow roses and orange wattle.

Guests including former prime minister Gough Whitlam, former federal Coalition leader Andrew Peacock and Danish Consul-General Jorgen Mollegaard Kristensen dined on snapper fillets with flyfish roe, roast lamb with wild mushrooms, and fresh fruit.

Prince Frederik said they had both been gratified by the welcome extended by Australians.

Describing Sydney as "one of the most beautiful cities in the world", he said he had enjoyed racing on the Harbour on Sunday, although his wife defeated him.

"I'm sure these spectacular images of the Harbour will make their way to Denmark and see even more Danes making a trip Down Under," he said.

Avowed Republican Mr Carr toasted the Queen of Denmark, while Prince Frederik made a toast to the "Queen of Australia".

Mr Carr said the pair would always be welcome here, where they met during the Olympics.

After lunch, Princess Mary borrowed the silver Audi TT coupe, on loan to her husband, for a spot of shopping in the city with her best friend, Amber Petty.

Amid tight security, she managed to evade photographers camped out the front of the Shangri-La Hotel.

Frederik was chauffered to the Cruising Yacht Club in an unmarked white Federal Police car.

In a televised interview broadcast last night, Princess Mary told Andrew Denton she did not feel obligated to produce an heir to the Danish throne because "it's something we very much want to do".

"When it happens it will happen," she said.
February 28, 2005: Prince Frederik and Princess Mary at the CYC, Rushcutters Bay.


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Ellen Connolly
March 1, 2005
Sydney Morning Herald

Now you see her, now you don't ...

She swanned in at midday. A wave here, a smile there. And then she was gone. Again.

For the crowd of city workers who had gathered to see Princess Mary yesterday, they had less than five minutes to catch a glimpse of the woman who has been hailed as the next "people's princess".

Such brief encounters with the public on the couple's first Australian royal tour attracted harsh criticism from the Danish media, who are disappointed that Mary is not interacting with the public. "Meet the people, Mary. Go public," screamed the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet yesterday.

Its royal correspondent, Anne-Mette Gregers, said the Danish media was despairing at the blandness of the tour thus far. She said it comprised mainly private functions, which prevented Australians - who were paying for the trip - to get close to the princess.

At the couple's first public appearance on Sunday, she said the public needed binoculars to watch them sailing on Sydney Harbour. By the time the yacht race was over, and the royals sailed closer to the shore, many of the onlookers had already left.

"Diana was known as the people's princess but this is more like Mary's private vacation with friends than a public visit," Ms Gregers said.

At a lunch hosted by the Premier, Bob Carr, and attended by 140 guests yesterday, the princess did not say much - she left that to her husband - but she looked sensational.

Tall and pale, she wore a white knee-length Chanel dress and stilettos. A deep-purple belt showed off her tiny waist, dispelling any speculation she could be pregnant. Her husband appeared nervous as he made a brief speech, thanking Sydneysiders for their warm welcome. "Already we've been very touched and perhaps a little surprised by the incredibly warm reception we've received," he said.

The couple left after 90 minutes, stopping briefly on the steps of Governor Macquarie Tower to wave to the crowd of about 300 before they were driven off, sirens blazing on the police escort. They returned to their hotel to relax for the day.

Danish journalist, Kirsten Balslev, said it was vastly different to Denmark where Mary openly greets crowds of people, accepting bouquets of flowers and shaking hands.

"In Denmark she gives her hand to everyone. People wait for hours for her. They cry 'Mary, Mary'. She smiles and give them her hands. Sometimes she disappears into the crowd because she dive in to reach their hands. You do not see that here.

"You people say Australia is so laid-back but there are police and security everywhere."

Alissa Nott, 19, a legal secretary, who waited to catch sight of the princess during her lunchbreak yesterday, said she did not mind that Mary stayed away from the crowd.

"It's just really exciting that she's here. She doesn't really have time to shake people's hands. It's nice just to have her wave."

Prince Frederik will compete in the Rolex Farr40 World Championship on Sydney harbour today while Mary takes a day off.


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The Australian

'Republican' Mary among friends
Vanda Carson
March 01, 2005

THEY are young, in love and on holidays but the downside of being a royal means a lot of lunches with crusty old business and community leaders.

Princess Mary and Prince Federick spent yesterday afternoon in the polite company of some of Australia's most outspoken republicans.

The allure of rubbing shoulders with royalty was clearly too much to resist for Sydney's elite.

Republican NSW Premier Bob Carr played host while the couple were joined at their table by firm republicans Gough and Margaret Whitlam.

Cardinal George Pell, who impressed many republicans with his leadership at the 1998 Constitutional Convention, was there as was his Anglican counterpart, Peter Jensen.

Of the 140 people who dined at Governor Macquarie Tower, almost all were decades older than the guests of honour.

"On behalf of the people of NSW, I greet Your Royal Highnesses in the city which brought you together," Mr Carr said with a flourish.

He added it was not surprising the 33-year-old princess had married into a royal family, given her home state's support for the monarchy at the 1999 republic referendum.

Mary's age, her tertiary education and the fact she lived within the federal seat of Wentworth in Sydney's eastern suburbs in 1999 has prompted republican observers to speculate she would have been more likely to have voted in favour of the referendum.

Australian National University political science professor John Warhurst said we would never know for sure, but he would not mind a wager on it.

"(She is) just the sort of person who voted for the republic," Professor Warhurst said.

Prince Frederik said the couple had been pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome they had received in Australia.

"Already we've been very touched and perhaps a little surprised by the incredibly warm reception we've received (from) Sydneysiders," he said.

The pair, who would probably prefer to have been sailing, were then whisked away in a five-car motorcade, escorted by seven police motorcyclists.

Crowds of office workers gathered behind barricades, hoping to catch a glimpse as the prince and princess drove by.

In an interview broadcast last night, Mary said she felt no sense of obligation to produce an heir, because "it's something that we very much want to do".

"We do want to start a family and there's no secret with that," she said. "When it happens it will happen."

For Mary, at least there are no official engagements today.
The Mercury from Tasmania

Mary fever on the rise

THOUSANDS of Tasmanians will get a chance to see Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and her husband Crown Prince Frederik when they visit the state next week.

The royal couple will arrive on Thursday week for their first visit since their Copenhagen marriage last year. Their itinerary for official engagements was announced yesterday.

The visit will include a welcome at Hobart Airport by the Derwent Valley Concert Band which played at their wedding, a call at the University of Tasmania's School of Art, a tree planting at Government House and a visit to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

At the School of Art the couple will view fine Tasmanian furniture and officially open an exhibition by ceramicist Les Blakebrough.

They will also visit the Port Arthur historic site and attend a state reception for 1200 people and a fundraising ball organised by the Tasmanian division of the Save the Children Fund.

A visit to Mary's former school, Taroona High, has been left off the itinerary.

Thousands of Tasmanians are expected to line the streets of Hobart to glimpse Prince Frederik and to welcome Princess Mary home.

A large police and security presence is expected to shadow the royal couple's every move on their Tasmanian visit.

Premier Paul Lennon said the program had been designed in consultation with the Amalienborg Palace to showcase Tasmania and provided a number of chances for Tasmanians to express their affection.

"It is a wide range of activities in a short time and I am grateful to their Highnesses for allowing so many opportunities for Tasmanians to show their goodwill," Mr Lennon said.

"It has been made very clear to me that Tasmania feels a strong bond with the Crown Prince and Crown Princess and that the people of the state are greatly looking forward to their visit."

He said it was a special occasion for Tasmania and a great chance to showcase the state to the world.

At the end of the formal visit the royal couple will spend some private time in Tasmania. The holiday will include time with Crown Princess Mary's family.

It is believed the couple has booked out the Central Highlands fishing lodge London Lakes as part of the holiday.

Mr Lennon has asked Tasmanians to give the couple space and freedom to enjoy their time off.

"We want them to feel welcome in Tasmania and we want them to know that they can come back in safety and security whenever they wish," he said.
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