Prince Floris, Princess Aimée and Family, Current Events Part 1 (February 2005 - )

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nice pics of the baptism. magali and eliane are so grown up, and so are PC and anita's children... :) magali is a aimee's mini-me!
i was hoping we would see mabel and her little girls, but not this time...
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Do we know who acted as God parents or who performed the Baptism ceremony?
Do we know who acted as God parents or who performed the Baptism ceremony?

Have not seen that mentioned anywhere at the moment, but apparently tv-show "rtl boulevard" will have a clip on the baptism tomorrow so who knows that'll have some more info
Foto's: Zoon prins Floris en Aimée gedoopt | RTL Nieuws

The baptism has been delayed (the child being born in july last year, normally the baptism would have been a bit sooner) because of the illness of P.Bernhard (brother of P.Floris)

ETA: found mention of godparents on royal-blog: Prince Pieter-Christiaan, prince Alexander von Isenburg, Floris Leeuwens and Cooske Alberda van Ekenstein-Ten Cate.
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:previous: Thanks for the information on the godparents and the reason as to why the christening was late, as I had been wondering that. :flowers: I find it interesting that Prince Alexander von Isenburg was chosen to be a godparent. Do we know how he is connected to Prince Floris and Princess Aimée?

And another thanks for those who shared the photos. Little Willem Jan looks adorable and I like how most of the family attended. Princess Mabel and her daughter's absence is understandable, as it must be very hard to lose someone who was so close to them, therefore I can imagine that Princess Mabel and her daughters are still in mourning.

The AAA's are also adorable as usual and it's great to see them again, and all the children look so grown up. I've always loved the names of Prince Floris and Princess Aimée's children, Magali and Eliane, they're very pretty.

I will be looking forward to the video clip tomorrow.
When did Anna and Isabella van Vollenhoven get so grown up! Such pretty young ladies!
Nice to see all of van Vollenhoven grandchildren :w00t:
I wonder why little Willem Jan isn't baptized.
Lovely and cute all of dutch royal children :heart2:
Funny fact from the clip from RTL-Boulevard:
Willem-Jan can already walk, so the family-members were joking to the reporters that it was the first time they saw the child actually walk to the baptism (which he did, he walked into the palace himself :) )
You could tell that everybody was very relaxed and happy and glad that the sad times the RF had to endure in recent years are now in the past.
Nice pictures and close family !
Just a little think , Princess Amalia and Countess Eloise should go to an excellent dentist !
It is time.
Very nice pics, thank you for sharing!

Do you know if P.Christina and her children were there as well, i don't think i saw them on foto's?

No, they didn't attend the christening. They never do. Princess Irene and her children neither. Only Princess Margarita and her family were attending. I was hoping that Prince Carlos, Princess Annemarie and their two daughters would come, but the didn't.
Princess Aimee is going to be a godmother for the newborn Princess Zita of Isenburg, it was announced by the baby's mother, Princess Sarah,during a telephone interview with the German magazine Bunte.The date of christening is not yet announced.
Princess Zita,the second daughter of Prince Alexander and Princess Sarah of Isenburg, was born on January 5th 2017.
She has an older sister- Princess Alix(born in November of 2015).
Prince Floris&Princess Aimee and Prince Alexander&Princess Sarah have been friends for a long time.Floris and Aimee attended religious wedding ceremony of Alexander and Sarah in July 2014. Four month later, in November of 2014, Prince Alexander became a godfaher for their only son,Willem Jan.
Funny but Princess Aimée has a daughter Magali and her own sister Magali just had a little daughter Aimée (van der Ven) on July 27th 2018.

Source: NRC (4/5-8-2018).

Her brother Hans has three sons: Philippe, Olivier and Gijs
Yesterday, January 7, Prince Floris as a former pupil of the school attended the 90th anniversary celebration of the Christian Lyceum in Apeldoorn and told some anecdotes of his time at the school:

"I had a very nice time here. But occasionally I did some stupid things, I was just thinking. I just saw those blue doors. There was a friend with whom I recently went skiing. I wanted to throw a bag at him. Just at that moment he stepped aside. The bag was inside and the window was broken":

** omroepgelderland: Feest op Christelijk Lyceum Apeldoorn **

** destenstor: Prins Floris komt spontaan met ontboezeming op zijn oude school in Apeldoorn: ‘Ik gooide die ruit in’ **
The family of Prince Floris is in great concern because their two dogs are probably poisoned near their home in Voorschoten. Prince Floris has reported the incident to the police. One, the working cocker spaniel Abby, has died. The other, a labrador, who showed the same symptoms, barely survived.

"We have every confidence in the research," says the Prince
Prince Floris started working at Strong Root Capital in November 2018 and worked there until June 2021 according to his LinkedIn-profile. Given that he was a partner that seems like a rather short tenure. It will be interesting to see what he'll do next. Until August 2020 he was also 'Senior Advisor' at Gmiv, prior to that he was 'Head of Gmiv Netherlands'.

Aimée has been on a 'sabbatical' since 2015?!

All unknown entities company wise,but greedy business all in all.His thing,not mine.
I guess him doing a set as part of the alternative King's Day celebrations 2 years ago made it public knowledge that enjoys doing such things.

I wonder whether this also means that the king's cousins won't return for the official king's day activities.
I wonder whether this also means that the king's cousins won't return for the official king's day activities.
The article says, that he will first go to Maastricht for the festivities, then take seat behind the turntable.

best wishes Michiru
Prince Floris will organise a thank-you concert for the people who are working in health care. The concert - named Care 4 Care- will take place on september 10th in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. 16.000 tickets will be freely distributed to those working in health care.

A picture of prince Floris as DJ last Saturday. All 16.000 free tickets were taken.

If I understand it correctly, it was his idea to make this a big concert for health care workers. He approached some sponsors and it all went from there to this pretty big event in one of the largest soccer/football stadiums in the Netherlands.

As his brothers with wives attended the concert as well, photos of the concert have already been posted at the family’s current events thread, see here.
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