Prince Felipe, Current Events Part 1: October 2002 - February 2004

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Oct 1, 2002
United States

Prince Felipe of Spain
witnesses at first hand the environmental catastrophe caused by the oil spill off the coast of Galicia
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Spanish prince follows in king's footsteps and tours oily beaches
Mon Dec 16,12:53 PM ET

MADRID, Spain - Crown Prince Felipe walked on beaches tarred by fuel oil and drew cheers from fishing communities Monday in a replay of the visit Spain's king made to coastal towns devastated by the Prestige tanker disaster.

People shouted insults at politicians accompanying the heir to the Spanish throne as he toured beaches on the island of Ons off the coast of Galicia and visited a wharf in the fishing village of Aguino.

The politicians, who included Galician president Manuel Fraga and Spanish Environment Minister Jaume Matas, were accused of failing to provide coastal dwellers with equipment to fight spills that have ruined much of Spain's northwest coast since the tanker Prestige started leaking on Nov. 13. It broke in two and sank six days later.

Aguino is one of the towns where fishermen have used nets, cranes and their own gloved hands to scoop up oil thick as chewing gum and keep it from contaminating rich seafood beds.

"It is still time to get down to work," Prince Felipe said. "Here I want to give a message of support for Galicia and hope that we got out of this situation quickly."

On the island of Ons, part of a national park along with two other contaminated archipelagos, cleanup workers showed the prince how they cut the oil with shovels and pick it up in chunks, the national news agency Efe said. They also told him how frustrating it is to arrive each morning and see more oil covering spots they had cleaned the day before.

King Juan Carlos visited the towns of Muxia and Laxe, among the hardest hit, on December 2 and trudged along a tarry beach to chat with cleanup workers. In Muxia the crowd cheered "Viva el Rey" and booed Fraga and other leaders traveling with him.

The single-hull tanker Prestige is estimated to have spilled just under a quarter of its 77,000 metric tons (20 million gallons) of fuel oil in the initial crisis and sinking. The government says it continues to leak about 125 tons (33,000 gallons) per day.


More Photos of Felipe in Ecuador from Yahoo News .

Felipe and President Luis Ignacio Lula Da Silva of Brazil look on as Cuban President Fidel Castro embraces Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Felipe , Cuban President Fidel Castro, President Luis Ignacio Lula Da Silva and Colombian Alvaro Uribe seated before the start of the Ecuadorean President Lucio Gutierrez' swearing in ceremony in the Congress in Quito, on January 15, 2003.

Felipe seated next to Cuban President Fidel Castro as President Castro greats Ecuadorean Congressman Salvador Quispe.

Felipe having a conversation with Cuba's President, Fidel Castro while the President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, and the President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, talk during the inauguration ceremony for the new president of Ecuador, Lucio Gutierrez.

Felipe sits as Fidel Castro waves to supporters upon his arrival for the inauguration ceremony.


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Here's an article from Hello! website where Felipe talks about his current single status, marriage, etc.

29 JANUARY 2003
In an interview to mark his 35th birthday, the man voted dishiest bachelor crown prince by readers – Prince Felipe of Spain – has revealed there's "nothing new" in his private life. But when his future queen does appear, he says, he'll tie the knot for love.

Royal watchers have been speculating about who may be Felipe's perfect princess, especially since he split up with his Norwegian girlfriend, model Eva Sannum, more than a year ago. For now, however, the prince has "no plans, no names" to satisfy the curious in respect to marriage prospects. "I know there is a lot of interest and that it will grow as years pass," he says, "but there's nothing new on the horizon which would allow me to clarify that aspect of the future."

When the time comes to choose a potential spouse, however, one thing is clear. "I am fully aware of my responsibility in regard to the crown, Spanish society and the Spanish public, and also, therefore, the significance of my marriage," he said, adding later: "So the future queen must understand, appreciate, and know how to represent that function in Spanish society."

Though duty comes first, the 6ft 4in hunk, who was erroneously linked to Gwyneth Paltrow late in 2002, insists he's not going to sacrifice what every happy union needs – true love. "I won't abandon my aim to marry someone I'm in love with, someone with whom I have an honest, profound relationship on which to base a family, common values and interests that will allow us to share a family and professional life… to serve Spain in the best way possible."
Hello Hola

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attend the funeral of the aunt of King Juan Carlos,
the Infanta Beatriz

picture from


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Spanish prince impresses at German chancellery
Wed Mar 19, 5:14 PM ET


Crown Prince Felipe of Spain and German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder during a press conference.

BERLIN (AFP) - No details emerged from talks between Crown Prince Felipe and Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, but the Spanish royal made a strong impression on the German leader's female staff.

Encouraged by Schroeder himself, two of the chancellor's closest aides posed for photographs with the 35-year-old prince, known in the German press as "Europe's most attractive bachelor".

"They said for one time they wanted to have their photograph taken with a really handsome man," Schroeder said amid a storm of camera flashes.

The prince began a four-day trip to Germany on Tuesday but has refused to discuss politics.

Regional government officials in the eastern state of Saxony said Felipe canceled a planned visit to Dresden where he was to tour a Volkswagen plant Thursday because of the looming war on Iraq.

His trip was planned long in advance, but falls as Spain prepares for war with Iraq alongside the United States and Britain, while Germany opposes military action.

Article and Photo From: Yahoo News
Felipe pictures with his cousins


RexFeatures photo.


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picture from

08-05-2003 BARCELONA, sails in a boat race "HERMENEGILDO ZEGNA"

ibl - The Royal Family participated at the Ermenegildo Zegna Sailing Trophy, that took place at the docks of the Royal Nautical Club of Barcelona.


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Spain's 6ft 4in crown prince – one of Europe's most eligible bachelors – has a penchant for navy blazers and polo shirts, cutting a dashing figure on both official visits and while relaxing at the marina. Known for his conservative approach to clothes, the keen yachting enthusiast never goes overboard when it comes to fashion

From Hello.

From Hello.

From Hello.

From Hello.

From Hello.

From Hello.


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I don't know about Felipe with a beard. I generally like a little bit of scruff on a man, but it sort of makes Felipe look way older and a bit scary - even with those nice eyes of his!
Nice to see these pictures Josefine. I was wondering if Felipe had visited his cousin and her new baby.


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I don't think this is recent... but it was SO cute!! I had to add it! :p

Spanish Crown Prince Felipe jokes with girls in regional dresses during a visit to the North Western village of Lu'a October 28, 2000. The remote village was awarded the annual "Pueblo Ejemplar" (exemplary village) prize for villages in the region of Asturias

(From Corbis)


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Spain - Prince Felipe with Boherquez at Sol Bohorquez and Borja Domeq's wedding

Polfoto 23-06-2003 TAS 39. MOSCOW,RUSSIA. June 23 . Crown Prince Felipe arrived in Russia on Monday at the invitation of President Vladimir Putin.



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prince Felipe with Arturo Perez-Reverte
Last edited by a moderator: it isn't the latest news, but I had to post it because this is the first picture I have seen of Felipe playing with his newphews! :heart:


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I wonder if seeing more and more of his friends getting married puts ideas in Felipe's head?! :p I've heard that many single people (but espescially men) find themselves thinking more and more about marriage and seeing that potential in each woman they date as they become one of the few or the last single person in their group/social circle. Actor Hugh Grant recently commented on this "phenomenon" in Vanity Fair.
Polfoto 25-06-2003 Spanish Crown Prince Filipe addresses participants during the opening of the "Habitat Expo - Spain talks to you" (sign on the wall) in Moscow, 25 June 2003. Crown Prince Filipe is on a five-day visit to Russia.

Polfoto 26-06-2003: MOSCOW, RUSSIA, . Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe, accompanied by Russia's First Dep. Minister of Culture Natalya Dementyeva, familiarizing himself with the sights of central Moscow during a walk on Thursday


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Felipe attend yesterday, in the Casa de America in Madrid, to the recognisement to the founders of the "Hispanismo" in North-America.


Felipe participated this weeknd in the H.M. Queen Sofia Sailing trophy in the spanish city of Valencia.



Kisses and hugs :flower: ,

More from the regatas:

A very little plane from felipe, but enougth to enjoy him :p

Kisses and hugs :flower: ,

Felipe in the regatas. He's sooo handsome :heart:

:blush: :wub:


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Giving the trophies:

Felipe in Sant Cugat del Vallès - Barcelona, inaugurating the new headquarters of the distribuin center of Roche Diagnostics S.L. :)


:flower: Xicamaluca
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It great to have you here xicamaluca
to give us all the felipe news
do you know if there is any articles about him that has been written lately?
Only about all the events that he's participating, nothing more (This in Spain).

:flower: Xicamaluca

Today giving the sargent degrees in the Air Base Academie of Leon.


:flower: Xicamaluca

Today, in El Pardo Palace, with the university students of the Becas Lider Program :)


:flower: Xicamaluca


Last edited by a moderator: - Prince Felipe inspects the graduating soliders at a Spanish military academy graduatin ceremony, Zaragoza Airbase Spain. 7 July 2003 - Crown Prince Felipe at the Copa del Rey, Mallorca, Spain, July 28, 2003.


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Thank You for those photos of HRH inspecting the graduations of new soldiers. That is wonderful. I love to see photos of Felipe in Uniform....
lovely picture :flower:

has got anyone more pictures like this?

"de Todos los Santos" - If wonder, if this is a last name oder a first name, does anyone know?
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Originally posted by Tina@Aug 6th, 2003 - 6:31 am
"de Todos los Santos" - If wonder, if this is a last name oder a first name, does anyone know?
I think it is a last name as he was named after the first Spanish king to reign Spain. He was called Alfonso de Todos Los Santos. Felipe is called Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos Los Santos de Borbon y Grecia.
Originally posted by rattie21@Aug 6th, 2003 - 2:04 pm
de Todos Los Santos de Borbon y Grecia.

is his last name? it's very long :shock:

thanks for the reply, rattie
Originally posted by rattie21@Aug 6th, 2003 - 7:04 am
Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos Los Santos de Borbon y Grecia.
de Todos os Santos is a first name. When Felipe was christenised he recived the names of Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos os Santos ( "...He was baptised with the names of Felipe, Juan, Pablo and Alfonso de Todos los Santos..." -

All this names have a special meaning: Felipe is the of the first Borbon to rule Spain, Juan is his father name, Pablo is the name of the father of Queen Sofia the late King Pablo of Greece, Alfonso is the name of the last King to rule Spain before King Juan Carlos, and if i'm not wrong, de Todos os Santos is a reference to the commitment of the Royal house of Spain to catolicism.

:flower: Xicamaluca
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