Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 41: November - December 2007

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She looks great yes, the hair and the outfit great but the sockings no!But we already know that she likes that trend and maybe she feels confortable with them and to Letizia that matters a lot!!!!
IMO, Letizia's outfit was white and grey/silver, not beige and brown, and the bag and the belt were silver. That's why she was wearing the grey stockings. However, I didn't like those stockings with that nice oufit.
Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia at Awards Ceremony in Catedral de Toledo in Toledo
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I love Letizia's outfit however the stockings ruined it all. I think a lighter / nude stockings is better if she insists on wearing one but not that color. They looked so happy though. I also like her hair today, not burned!:lol:
El Príncipe destaca el interés recíproco entre España y Estados Unidos

The Prince emphasizes the reciprocal interest between Spain and The United States

The Prince of Asturias has highlighted this night that The United States and Spain have developed a current of admiration and sharm, for the rich historical and artistic inheritance of the two, for the tourist and commercial exchanges and for the interest of respective international projections.

Don Felipe accompanied of the Princess of Asturias, has presided this evening at the show celebrated in the Palace of Soto de Viñuelas (Madrid) to commemorate 90 anniversary of the American Chamber of Trade in Spain.


Royals attend the Gala Dinner for the American Commerce Chamber
December 13, 2007 - Castillo de Vi¤uelas
Madrid, Spain

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Princes Letizia and Felipe arriving to a gala dinner to commemorate LC anniversary of Commerce's Chamber at Soto de Vinuelas Palace in Madrid

ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
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The black belt is a great touch to this outfit, it makes it look more glamorous. However, having seen Letizia wear it so recently (twice) I would have preferred a different gown.

Her hair looks wonderful and those earrings are beautiful!
I don't think I would get tired of seeing Letizia in this outfit. It's not so much the outfit itself but the colour it's suits her to prefection. Love the hairstyle too.

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I love this outfit, looks so lovely on her, and with the belt look so chic...
she looks better this time than the two last time she wore that dress but why does she choose that dress?
The black belt is a great touch to this outfit, it makes it look more glamorous. However, having seen Letizia wear it so recently (twice) I would have preferred a different gown.

Her hair looks wonderful and those earrings are beautiful!

Quite agree, wanted to write something similar. Adding the black belt, purse and shoes gives some distraction from the pink altought I still find it too much pink, too flashy.

The skirt is really nice, but the same gala outfit 3 times in less than 2 months? :rolleyes:
she's stablishing herself as the Queen of Bad Recycling :lol:

That pretty much covers it, too. I wonder if Letizia's tendency to overrecycling is her own decision or a result of a strict budget. Well, New Year, fresh budget, so hopefully in 2008 we'll see some new top class gowns on her that have the quality to be recycled for the next 30 years.
Gala dinner on the american commerce camera of Madrid.

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i find her beautiful
so classsy so elegant so simple so letizia.....i really admire this Woman for all she is
and i find so just, so nice to give the exemple by wearing several time the same Gown
also because each time she wears a gown (even the same one) she know how to make it unique and original
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Great pictures! I think Letizia looks wonderful in this dress, I absolutely love it. Nice hairdo also! They sure have a busy week!
I think reclycling is good although I think Letizia must have lots of Gala dresses and she could have chosen one that she hasn't use so soon!
Letizia looks wonderful in her pink among the sea of black at the gala. Way to make a statement!!! She looks lovely, The only thing that I would change would be the earrings, I would have gone with a onyx with diamonds, or something with a little black to play off of the belt. Other than that, she is beautiful.
I think Letizia's hairdo is great and classy! Really her best hairdo, IMO.
I like the top and the earrings!
I am not so fond of the belt and the shoes!
Felipe looks great!
she looks superb, is that a new top to go with the skirt? beautiful earrings!
Photos from yesterday night
This dress and colour suits Letizia so well.
The last event of Felipe and Letizia at the dinner. Letizia stepped out looking very confident imo, not over shadowed by Felipe.
Felipe looked abit tired, annoyed maybe, he hardly had a smile but looked good. Letizia looked stunning, lovely outfit, loved the top, great hair-do & beautiful earings.
I have not estimated anything different in the Prince, but it would not be strange that he was exhausted. Last Sunday he was in Argentina and he has not stopped in the whole week. In Argentina, due to the change of season and of climate, the Prince remained aphonic and he has had enough difficulties to declare his speeches this week.;)
Nota de Prensa

The XIth Prize Codespa to the Solidary Company, presided by TT.RR.HH. The Princes of Asturias

Next Monday, the 17th of December, in the Museum of America of Madrid
Foundation Codespa, organization dedicated to the international cooperation to the development, celebrates next Monday, the 17th of December, the XI Prize Codespa to the Solidary Company, an award with which the foundation recognizes publicly the commitment of the companies and their personnel in the fight against the poverty. The event presided by TT.RR.HH. the Princes of Asturias, Don Felipe and Dona Letizia, will take place in the Assembly hall of the Museum of America at 12.00 hours.
She looks nice. I like her combinations with belts:)
Princess Letizia and Prince Felipe attended the XI Awards of Codespa in Madrid.

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