Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 28: September - October 2006

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Nov 21, 2005
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The frigate that dona Letizia is going to be godmother is opened the public from today

The Spanish Navy will allow that there should be visited four of his ships held up until Tuesday in the Motril's Port on the occasion of the visit of the Princes

Not every day have the opportunity to see in the Motril's Port a Spanish warship capable of taking part in the antiballistic development of a shield and of measuring up to the best ships of the American sea-coast. And if in addition the frigate there is coupled by Her Royal Highness the Princess of Asturias, who will do delivery next Tuesday of the Flag of Combat, the expectation is guaranteed. The Spanish Navy will open today the doors of four of its crafts held up in Motril on the occasion of the royal visit in order that they are visited by all the citizens who wish them.

This one is the Frigate Alvaro de Bazán, that the Princess of Asturias will be godmother on Tuesday ;)

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The Princes now that will be omnipresent thanks to the technology:lol:

Princes Asturias accept presidency honor New Journalism

The Princes of Asturias have accepted the Presidency of International Honor del I Congreso again Journalism, which will be celebrated in Valencia from October 19 to October 21 in the City of the Arts and the Sciences of Valencia, they informed sources of the Generalitat.

The Princes of Asturias will be present at the inaugural session of the Congress by means of video conference, since the celebration on the following day of the Prizes Prince of Asturias in Oviedo disables their physical presence on October 19 in Valencia.

The president of the Generalitat, Francisco Camps, will deliver the inaugural speech for more than 300 attendees, between professional and theoretical, both national and international.

The inaugural conference will run at the expense of the North American journalist Dan Gillmor, whereas forthwith of closing one will rely on the participation of the first vice-president of the Government, Maria Teresa Fernandez of the Vega. (...)
lula said:
The Princes now that will be omnipresent thanks to the technology:lol:

The Princes of Asturias will be present at the inaugural session of the Congress by means of video conference, since the celebration on the following day of the Prizes Prince of Asturias in Oviedo disables their physical presence on October 19 in Valencia.
Ha ha. But what about pictures? Will we have the photos of big screens and there the faces of the Princes? It will be interesting to watch, without any doubt. :lol: :ROFLMAO: :lol:

The Princes travel for the first time to Asturias with the Infanta Leonor

The couple passed the weekend in Sardéu, in the house of the grandmother of dona Letizia, and returned in the first hour of yesterday afternoon to Madrid

The first visit of the Infanta Leonor to Asturias has been an authentic exercise of discretion. Her parents, don Felipe de Borbón and dona Letizia, Princes of Asturias, enjoyed without scarcely witnesses of last weekend of the summer in Sardéu (Ribadesella), in Menchu Álvarez del Valle house , grandmother of the Princess and great-grandmother of the Infanta.

This one is the first time that the Princes travel to Asturias with their daughter, who is on the verge of expiring her first eleven months of life. And this one is also the only moment of the whole summer in which dona Letizia manages to pass a few hours in her natal land. The Princess already had expressed certain displeasure for not being able to approach to Asturias, since she had come doing every summer since she lives in Madrid. But this course the Royal Family has not moved of Majorca after last year was receiving any critique for a little time that she dedicated to the island. Nevertheless, ultimately, dona Letizia could have taken the fixed thorn.

The Princes returned to Madrid in particular car, escorted by other agents' vehicles of the royal guard dressed in countryman. The Prince was driving. To his side, dona Letizia was going and behind, in the chair for babies, Leonor. At two o'clock in the afternoon they stopped to throwing petrol on the station of Colunga's service. When the Prince, who was taking a red pole, did the gesture of putting to repostar, an employee of the gas station warned him of that the spout of the diesel oil was not working. " Calm, that I am going to throw without lead ", the Inheritor of the Wreath said to him. The Prince paid in box an employee called Andrea García and his car started way of return. To the margin of this private visit, don Felipe and dona Letizia already have demonstrated their desire to take the Infanta Leonor to Covadonga, origin of the Spanish Monarchy, though still definitive date does not exist for this trip with which they try to press hard the links with the land of the future Princess of Asturias.
How nice, they travelled there just after Leti's birthday, she surely enjoyed that very much! :)
In the newspaper there is no photo. It has been a very discreet visit, so it seems to be difficult that there are photos. The only possibility is a paparazzi with a lot of luck, it will be necessary to wait to the magazines, if the photos do not publish Wednesday, it is that they are not.;)

LaChica, I believe that it has been her better gift. According to herself she was saying in interviews previous to her commitment with the Prince, since her visits went to be lived to Madrid to Asturias they were a need, it was her refuge. She was not visiting the house of her grandmother for one year, and still she could not have taken Leonor ... so it is sure that it has been very special, and very calmly without the burden of the press.

The good of the small places is that once the news are know, it spreads rapidly.:lol:

The Infanta Leonor visits Asturias in company of her parents for the first time

The princes don Felipe and dona Letizia, accompanied of the small Infanta, did yesterday a fleeting visit to Ribadesella

Leonor already has seen Asturias for the first time with her own eyes. They have been the landscapes of the east the first ones that the small Infanta has known. It was yesterday, in a fleeting visit that don Felipe and dona Letizia realized probably to Sardéu, and that they wanted to support in the most strict intimacy. They were seen and do not not seen.
Only the personnel of a gas station in Colunga had the fortune, and took the capital surprise to them, of meeting the future Kings of Spain and their daughter.

Andrea García, one of the employees, assured that when she saw don Felipe to stoop his own vehicle and to go to the spout number six it was not possible to believe it. " About this moment only I thought: sigh my god if my chief sees that the Prince is served only ...! ". But later, on having verified the naturalness with which the Inheritor was acting, she went to him with the same attitude. " I saw that he was throwing the petrol and later he gave me the good days and prepared to pay ".

Don Felipe filled the deposit with 57 Euros of petrol of 98 octanes without lead. He paid in metal-worker with sixty Euros and Andrea García limited herself to giving him the change and to wishing a good trip him like she did throughout yesterday with the rest of the clients.
Together with the Prince, in a car Volvo of gray bluish color, there was travelling dona Letizia, who remained all the time in the car, and in the back part of the vehicle the little Leonor, dressed in rose and sat in a safety chair. Besides, another car, with at least four escorts, was following them closely.

The royal visit was a curious anecdote for a Sunday that was passing with normality in this gas station placed in the A-8 towards Oviedo. " Here many famous people occur repostar because many people of Madrid have houses for veranear, but we had never seen the Princes ", indicated Andrea.

Official presentation

The Princes still do not have an official residence indicated in Asturias, but they seize any opportunity to do an elopement and to lodge at the house of the paternal grandmother of the Princess of Asturias, the known one radiofonista Menchu Álvarez del Valle.

It is probable that in this occasion, dona Letizia wanted to do a visit, though it was brief, to her grandmother provided that the past 15 of September celebrated her 34 birthdays, a party that she is in the habit of feasting surrounded with her more nearby relatives.

The Princes will not be late very much in returning to Asturias. At the moment they have an appointment foreseen for the close one 28 of September on the occasion of the inauguration of an exhibition of the Portuguese artist Adriana Molder and to the one that also is foreseen the assistance of the president luso Cavaco Silva.

Later, in October, Prince of Asturias takes place the traditional delivery of the Prizes. The presentation the Asturians of the small Infanta will have, assurance, notable date.
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Ohhh I want to see pictures of Letizia wearing informal clothes!I love to see her wearing jeans and informal clothes.

How long is the trip from Madrid to Sardeú?
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infanteleonor said:
I think 4 hour

Yes, approximately 4 hours and a half, without stop for nothing and without traffic. It is a relatively long trip, in plane the trip is 50 minutes and later half an hour in car, but the trips in plane are less discreet.;)
What a so sympathetic anecdote, I find this new very freshy even it's to bad that they are not pics! As you say the best gift for the princess's birthday!
I would like to see images of Leonor in arms of her Great-grandmother Menchu!
It would be nice!!!:wub:
Oh my gosh; a royal prince serving his own gas, can you imagine poor Felipe, so skinny and short doing such a hard work :rolleyes: obviously the press have to wirte an article about it because they still believe in the blue blood and all that stuff... Unveliabable that for some people the royals are a sort of gods or made-out-of-crystal people and all this in the 21th century. :wacko:

Motril, prepared to receive tomorrow the princes of Asturias

Motril is going to live tomorrow through a historical day on the occasion of the visit of the Princes of Asturias, don Felipe and dona Letizia. The coupling on the part of the princess of the delivery of the flag of combat of the Town hall of Granada on the frigate Álvaro de Bazán is going to be accompanied of numerous acts that will begin with the arrival of the Princes to the heliport of the Port Motrileño, foreseen for the 10 of the morning and will reach its culminating point when dona Letizia does the delivery of the flag to the controls of the frigate.

There will be dona Letizia's speech, other one of the mayor of Granada, Jose Torres Hurtado and other one of the commander of the frigate. Later there will be a military parade and complementary acts that will turn the Motril's Port into center of national attention.
lula said:
" About this moment only I thought: sigh my god if my chief sees that the Prince is served only ...! ".
:lol: Funny thought!
New photos of the Princes of Asturias in the the Trade, Industry and Navigation Chamber of Barcelona, on September 14th

From brunopress

I don't like to see her in white! All white it doens't fit her, is like an uniform, not fashion at all
LaChicaMadrilena said:
Btw., do you know when today's event starts? Will it be broadcasted?

The act begins at twelve o'clock in the morning

Princes in Motril for delivery of flag of combat to frigate

The Princes of Asturias came to midday to the Motril's port, in Granada, where dona Letizia will deliver the flag of combat to the frigate 'Alvaro de Bazán' of the Spanish Navy.

Don Felipe and Dona Letizia were got by the principal civil and military authorities and hundreds of natives of Granada who were waiting from the first hour of the morning for histheir arrival.

The solemn act will end with a wine of honor in the amphibious ship 'Castilla', which has been in practically the whole world in operations of humanitarian help of the Spanish Navy.

This one is the second time that the Princess is a godmother of the delivery of the national flag, that already received of her hands the Unit of Rural Action (UAR) of the Police in June, 2005.

Dona Letizia emphasizes the role of the Spanish Armed Forces as defenders of the Human rights

In her visit to Motril to be the godmother of a frigate, the Princess of Asturias underlined the role of the Armed Forces " in the defense of Spain and its freedoms, as well as in missions in defense of the international human rights and of the safeguard of the peace and the safety ".

Dona Letizia declared these words forthwith organized to couple, accompanied of the Prince of Asturias, the delivery of the Flag of Combat to the frigate "Alvaro de Bazán", the first one of the four that integrate the series F-100, endowed with the highest naval technology of the Spanish Navy and of the NATO.

This act, in the Motril's from Granada port, supposes the Dona Letizia's second intervention in a public act since she is a Princess of Asturias.

Hundreds of motrileños waited for their arrival from the first hours of the morning for vitorearles and to see closely Don Felipe and Dona Letizia, who dressed, since is traditional in these acts, of black and with Spanish mantilla.
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From 20 minutos

Image from 20minutos

More images from abc and yahoo/efe

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fanletizia said:
I cannot reedit so....another image from abc

Thank you fan, Anna, LaChica and Elsa :wub: for the pics.

Nagore, have you seen her on TV? You could tell us what you saw, please :flowers: ???

Your pic fanletizia looks the one from where Anna's close-up was taken.

I love Letizia hair like this.

Waiting for more pics... :lol:

The Princess' speech:

It is for me a special honour and a deep emotion to preside, along with the Prince of Asturias, over this solemn delivery of the State Flag to the Frigate "Alvaro de Bazán".

Allow me to say that we are enchanted to be here today, in this beautiful and enterprising city of Motril; a city that, in 1657, received from hands of King Felipe IV the title of "Very Noble and Loyal".

We would like to address the Mayor, the other present authorities and all the Motrileños our most affectionate greeting and our sincere gratefulness for this amiable welcome. Our gratitude goes as well to the city of Granada and its City Council, particularly to its Mayor and to the members of the Municipal Corporation, for the generous donation of this Flag, which shows, one more a time, the narrow bonds that always have been maintained with our Navy and sea.

We want, in addition, to warmly greet all those who have wanted to accompany us in this ceremony today.

On such a special day, and as Godmother of this delivery, I accomplish, with fidelity and pleasure, the order that His Majesty the King has entrusted me, to give all the members of the Navy (and, specially, all the staff of the Frigate Alvaro de Bazán) his most sincere congratulation and his closest and most affectionate greeting. His Majesty sends, in addition, his deep stimulus to you, so that you continue fulfilling with loyalty the valuable missions that you have been entrusted of, to serve Spain.

The Prince and I are heartedly united in this congratulation, which we extend to your families, whose support, understanding and affection, encourage the disciplined task that you carry out in the sea, in name of our country.

This solemn ceremony allows me to dedicate our deepest recognition to the irreplaceable work that the men and women who integrate our Navy dedicate to serve Spain and the Spaniards. With your solid technical preparation, self-sacrificing and tenacity, you know how to confront all the difficulties and risks, to fulfil the orders you are entrusted of.

Your vocation involves value, sense of honour, discipline, loyalty and comradeship, which constitute your permanent patrimony and the one of all the Spanish sailors who have made great our Navy, throughout the centuries.


This Flag, symbol of Spain, that I give to you, represents the values that guide your spirit and your capacity to sacrifice, without any another counterpart than the satisfaction of having fulfilled your duties.

The name of your ship is also reason for great pride for all the Spaniards; a name which honours one of the most complete and brilliant sailors of our country, Don Alvaro de Bazán, Captain of the Sea and Marquess of Santa Cruz.

From your hand, Commander, the "Alvaro de Bazán" resumes the navigation in our modern Armed Forces, assuming with discipline and professionalism the security and defence of Spain, its liberties, as well as the human rights and the safeguard of international Peace and security. Thus, the Frigate "Alvaro de Bazán" reinforces the effectiveness and the prestige of our Navy.

I invite you to always be faithful to this standard, with the security which will always remember your firm commitment to serve it and to give your best efforts for Spain.

Also, as Godmother, I would like to manifest, at this moment, my commitment with all of you, by keeping a privileged place in my heart for the Frigate "Alvaro de Bazán". With that wish and that illusion, I give it to you, in the certainty that, with your good will, you will honour it.

Thank you very much.
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From casa real:


Sponsorship and giving of the Flag battle to the Frigate “Alvaro of Bazan” by Her Royal Heighness the Princess of Asturias
Puerto de Motril (Granada), September 19th, 2006

Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, after their arrival to the wharf, were received by the mayor of Motril, Pedro Álvarez López, and by the naval chief of staff, Sebastián Zaragoza Soto. Next they were saluted by the advisor of Interior of the Meeting of Andalusia, Evangelina Naranjo Márquez; the admiral of the Fleet, Armed Fernando Vadillo; the mayor of Granada, Jose Torres Stolen; and by the president of the Harbor Authority of Motril, Ángel Díaz Sol.

After the decree honors and to review Don Felipe to the troops, the Princes received the greeting of the rest of attending civilian authorities and defense.

Their Royal Heighness occupied their places in the tribune, and, after grant leave of the Prince to the naval chief of staff to initiate the acts, the Princess moved to the hardwood floor of ceremonies. The new Flag was carried until the place of the tribune where was the mayor of Granada, that pronounced words and gave to the Flag to Her Royal Heighness the Princess of Asturias. Once the Military archbishop blessed the Flag, Doña Letizia pronounced the speech, in which she thanked for the donation of Enseña on the part of the City council of Granada and transmitted the congratulation and the greeting of His Majesty the King to all the members of the Navy, and, in special, to all the dowry of the Frigate “Álvaro de Bazán”, along with her “spirit and stimulus so that you continue fulfilling loyalty the valuable missions that you have entrusted to the service to Spain”.

Also, the Princess emphasized the value, the sense of the honor, the discipline, the loyalty and the comradeship that throughout the centuries have made great to our Navy, and emphasized the discipline and professionalism whereupon the Armed Forces assume the defense of Spain and its liberties, as well as the missions in defense of the human rights and of safeguard of international peace and security.

After her speech, the Princess kissed the Flag and gave it to the commander of the one safe of fusilade in charge of the section of Ship's crew of the Ship shout and that Frigate, pronounced a speech, followed with “Viva España”.

Once finalized the ceremony, Their Royal Heighness the Princes of Asturias, accompanied by the authorities that received to them, on board embarked of the Frigate “Álvaro de Bazán”, where they signed the honour book and conversed with its crew.

The acts on board were concluded with a wine of honor of the Ship “Castilla”, in which Don Felipe and Doña Letizia met with the assistants and whose toast was the responsibility of the head of the Naval staff.

I loooove when Felipe wears this uniform, he is so handsome!!!:heart::wub:
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Letizia wears the black dress she used in the visit to the Vatican with the spanish mantilla. She looks beautiful and perfect.

I see only some images in canal sur tv but before the other tv dailynews. If someone lives in Granada in the local tv has seen the all act and can tell us many more.
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