Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 15: February 2006

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The III Edition of the International Contest Joaquin Rodrigo (sponsored by the Foundation Victoria and Joaquin Rodrigo) will be celebrated in Madrid, from May 24th to June 1st, under the Honorary Presidency of the Princes of Asturias. Its main goal is to divulge the all times Spanish musical repertoire and to promote young interpreters from around the world.
She looks great!! thank for the pics rchainho
Princes of Asturias will inaugurate International Congress in Valencia

Princes de Asturias will inaugurate the next Monday, day 13, III International Congress on Victims of the Terrorism, that will be celebrated in the Palace of Congresses of Valencia until Tuesday, according to confirmed to EFE sources next to the organization.
o this Congress the attendance of three hundred people is predicted who have been victims of some type of terrorist act. III the Congress the International on Victims of the Terrorism will begin in the morning to ten of Monday, day 13, with the presence of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia.
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Princes will inaugurate II Days Sustainable Development Doñana

Princes of Asturias will inaugurate the 22 of February II International Days on Sustainable Development that will be celebrated in Almonte (Huelva) and in that, among other subjects, the new program of development of the region of Doñana will be analyzed.
Don Felipe and Doña Letizia will visit before this inauguration the gaditana locality of Algeciras, where they will preside over the opening of the new seat of the Chamber of Commerce, sources of the Palace of the Zarzuela informed today to EFE.
This will be the first visit that Doña Letizia will make to Andalusia after the birth of Infant Leonor, but not it first who Don Felipe carries out to the zone of Doñana, one of the main dead grounds of Spain and that counts on more than one hundred thousand hectares declared National and Natural park.
Princes of Asturias will open to the V Congress of Agrarian Cooperativism
that will welcome Santiago days 2 and 3 of March

Princes of Asturias, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, will inaugurate the V Congress of Agrarian Cooperativismo, that will be celebrated in Santiago de Compostela days 2 and 3 of March under the motto "Sharing opportunities".
While awaiting the many pics from this week here is some more from the sports event last week from P.P.E and mundo deportivo It's an article about a trip to day in Athenes for 25th anniversy's funeral of the queen Sophia's mother. You can find the translation in the thread about the spanish royal family activities. The princes of asturias were been with the Infantas to accompany the queen Sophia.
It's hard begining of a busy week!!
Yahoo news

Príncipes de Asturias han inaugurado el 24º Salón Internacional CEVISAMA

Sus Altezas Reales los Príncipes de Asturias han inaugurado el 24º Salón Internacional de la Cerámica y Recubrimientos para la Construcción, y Equipamiento de Baño y Cocina (CEVISAMA 2006), la más importante del sector en España y la segunda de Feria Valencia, en la que este año expondrán sus colecciones más de 1.400 firmas de los cinco continentes.


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more photos from today, getty images

i think they both look happy to be out and about again. nice to see letizia looking so beautiful. even without (or not much) make up, as today, she is still a beauty.

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I think that today she looks wonderful, not having as much make up as usual... the suit es great.... Felipe and she lokks so in love, I love the way she look at him in some of the photos
What a delightful outfit the Princess of Asturias wore today! I just love the lilac-black combination, and it suits her incredible well. She looks to be in great shape too! :)
Here are more pictures if you like:

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GrandDuchess said:
What a delightful outfit the Princess of Asturias wore today! I just love the lilac-black combination, and it suits her incredible well. She looks to be in great shape too! :)

The princess indeed looks lovely, but her skirt isn't black, it has a deep shade of purple;)
Nice to see Princess Letizia backs to her work, she looks really great yesterday, an elegant outfit!

TRH the Princes of Asturias inaugurated today in Valencia the fair of ceramics and bath equipments CEVISAMA, where they showed their interested for the latest tendencies in design and the technologies that are used in the sector.

Don Felipe chatted with the businessmen on the problems of the international competition, while Doña Letizia expressed her preference for the furniture of vengué, a dark wood that has become very fashionable. One of the businessmen explained the journalists, after receiving the visit of the Princes, that Doña Letizia has "a very advanced concept of design", because she showed her preferences by the more modern styles and colours.

During the visit, the Princes also focused their attention on the hidromassage bath-tubes and Doña Letizia joked with her husband, commenting to him that he would not fit in any of them.

Later, the Prince of Asturias signed in the honour roll of the Valencian Fair, when it was shown to him photography taken 1974, where he appears playing with a toy, during a visit he made with the Kings to the fair of the toy.
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Elsa M. said:
During the visit, the Princes also focused their attention on the hidromassage bath-tubes and Doña Letizia joked with her husband, commenting to him that he would not fit in any of them.
:D:D:D No wonder...
I love today's outfit, the colour was great and match her perfectly. And I can't wait to see her gown tomorrow on "cena de gala"!
Arabic Princess said:

TRH arrived to the Valencia Fair at 11:00 AM and visited the stands located in Level 2 and Level 1, as well as the Mall zone, where they had an encounter with businessmen of the sector, at the end of their visit, which lasted two hours and a half.

Throughout the visit, Don Felipe (dressed with a grey suit, blue shirt and orange tie) and Doña Letizia (with suit in malva and mulberry tones with matching shoes) showed their interest for the great porcelain formats and the products that mix different materials, like stone and wood, as well as the modern decoration with barroca. The businessmen commented that the Princes showed a special interest for the vanguard designs, that they both have "a very advanced concept of design" and that Doña Letizia aims the type of bath furniture made in vengué.

On the other hand, they explained that TRH asked the retailers about the international competition and compared the activity of this sector to others, like the wood and textile sectors.

As anecdote, one of the people in charge of the Rocersa company said that Don Felipe "immediately recognized" a picture of Marilyn Monroe in one of the mosaics made with tiles, although Doña Letizia "wasn’t able to see it so clear".

After the visit, the president of Cevisama emphasized the "echo" that the presence of the Princes of Asturias at this inauguration will give to the event. Armando Ibáñez showed that the Prince asked many questions, throughout the visit, "all kind of details". Also, he added that he was "astonished" by the magnitude of the Valencia Fair.

On the other hand, the president of Ascer referred that with the visit of TRH to the Valencia Fair, "an interesting conjunction" was created, since "they represent the institutional future of Spain and the ceramic industry is an industry of future and innovation, with technology that bets the future", reason why this "conjunction of the institutional and industrialist future of Spain is symbolized here, with the presence of the Princes".

The person in charge of the fair added a few more anecdotes from the visit, like the fact that the high number of people who photographed him with telephones called the Prince’s attention and that he and his wife joked about the size of the bathtubs and the adapted ones to the size of Don Felipe.
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Felipe de Borbón returns to the past. The Prince of Asturias and his wife will inaugurate next February 22nd the Second International Journeys on Sustainable Development that will be celebrated in Almonte (Huelva), where they will also preside over the inauguration of a new headquarters of the local Chamber of Trade.

Ten years ago, Don Felipe worked as journalist in a TV program filmed in the same zone he will now visit accompanied by his wife. In October 1995, the Prince de Asturias travelled to Guadalquivir and the National Park of Doñana, to film a TV series entitled The wild Spain, in which he took part as the presenter of several episodes.

Some photos from the filmings can be found here and here.

Scanned from Notícias Magazine:
How did that hunk stay un-married for so long?
grevinnan said:
How did that hunk stay un-married for so long?
Hehe! It's hard to believe, isn't it?
Scientists say that our smell is recognized just by the brain of THAT very person that is destined to be our soul mate… I guess he was waiting that someone recognized his smell... ultimately, everything comes down to a matter of scent… :D :D
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