Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Princess Clotilde & Family current events 3: Jan 06-Oct 06

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New cover of french magazine "Point de vue" is dedicated to princess Clotilde. The title is" Her happiness in the trouble". Inside there's interview with prince EF. According to magazine Clotilde wanted to give birth in Italy but as we know it happened in Switzerland.Prince EF declared that " birth of their second child caused the joy stronger than anything" .
As for every birth of royal child, many of us do hope pics will be released. However, EF and Clotilde are private people, who are no members of a regnant royal family. They will release pics when they will decide it. We remind consequently everyone that any post asking or hoping for pictures will be deleted. Such posts are no longer admitted on TRF.

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Wow! another royal girl this year...
Cogratulations to Clotilde and Emanuel Filiberto!
I like her name, especially Giovanna
A beautiful name for an undoubtedly beautiful baby. Now there will be two little Savoia girls for EF to spoil and adore!
How cute:wub:
Little pity that there's no Vittoria.
And what a lovely hair !
Pity big sister was not on the pic:)
Thanks for the pic, VittoriaLove! Little, yawning Luisa is adorable! I must say Clotilde looks really good even though she just gave birth. Congratulations to the whole family and most of all Vittoria for becoming a big sister!
another photo from french's magazine L'illustré

A little beauty-all that lovely black hair! Sweet and thanks so much for the picture.:flowers:
More picture of little Princess Luisa and her family. Sorry for their quality, but I can't scan the mag. (OGGI)

great work, tosca!
louise is a very cute baby girl, her parent look so happy!
I can't wait for the next baby, they need a boy as heir, right?
I agree that Clotilde looks great. But don't you all think that poor Emanuele looks so thin and tired. All the stress he has endured in the last few months has really started to show on him. I only hope that he is able to put it behind him and remain in good health.
Thank you so much for the pictures, Tosca! Emanuele and Clotilde have such a beautiful family. They should be proud of their little Vittoria and Luisa.
live4lazio said:
I agree that Clotilde looks great. But don't you all think that poor Emanuele looks so thin and tired. All the stress he has endured in the last few months has really started to show on him. I only hope that he is able to put it behind him and remain in good health.

Despite appearing happy and easy going, Emanuele is a rather sensitive guy.
I realized that when he was interviewed as a Juventus supporter by a weekly soccer related TV program years ago. I also hope he'll soon forget about all that fuss made about his family by the media.
French magazine „Point de vue”, edition nr 3031, dedicated it’s cover to princess Clotilde and 3 articles (2 interviews) to Italian royal family.
The first text goes back to April 2006 when Clotilde’s happiness was intact; she was pregnant with her second child, her husband had purchased a new house in Umbria and also professionally she was fulfilled having played challenging part in Parisian theatre. However she had one principal idea in head- to give birth to their child in Italy in order to express her gratitude to Emanuele Filiberto for the happiness and harmony that she had found in being his wife.
But Clotilde besides being a royal princes, is still an actress with certain professional duties to which she smoothly came back after Victoria’s birth. Also in this case she’s supposed to play at Chatelet soon. So two lives for one woman but in that moment her new baby is more important than the crown or a part in a play”.

Second text includes the interview with prince Emanuele Filiberto in which he states that nothing would be changed in succession after a second girl is born. He declares on the one hand that his new family situation makes him forget about succession’s problems but on the other hand he still confirms that the head of Italian royal family remains unchanged since 1983 which means prince Vittorio Emanuele. Prince EF reminds that his grandfather, king Umberto II has obtained a diploma in law and if he wanted to change succession rules he would know how to proceed. Prince EF reminds also that during last public apparition king Umberto was accompanied by prince VE and Marina Doria. EF admits that his grandfather didn’t accept immediately his daughter-in-law but it was also the same with Clotilde. Both women were eventually accepted.
Prince declared himself to be ready to accept more duties because of advanced age of his father but he excluded the possibility of “abdication”.
And the last text includes the interview with prince Amadeo Aosta (for “La Stampa” by Ludina Barzini) in which he supports his father’s claims to position of Head of royal Italian family. Prince Amadeo discloses a few information regarding his professional and private life. So he’s going to finish his stay of 10 years in Russia (he was participating in creation of network distribution) in order to turn back to Italy. He also intends to marry princess Olga the next year.
According to Movimento Monarchico Italiano the prince Emanuele Filiberto and princess Clotilde will be present during a solemn mess which will be hold the 15 september to honour king Umberto II and queen Maria Jose.
News photos from Clotilde with Luisa and Vittoria (Scan By Pépite Les enfants de stars)



Few more scans of EF, Clotilde and the girls (OGGI)
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Once again french magazine "Point de vue" dedicated it's cover to princess Clotilde and her family.

Clotilde will soon began to fulfll her professional duties in theatre at Paris. She will interprete the role of personnage Cricri in play entitled "Chanteur de Mexique" ("Singer from Mexique") in Chatelet Theatre (, website version only in french)
from Hola (17.09.2006) :

Emanuel Filiberto of Savoy in the tribute to Queen Maria Jose

Emanuel Filiberto de Saboya, the only son of Victor Manuel of Savoy and Maria Doria visited the locality of Lucina to participate in the acts of commemoration of the centenary of the birth of the last Queen of Italy that hardly lasted in the throne 33 days. His grandson wanted to participate in the religious offices that were celebrated in the Basilica of San Lorenzo of the mentioned locality.
Luisa is soo adorable! I think she's a mini Emanuele! Tnx for posting!
another photo of Emanuele Filiberto with Louisa (from billet bladet) presented more photos regarding participation of prince EF in commemoration of his grandmother at Bsilica di S. Lorenzo in Lucina.
There are also new photos of CLotilde with her two daughters at Paris.
Et voila' les photos avec actrice Clotilde Courau!!!
Once again thanks to we can observe princess Clotilde in real life, this time on the stage of theatre Chatelet.
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Hello Assia

I have posted this link last week (for Prince EF) , photos with CLotilde were described as " no credit" and that's why I have preferred not to make a link for them. The photos were taken in parc in Paris.
New scans from this week's CHI mag. (source: CHI/A. Rotoletti)

More pics Luisa's introduction.
PDV and Gala.

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