Prince Edouard Lobkowicz and Princess Françoise of Bourbon-Parma, 1960

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Aug 13, 2004
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On January 7th 1960 Princess Françoise of Bourbon-Parma married Prince Edouard Lobkovicz in the Notre Dame de Paris in Paris. The prince was a naturalized American according to the 'Friese Koerier' of 6 Jan. 1960. Cardinal Feltin officiated the marriage. The prince and princess were married for 50 years, Prince Edouard died in April 2010 in Paris.

The pictures were made by Anelfo Agency/ Harry Pot, the collection now belongs to the Dutch National Archives in The Hague and can be used.
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Some other photos:

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Among the guests: Empress Zita of Austria, nee Pss of Bourbon-Parma, aunt of the bride. She is accompanied by her son Otto and her daughter-in-law Regina:

Parents of the bride and groom:

Mother of the groom:

More guests:

Apparently the DUke of Windsor attended the wedding too, but I am unable to find a photo of him.
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More photos of the couple:

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Princess Francoise wore the Bourbon-Lobkowicz Tiara.

I didn't realise that 2 of their sons had predeceased them

Prince Edouard-Xavier Ferdinand Auguste Gaspard murdered in 1984
Prince Robert Emanuel Joseph Michel Benoît Melchior died in 1988.

How very sad!
What a family with hate between The eldest Sister and the Youngest Brother towards the others.
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