Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, News & Events Part 4 (January 2018 - )

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Princess Laurentien spoke to magazine 'Libelle'. She says that after 22 years she still thinks she is married to the ';eukste' (nicest?) man in the universe. 'That is really how I feel'. They have a 'deep connection through our values. In the morning while brushing teeth we are already discussing society (samenleving).

In 3 years she will celebrate her 60th birthday. For now she still looks at thta age 'with surprise'. 'I some way I still have the illusion that I am still very young. Sixty feels like "next level" but I enjoy pointing it out. Because if things go well we all turn sixty at one point'.
Princess Laurentien is guest editor-in-chief of the December issue of Dutch magazine Nouveau. Today, December 4, she attended the launch of the issue together with her parents Laurens Jan and Jantien Brinkhorst and Countess Eloise and Count Claus-Casimir:

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** nouveau article with photos: En Nouveau's gasthoofdredacteur is… prinses Laurentien! **

** nouveau article 2: Nouveau's gasthoofdredacteur Laurentien: 'Ik wil zichtbaar maken wat niet zichtbaar is' **

Countess Leonore and Countess Eloise both posed for photos of the magazine:

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'Laurentien van Oranje' it is, according to the headline. At least she is having fun but I do not think these kind of second-rate glamour things are particulary useful. The Princess did focus on other women in the edition itself, so that is good and perhaps less narcisistic than it seems.
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Agreed, and the hairstyle on the cover is one that suits her well. Nice to see her mother, Mrs. Jantien Brinkhorst, there.
Prince Constantijn as Special Envoy for Techleap is once again attending the CES tech event in Las Vegas (January 9 - 12):

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Princess Constantijn presented the prizes after the final of the Dutch Violin Competition in Utrecht yesterday, January 27:

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Princess Laurentien and Countess Eloise attended the Official opening of the 'My Lima Lima' Vintage Clothing Store in the Hague
PPE Agency
Prince Constantijn as Special Envoy for Techleap presented the report on the state of Dutch tech "reporting on progress and areas for improvement in tech in the Netherlands" in Den Haag yesterday, March 6:

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