Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, News & Events Part 4 (January 2018 - )

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Sorry,advising Schiphol how to be a good neighbour??Should be the other way around,Schiphol is there for 100 years exactly,so yes,has to be the other way around!Little boys and girls with the highpitch R and D'66 mama's and papa's "with important jobs...duh.." and flying crisscross the globe shouldn\e be in panels like this.Municipalities have to build houses further away from airports,not closing them in as they do and then complain!Nonsense.Next!


Princess Laurentien accompanied pupils from Hoofddorp who form 'The Children's Council of Schiphol' during a visit to the Schiphol Airport last week:

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** Raad van Kinderen adviseert Schiphol hoe een goede buur te zijn ** translation **
Prince Constantijn is in Toronto, Canada and visit today the Uber Canada to discuss self-driving cars and the future of data-driven business models

Prince Constantjin attend today at the launch of MolenGeek Amsterdam

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On June 18 Princess Laurentien gave the opening address at the ISSA (International Step by Step Association) conference 2019 in Leiden.

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On September 18 Princess Laurentien spoke at the "Together against poverty" congress in Leeuwarden:

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Princess Laurentien attended the 11th ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture in Amsterdam today, October 2:

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So beautiful pictures with a sympathic family.
New official pictures of Prince Constantijn with his family on the occasion of his 50th Birthda on friday

I can see they posed against the gate to the garden. You can see it on this picture, next to the annex (for staff). The house itself is the corner building:

The house and the annex for staff was build in 1926 and was the first ones build with an indoors garage for cars. It is the one with the orange roofs:

The Prince and Princess could have lived anywhere but apparently felt in love with this1920's house in the middle of a busy city neighbourhood. There is a green park opposite their house.
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A lovely photo of Constantijn and his family. The children are growing so much! Eloise is going to be very tall, it seems.
Hollanders are the tallest people in the world I think ! The Family are lovely and it's nice to see the only grand-son of Princess Beatrix !
Yesterday an interview was shown with Prince Constantijn shopping in a supermarket, being an daddy-assistant-referee alongside the football pitch, was on tutoyer terms with the interviewer (jij and jouw) instead of the more distant vousvouyer (u and uw).

We saw a modern and comfortable house in the very middle of a neighbourhood, be it a big and monumental one. It was strange to see an Audi from the Court picking up the royals in a totally normal neighbourhood street, with bicycling moms passing by, while an uniformed chauffeur saluted them.

It was mind-boggling to see the Prince in jeans, in a blue Mini, queuing in a supermarket and later, dressed in jacquet, waving to thousands cheering to him during the ceremonial procession at Prinsjesdag, seated in a horse-drawn gala berline. During the whole interview the Prince, sorry, "Constantijn", played down every royal aspect. As if it is just some nuisance so now an then, but comes handy in other situations.

It made me realize that every year 100 million Euro is spent on a royal lifestyle that really no one seems to pursue, after all even the King did perfectly fine just living in a private villa. I am not sure what to think. If the message is: "royals" are just the folks-next-door, then the documentary did hit bull's eye. But it also pops up the question. 400 men and women working in the royal household? For whom????? It must be the most swollen overhead on any organisation in the Netherlands. That is the confusion the documentary caused to me.
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Princess Laurentien participated in the International Kids Council that took place at the Villages Nature Paris Centre Parc in France from November 6 - 8:

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On November 20 Princess Laurentien participated in the International Children's Peace Prize ceremony in Den Haag:

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Prince Constantijn was a guest in the talk show Op1 on tuesday. He was invited to talk about TechLeap and about the investments and changes needed to help Start-Up companies.

Not shown in this clip was a question he received about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The presentors asked if he followed what was happening in the British RF. His answer: "from a very appropriate distance".
On a question of the presenter if he felt connected to what happening he answered: "In a way I feel connected but they have a very different position than mine in that family. They have all kinds of formal duties. Here we have chosen a different solution. Although I am inside the Royal House, we -my brother as well when he was alive- have to make our own income. And that is a very different solution. They seem to be more stuck between those two worlds. And good, they have made their choice. And I think it was also brave of them."

After that the program went to a clip from a documentary about the prince in 2019, where he says that he lives like anybody else and he is doing groceries in an Albert Heijn supermarket.

"Yes a little less glamourous" he commented after the clip was over.

When asked the prince repeats that he thinks it is a brave decision as prince Harry probably also doesn't yet know what he gets himself into."I think a lot of things will still happen to him, as we have seen [the last weeks]. He choses for himself and for his wife..." The presenter barged in and filled in the sentence: "choosing for your wife is always good" after which the Prince smiled.
I have always liked Constantijn. He has a good head on his shoulders, both literally and figurally.
And it shows in his comments.
It is interesting that princes in both the Netherlands and Belgium are apparently expected to follow the happenings in the British royal family (and indeed the arrangements of the three princes and their respective monarchies are largely incomparable). Vice versa, it is hard to believe that a talk show host or reporter would expect the Duke of Sussex to follow what is happening in the lives of Princes Laurent or Constantijn or even to recognize their names. Presumably, more interest in foreign royal houses exists in the Netherlands and Belgium than in Britain.
Well, didn't Constantijn and Laurentien live in London for several years? I am sure they were in regular touch with members of the BRF. The Queen and princess Beatrix know each other very well.
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