Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, News & Events Part 4 (January 2018 - )

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He looks great ����
I wouldn't recognize Prince Constantijn if it wasn't for the caption ,the beard suits the Prince :previous:

Prince Constantijn as Special Envoy of Startup Delta participated in the Superinvestor conference in Amsterdam yesterday, November 15:

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Looks like the pictures were taken in the family's garden.

Princess Laurentien at a kickoff event at the De Vuurvogel school in Helmond this week:

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Princess Laurentien held the opening speech at an international conference on higher education for students with a disability today, November 19:

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Today, November 20, Princess Laurentien opened the KNOV Birth Care Congress at the Theater 't Spant in Bussum. In her speech she discussed the importance of good guidance and information during pregnancy and birth to low-literate and/or socially deprived women:

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Princess Laurentien attended the 6th OECD World Forum "The Future of Well-being" in Incheon, Korea, today, November 27:

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Princess Laurentien was one of the speakers at the Yidan Prize Summit in Hongkong, China, today, December 10.

The Yidan Prize Summit "brings together global thought leaders in the field of education to formulate strategies to ensure today's education meets the needs of tomorrow".

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Prince Constantijn as Special Envoy of the StartUpDelta are currently in Silicon Valley for a mission!

Minister Kaag launches startup diplomat in Silicon Valley » Embassy of the Netherlands

And yesterday has a meeting about that

Princess Laurentien during the launch of the Child Poverty Alliance, on 26 March in The Hague.
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Prince Daniel hosts prince Constantijn's visit to Stockholm on 27-28 May. The theme of the visit is entrepreneurship.
Kalender - Sveriges Kungahus

Daniel visited the Netherlands in May 2018 at StartUp Summit Sweden-Netherlands and The Next Web Fair, prince Constantijn attended them too.

Day 2 for Prince Constantijn (and Prince Daniel) in Stockholm today, May 28.

Today's programme included a visit to the Epicentre:

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Swedish Press Agency
Constantijn got the book which Generation Pep published and which is delivered freely to all five year old children in Sweden.

ROYAL: Daniel empfängt Prinz Constantijn bei einem Treffen zum Thema Unternehmertum in Stockholm

Svensk Damtidning tells about Daniel and Constantijn's day yesterday.
They visited Norrsken House, there are 300 entrepreneurs at the House, which is run by Niklas Adalbert's Norrsken Foundation. Constantijn made many questions during the visit. Then Daniel and Constantijn had working lunch at Spotify at Gallerian House, where Martin Lorentzon hosted them. After lunch Daniel and Constantijn went to Company EQT.
Information Officer Johan Tegel from the court tells that Victoria and Daniel hosted a private dinner for Constantijn in the evening at Haga Palace when Victoria had come home from the delivery of the ALMA Award. Tegel told also that Constantijn is staying at Haga Palace during his visit to Stockholm.
Today Daniel and Constantijn visit Northzone, Epicenter and Hyper Island.
Victorias och Daniels privata middag på Haga igår kväll _ Svensk Damtidning

At Epicenter today
Nice to have Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands and Prince Daniel of Sweden swing by @EpicenterSthlm today. Both really nice guys with a genuine passion for technology and business.

Article at swedish court website:
On May 27-28, Prince Daniel welcomed Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands for a visit to Stockholm on the theme of entrepreneurship.
Norrsken House
During Monday, the Princes visited Norrsken House, a non-profit foundation, which aims to support companies and organizations that are expected to have a positive impact on society. During the visit, Niklas Adalberth, Erik Engellau-Nilsson and Maria Björholt presented the business in Norrsken House. The princes also met some of the startup companies that are members of the house.
Spotify and EQT
During the afternoon, the delegation then went to Spotify where Martin Lorentzon told about the company's activities.
The day ended on EQT Ventures where Hjalmar Winbladh, Anton Ask Åström and Ashley Lundström discussed similarities and differences for startup companies in the Netherlands and Sweden.
Northzone and Epicenter
Tuesday began with a visit to the venture capital company Northzone, where the delegation together with Jessica Schultz, Pär-Jörgen Pärsson and Michiel Kotting discussed how in Sweden has been built one of the leading startup ecosystems in the world. Finally, the companies NA-KD, Anyfin, Kitab Sawati and Matsmart - which Northzone invested in - presented their respective products.
At Epicenter, an innovation house for digital companies, the princes were then received by Patrick Mesterson. The delegation was given a tour of the house and had the opportunity to meet several of the members. After a work lunch, a seminar followed on digital opportunities for Swedish and Dutch companies.
Hyper Island
The day, and the visit, ended on Tuesday afternoon on Hyper Island. Hyper Island is a Swedish education company, a business-adapted university of applied sciences, specializing in digital and interactive media. During the visit, the school's work was presented by Sofia Wingren and Christina Andersson.
Prins Daniel tog emot Prins Constantijn av Nederländerna - Sveriges Kungahus

So happy and proud to have both Prince Daniel and Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands at Epicenter today!
Great & important discussion on how to drive digital innovation and growth.
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