Prince Christian, Current Events 2: July 2006 - March 2007

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biboquinhas said:
Does he go to Oslo this weekend with his parents?

Yes, Christian is going to Oslo with Fred & Mary. It is on the DRF's official website :flowers:
JessRulz said:
Yes, Christian is going to Oslo with Fred & Mary. It is on the DRF's official website :flowers:

Can you give me the web site?Thanks
Those lovely little kissable cheeks!:wub: But it's his eyes that are so appealing I think. So blue and sweet. A thoroughly adorable baby.
the baby is adorable! he look a lot like mary but with th blue eyes of his father
has anyone found a baby or toddler photo of Prince Henrik? I think it would be interesting to compare with Prince Christian!
biboquinhas said:
Thank you! I have seen those sites before but I cannot see where it is written that Prince Christian will go to Oslo with his parents!
Thank you again!
It's in the calendar on the front page of
23/02 07 H.K.H. Prinsgemalen, Kronprinsparret, H.K.H. Prins Christian og H.K.H. Prins Joachim deltager ved H.M. Kong Harald af Norges 70 års fødselsdag i Oslo til den 25. februar.
Ok is in Danish that is why I couldn't find it!! But thank you very mucht!
I was just wondering if anyone knew if Christian has started saying his first words yet??
I understand that at one year of age, Christian is old enough to accomplish many toddler feats, but please, let us wait until he is at least in kindergarten to teach him genetics and human reproduction. ;)

You can discuss Prince Henrik in Prince Henrik family thread where all the off-topic posts regarding Prince Henrik's family have been moved.


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christian is so so adorable!
I hepe see him soom, may be when his little brother or sister born
i love behind the scene shots, these are great. loved seeing ziggy, he's such a sweet dog, my dog lays under the table to be a close as she can without being on the furniture too . sweet pictures. i like the last one best also:)
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