Prince Christian, Current Events 1: November 2005 - July 2006

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all the close up photos i've seen they are a beautiful blue. Sure hope they stay that way, so he'll look like his daddy (sigh).
HRHAmy said:
Jeez, it looks like he has the Porche of car seats.

Well he has to, because they carry him everywhere:D :D
he is very cute and he looks like his mummy amd daddy as well
princes chrisitian looks very big & beautiful in tha pics!! mary also looks great a very stylish
As far as I can tell, Mary has him strapped to her and wearing the shawl on top to cover the baby as well.

I think now Christian looks a lot like his dad, except his nose which is all Mary.

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EmmieLou said:
Do you see blue eyes? I have heard others say that too but I see big brown eyes like his mothers when I look at the pictures. Not sure now which is correct.

They look very blue to me, like sky blue?
Seems like Mary and her friend (one with the stripes) are into huge shawls. :D
Wrapped up warmly against the cold in a cream cap and bootees, Denmark's Prince Christian looked eager to take in the sights and sounds of Copenhagen's streets on a recent shopping expedition with his mum...

Pictures and article at
Just so you all know we are having a very cold time in Denmark. So I can understand they are wearing huge shawls :)
Oh Mary looks so good in those pics, she has that "yummy mummy" look going on that Angelina Jolie has.

It is great Mary can do normal things like this, would this be a quiet area she is in?

BTW, I looked at the pictures of Christian from Norway and his eyes do look blue in them. In other pictures I have seen they look brown, I guess I need my eyes tested!
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oh, very cute baby:)
Pleasant to see princess Mary and little prince Christian, unhappy, because isn't prince Frederik, but it is too bad
Great pictures! Christian is just so cute. :) It's great to see him walking around with mummy. cannot wait till we will see him walking around by himself. ;)
Indeed..beautiful pictures showing a Mary relaxed and very stylish..actually I´d like to wear those jeans as well ;)
And Prince Christian, every day passing by more cute and handsome:eek:
He looks so adorable. Thanks for posting the pictures. Wonder what he went shopping for?
Thanks a lot, pdas1201 for the pics!!! little Christian looks so comfortable there. Mary & Christian look like mother kangaroo carrying her little baby in her pouch.

here're the pictures from Hello (originally from rex but without watermark)

I don't think Mary and Frederick will ever be able to say "no" to Christian, he's just too cute! I love his little white adorable. :D
He's one of the cutest babies around.

As for the eye colour. They looked brown when he was younger and they look blue now. I'm just going to wait and see.
To me it seems mary looks the best she's ever looked. Glamorous, expensive, too. Love to see her in jeans. Those thin high heels don't seem practical though as she seems to be walking on cobblestone streets. And what's with the shawl..looks terrific, but she doesn't seem to be wearing a real winter coat underneath?!
by the way what was the occasion? if it's plain old shopping, why drag an asistant (the blonde looks like she's in assistant mode, what with carriying the shopping bags) along?

as for the little one, he is just adorable.
I`m surprised that they can go shopping just like that, don`t people recognize them and wanna come to talk to them or wanna cuddle litte Prince Christian???
Oh my gosh what a nice bunch of pictures, thanks to all of you, Christian is just adorable, Mary is perfect and her new lady in waiting looks also great, so casual still sharp, I saw her in other pictures and didn't like that much her sense of style but now I'm feeling better, the countess can retired with peace of mind, but Christian.... jezzzzz, he's a cuttie!.
princess2 said:
I`m surprised that they can go shopping just like that, don`t people recognize them and wanna come to talk to them or wanna cuddle litte Prince Christian???

Thats the good thing about Denmark. People can walk the streets alone without being disturbed. I think people will look at them but normal people dont go to stangers and want to cudle their baby.
By the way she also have a security guy with her. All the royals have that
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