Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, Current Events 3: May 2008 - December 2009

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They are so adorable and they look like they are having so much fun with their grandpa!
They are so cute. I bet they get up to lots of mischief together. Nice to see them, I feel like we haven't seen them in ages.

Thank you for the article, Queenofthelight! :flowers: I love the picture of John Donaldson with his grandchildren.
I can't get over how much Isabella is the spitting image of Frederik. Christian is a little of both Mary and Frederik.
I think it's Christian that looks like Henrik - I agree that Isabella is Fred Jr.
Thank you so much for the article! These cuties must have missed their parents a lot.
I believe both Christian and Isabella look like their father, but Christian's nose, and generally his profile, looks just like Mary's.
To me Isabella really is the spitting image of Frederik too - I'm curious if she will start to resemble her grandmother in the next years. She definitely has Frederiks eyes. Christian looks like his mother to me, just with the colours of his Daddy - the nose and eyes especially remind me a lot on Mary. But when he was smaller there was indeed a strong resemblence to Prince Henrik as IMO, I think little Christian is a mixture of Mary and Henrik. :)
I think it is so strange that Christian and Isabella are so fair when neither Fred nor Mary were fair as children. Those are some strong recessive genes I guess!
Billed-Bladet has an article saying that it is likely (not sure how they have determined this) that Prince Christian will be in Crown Princess Victoria's wedding next summer:

Billed-Bladet - Lille prins Christian kan følge Victoria til alteret

It says that he is one of her godchildren. It also mentions the names of her other royal godchildren, but doesn't say whether or not they are likely to be in the wedding. This sounds like a lot of speculation on BB's part, IMO.
I do hope this article is true, but it does sound a bit ill informed. :)
I've hope thet will be true.
Btw. as someone said it would be nice to see all Victoria's godchildren.
That's a wonderful idea for Victoria to have all her godchildren in her wedding. That would be sweet! And just think of all the great pics.
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