Prince Christian and Lille Prinsesse, Current Events 1: March 2007 - June 2007

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The picture of Christian and his sister make up for the long wait. The expression and smile are very genuine. And the little princess seems to respond to his attention. She comes out as a very aware and alert baby in the third picture.
I am glad they waited until the baby was little older. She is a little doll.
Yeahh!! Lovely photos.

I think she is just beautiful and looks very like Mary (although that could just be the colouring).

My favourite photos are the ones with her eyes open and the one of Christian smiling at his sister.
:wub: What a STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL baby & family- they must be sooo proud of her and little Christian- both wonderful children. I am so happy for them and the photos are just great.. Mary looks so proud of her wee Lillepigen.
She has Mary's colouring but I can see alot of Fred in her too...:flowers:
They are indeed a very beautiful family.
The photos are gorgeous, different and unique.
Christian looks so cute just sitting there, looking at the photographer.
She is so beautiful!!!
I think she looks alot like daddy.
She is such a doll! That was so great that they did an official photo shoot!:flowers: Can't wait to see what her name is!
I don’t know what to say, those pictures are beautiful. The little princess is a good mix of Frederik & Mary, total opposite of her big brother Christian. She is a beautiful baby with beautiful big eyes. Im also glad that the pictures are better quality than with Christian
I can't stop saying that she is really a beauty!!! And yes now I'am glad they wait two weeks for the little girl to get older SO we can see better how she looks like!
oh she so cute

OMG thats all i can say about the pic's

i think the little princess looks like a bit between mary and fred. she is going to be a stunner when she gets older

thank you who ever posted them.

What a pretty little girl! I think she resembles her dad a great deal, but you know what they say, a girl who looks like her father will be happy in life! :)

It is funny how the rest of the family looks so tanned and dark in the pictures and Christian is so blonde and pale (okay, so kids often are). A nice contrast. I know it isn't at all uncommon though, half of my family are dark too and half are fair. Not to mention some people are quite light coloured when they are small and then 'darken' with age. :)
It was well worth the wait. She is precious indeed.
And for me, the bonus is the picture with her eyes open.
Her hair doesn't seam so dark has in the first pictures!
Oh finally!!!:flowers:
She's just lovely--sigh-----
yeah, the two week wait was completely worth it:wub:
Lovely photos, and lovely to see! They all look so happy.

The children are so sute!!!!!
Nadiah_girl said:
It was well worth the wait. She is precious indeed.
And for me, the bonus is the picture with her eyes open.

I agree with you Nadiah_girl. I like the picture where the baby has her eyes wide open. She is a real cutie.
What a beautiful family:wub: And the little princess is so adorable:wub: I think she looks very much like her father;)
She is just so sweet. I love the one with her eyes wide open. Great pictures!!!
She is a so gorgeous! Looks so much like Mary; not much like Christian or Frederik.
What beautiful pictures. Yeah this really was worth the wait. Christian and his babysister are precious together.
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