Prince Christian and Lille Prinsesse, Current Events 1: March 2007 - June 2007

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crm2317 said:
There is also a picture of Mary leaving with Christian walking to the car while Uncle Joachim walks behind carrying Lillepigen in her carrycot:wub:

Thats very nice to see! Lillepigen has a wonderful uncle, i hope they grown up to have a wonderful relation:flowers:
Yes Dazzling I loved that picture too. According to the article Joachim went back home with Mary, Frederik and the children for some tea before the official lunch. Say it with me now awwwwwwwwww
Thanks also for all the pics of Prince Christian with the fmaily all around him and he comes up to their kneecaps.

He looks so lovely (and for those of us who don't have family) gee it would be nice to be surrounded by such family!:heart:
He is very cute and adorable boy! I hope he has wonderful childhood filled with friends and family.
Christian seeking for protection in Mary:

Alisa said:
A total charmer isn't he. For example, in the last official photos he's got this innocent "i'm too cute to have done anything wrong" look.
I bet he gives his parents, nannies, teachers, relatives..etc that same look when he's done some thing naughty.;)

I 100% agree.

Still I prefer him with less hair...

I believe he's so cute I don't want him to grow up from this baby look :rolleyes:
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In the pictures of him getting on the boat, Christian looks very similar to his cousin Prince Felix.
I will agree with you acdc1.They both have blond hair , blue eyes and had sweet cheeks!
I just can't wait to see more of his new pics!
You can see pictures of Christian with Frederik, Mary and Lille Prinsesse in this this thread as they celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Dannebrog.

Enjoy! :flowers:

That's a possibility :flowers:

This little boy is just the cutest boy EVER!!
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I could definately see him as a godfather to lille princesse!
I saw a picture of the Lille Prinsesse on Wikipedia. She is absolutely beautiful! I think she looks more like her dad.

I really can't get over her eyes. Her smile. Her lips. Her cute forehead. Her nose that looks like a little button:blush:

I can't wait to see her grow up. She will such a little beauty :flowers:
I think I know what you mean.:D She is such a cute little package!:flowers:
He gets more adorable by every picture!
Thanks for posting the pics. I could see that the little one was wide awake in two of them.:)
Does Lillepigen have her own nanny? I know they have a nanny for Christian called Mette who was seen at his Christening and at the birthday celebrations.
Really? I couldn't pick them out.

We seem to see lots of pictures of him with toys in his hand lately! But that's normal, seeing as he is a little boy.
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biboquinhas said:

At a quick glance, Christian could pass as one of Philippe and Mathilde's children.

GlitteringTiaras said:
The ladies at DRWs has exclusive photos and article from Billed Bladet about Christian, Mary, and her sister Jane (who recently flew to Denmark to help Mary out with the little Princess.)


I guess we can really appreciate how much that meant to Christian. It's like one of his toys came to life. (from DRW)
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From all of his latest photos, Christian strikes me as a very quiet and pensive little boy. He seems to be constantly observing everything that's going on around him. Now, maybe behind the scenes, he's a raving terror, but I don't think so. He seems very well-behaved and contemplative to me. Hopefully he'll grow up to be just as nice a young man!:angel:
Lady Bluffton said:
...Now, maybe behind the scenes, he's a raving terror, but I don't think so...

I'm sorry Lady Bluffton, I totally agree with you but that particular sentence has just cracked me up!

Because I think he is a quiet, serious little boy (as well as being totally adorable and lovely) the thought of him "bungin' it on" behind closed doors really appeals to me!!

Thanks for making me giggle! :flowers:
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Prince Christian's looks have improved from when I saw him as a baby. He appears to be the average activity toddler, not a terror.
acdc1 said:
Really? I couldn't pick them out.

Try taking another look. She's wide awake!:flowers:
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